Helluva Way to Wake Up Vol. 11


“Dear PoPville,

We live near Mt. Vernon Square on 4th Street NW and woke up to this today. DC Water was onsite to remove the water and should be here soon (hopefully) to repair and restore service. There is significant erosion under the brick sidewalk, so folks should be very careful walking by. If anyone can provide input on how to expedite the repair of our yard and the sidewalk so further erosion doesn’t occur, please let us know.”



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  • I hope you’re well insured, if you own that basement apartment.

  • justinbc

    Oh my god, that poor beautiful maple!

  • I live on this block. Yikes. Any ideas what caused it? Pipe burst or standing water from last night’s storms?

  • Is this that new construction building near 4th and Ridge? If so, you may want to contact the contractors who put this in in the first place.

  • Thats what I call a rude awakening

  • It took me two years to get DC to do a permanent fix to my driveway apron and it didn’t happen till I got my Councilmember to work on my behalf. A driveway apron is nowhere near as serious as your situation so hopefully DC will respond appropriately. This is serious – I’d give DC one day then contact your Councilmember.

  • Tweet the mayor. Worked for our sinkhole!

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