PoPville PSA – Don’t Lock Your Bike to Trees Please


“Dear PoPville,

This bike has been parked at night in a tree for the past few weeks. It’s hurting the tree. Any way to get word out (like a PSA) to the community that this is a no no? I’ve placed notice on 311 and contacted DDOT about this already (removing from tree and request adding a bike rack).”

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  • Ouch. Also bad to staple or bind signs to trees.
    I told you, those yarn bombers give an impression of free license apropos trees :^)

  • DPW should just remove/confiscate this bike, as it is destroying our public investment/goods. DPW: PLEASE CUT AND REMOVE/SELL!

  • austindc

    Yikes, that’s just evil.

  • It’s also very easy to steal a bike hooked to a small tree or branch. Much easier to cut off a tree limb than cut through a bike lock.

  • TempleCt

    Are u f-ing serious. We can cut them down to build things and staple posters but please don’t lock your bikes to them. Sissys!!!!!

  • I would vandalized the crap out of that bike.

  • try to calculate how many trees had existed in the car parking on that street….. probably hundreds. here is my suggestion to the OP – suggest to your neighbors that one car parking space be converted to three bike parking spaces. I think some of your neighbors will hate you more than they hate anyone for parking their bike in a tree…

    • If you want to convert a car parking space to green space, I’m with you.

      Converting a car parking space to “3 bike parking spaces” would anger me. That’s not a smart use of space.

      Figure out a plan to store your bike, whether it’s locked outside, in a bike locker, or inside your residence. Just as your wouldn’t buy a car without a plan on where to put it, don’t plan on having a bike you have no where to store.

      • Why would you think drivers have more right to public space on the street for parking than fellow taxpayers who happen to ride a bike? Plus cyclists parked in the city are more likely to be residents than drivers – the amount of people driving in from MD and VA (and other states) dwarfs the number of non-DC residents who need bike parking.

  • Anyone who doesn’t already know that this is a no-no is beyond reach.

  • That’s pretty ridiculous, and I’d hate to see someone cut down the tree limb to steal the bike.
    In anyone is curious, in DC it is legal to lock bikes (presumably on the ground) to trees 10 inches or greater in diameter. Locking to a tree under 10 inches is prohibited.

  • Looks like a gangland message — kind of like heads on a pike, or gallows at the entrance to the city, not so long ago.

    Note that the esteemed Council Member Anita Bonds lives a few steps away from this lovely statement.

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