Good News (mostly) Grandma’s Stolen Bike Recovered


On Friday we learned “My grandma gave me this bike last year, after keeping it for more than 3 decades”. A number of readers found the bike listed on Craigslist. The owner updates us over the weekend:

“Hi all! Bike has been retrieved and worth the $50 to get it back. Thanks to Paul who found it on Craigslist and for everyone who helped get this resolved!”

Ed. Note: In a perfect world the crooks would be arrested and/or at least the OP woulda got her bike back without paying. Having said that given the sentimentality – though an injustice occurred – I’m very happy OP got her bike back. If I had an object of similar sentimental value, I would do the same thing.

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  • this is really great! I would like to know if the seller was busted or not.

  • Very glad she got it back unharmed. Irritated at MPD for schmucking it up and not giving a flip. Anybody who has the balls to carry around bolt cutters in broad day light, walk up in your yard in broad day light, cut your bike off the chain and ride off on it in broad day light has the balls to do many other crimes. All MPD taught these criminals is how easy it is to get $50 bucks. And so the cycle continues, on to the next victim.

    • Agreed. I wonder how much my $2000 mountain bike sold for, and how the new owner is maintaing it… I’m still waiting to see some POS riding it around CoHi so I can get it back.

    • What are you basing this on? I see nothing in the original post or this one that the police were even contact, unless I’m missing something.

  • This is so awesome – this news makes my day! I was sad to have read about the stolen bike on Friday, and am happy for the owners that it’s back today. Great news!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  • Mike

    Yes! So glad to read some good news this morning.

  • Would love more details – did you contact the police? What was their response or advice? Did you bring friends with you to buy it? Did you challenge the thief about it being stolen? Did you have any identifying information about the guy for the police? Did you meet him at any place you could tell the police about?

    I’m glad you got the bike back, but agree that it ultimately hurts everyone to make profit so easy for thieves.

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