Check out the new Video Art Screen – The Gateway at CityCenter

Photo courtesy CityCenterDC

From a press release:

“Hines and Qatari Diar, developers of CityCenterDC, unveiled The Gateway at CityCenter, a groundbreaking three-plane, 25-foot high, 50-foot wide, ultra-high resolution, digital art feature that will serve as a focal point of CityCenterDC, the 10-acre mixed-use development located in the heart of the Nation’s Capital that is being transformed into a vibrant blend of residences, offices, shopping, restaurants, hotel and park.

Created by media artist David Niles, this cinematic digital art piece offers a dynamic visual experience that greets visitors entering CityCenterDC. The one-of-its kind feature will serve as a centerpiece of a coordinated open public space initiative that CityCenterDC brings to the community, which includes parks and green space throughout the development, along with engaging seasonal entertainment and programming.

The ultra-high resolution screens are fed by a content delivery system with artificial intelligence to generate short animated vignettes culled from a collection of original computer generated imagery (CGI) and live action. The high-definition static and moving images were shot exclusively by Niles Creative Group with five core themes: dance, architecture, illusion, space and water. The kinetic feature employs the next generation of LED technology to deliver stunning 3-D like images and its skillful integration of the horizontal ceiling display, coupled with the side-wall displays, creates an immersive, holistic impression for viewers.

The imagery selection is ever-changing and completely non-promotional, without ads or commercials. It includes everything from whimsical dancers to picturesque natural scenery and unique views taken from famous local landmarks such as the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. The content also can be customized to celebrate holiday and seasonal events throughout the year and are complemented by soft atmospheric music designed to enhance but not overpower the visuals.

The waterproof and energy-efficient screens will be active from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm daily; however, the state-of-the-art intelligence system is calibrated to create images that adhere to the “rhythm of the day,” with more vivid displays and activity during daylight hours and a more subdued tone in the evening. The screen views are also designed and programmed to not affect the retail tenants and residents of CityCenterDC.”

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  • This morning on my way to work, it was five people in a circle clapping (upside down) at the elevator below them (I’m guessing it’s an elevator; its a door into a cube of some kind). So I guess as you come up, large video people cheer you on. It was quite a site so early in the AM when I am used to just a blank or blue screen.

    • hahahaha. I might have to rework my commute to pass through this every day. I love absurdity.

  • Need to put flying toasters on it.

  • And the wind whispers … Nam June Paik

  • It sounds like the one in Philadelphia which is awesome. Hope they do a Special this Christmas!

  • I recorded the David Niles Video Installation:

  • Am i the only one that thinks City Center looks just like any other suburban mall out there, just with fancier stores? The charm of this place escapes me. And this gobbleygook about groundbreaking television screens anchoring a 10 anchor development ….blah blah blah.

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