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  • Anonymous

    Paid $6 for two chicken tacos with a large slice of avocado on them and a diet coke. Though I think that was the “we don’t have a menu yet” price.

  • Anonymous

    Walked by the other day, I live right around the corner. It smelled delicious but I was on my way to looking glass for a burger. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Have been there twice. Ana is super friendly. Their pupusas are really good. They’re still getting their rhythm down, but it’ll be my new go-to spot.

  • Keefer Chief

    I went with a few friends the day that it opened and ordered some tacos and papusas. This food is phenomenal! The two ladies doing the cooking were extremely friendly and their food is delicious! Ever since that first day I have gone back multiple times and have also gotten my roommates hooked. So excited to have them in the neighborhood!

  • Keefer

    This is a great little place and the perfect addition to the neighborhood. I have been a few times for tacos and heard good things about other options from my neighbors. Menu is less than clear, but the ladies are nice and the prices are good

  • Reality

    I really want to try! Good Mexican is hard to find.

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely check this out. It’s true that good Mexican food is hard to find in DC, at least compared with other areas of the country (yes, even non-SW areas).

    Curious to see how the Mexican dishes are here. I’m usually skeptical of places that serve pupusas, because their non-pupusa dishes are usually a let-down. But this place is flying Mexican, not Salvadorian, colors, so it warrants further investigation.


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