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  • Gorgeous details and craftsmanship. All this really needs is the perfect owner to buy it, decapitate it and put up a lovely vinyl siding top story on it. Turn this puppy into three condos (YAY for increased density). Don’t worry about the lead pipes and old wiring…just hide those minor issues behind drywall. Permits? No need. Just go through a DCRA Third Party Review company and the city will turn a complete blind eye…it’ll be such glorious open concept. And don’t forget the electric meters right by the front door. Nothing says welcome home like the buzz of 30,000 volts!

  • wow someone woke up grouchy

  • clevelanddave

    Went to bed grouchy- 1107 pm. Happen to agree that that is the way to “maximize value” and the way things seem to go around here these days. *sigh*

  • I live on this block. It’s owner occupied – though the owner hasn’t had running water in there for years. i though tthe city had condemned this place but the guy seems to still be living there so who knows.

  • Where is this house located?

  • Nice house…if the owner is having trouble maybe he should be referred to a program that can work with him so that he can stay in his home…if it’s a senior a reverse mortgage would do the trick. ,

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