From the Forum – Has anyone been to LaJoya Steakhouse recently?

201 Upshur Street, NW

Has anyone been to LaJoya Steakhouse recently?

“Most of the reviews are from several months ago. I was also walking through the neighborhood and someone said they had a friend that wanted to buy it and put in a wine bar? Any reviews/thoughts? Thanks!”

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  • Just what we need: another wine bar.

  • Because of the history of this place selling drugs, and the uninviting nature of the front, I assume it’s still sketchy / not a real place to eat.

    • LMNOP waw a real place to eat, and pretty good too. The owner was pushed into doing stupid things for stupid people and paid the price. Sad, really.

    • In that case, why are you living in DC?

  • please put in a wine bar here; would be awesome and much appreciated by the neighborhood!! A good counterpoint to the Hitching Post across the street.

    • VarnumGuy

      Right? Or a bbq/wine bar/beer place. Something that would bring the whole neighborhood in–even the folks from the AFRH. A counterpoint/complement to Hitching Post.

  • I would love to see a new and good wine bar. I like Room 11 but they don’t change up their offerings enough. That would be a great on that end of the street.

  • El Limeno started out great. The food was good and it got a nice review in the Post, then it went down hill fast. The new steakhouse never looked open, the shades are always drawn, so I assume it is either closed or another front. Mike: can you tell me what other wine bars we have in Petworth, especially on this side of NH? I must be missing out.

  • So no one has actually been to La Joya?

  • So I’ve actually been to La Joya. We went on a Saturday night at around 7, and there were only two other people dining. From the outside (and perpetually closed blinds) I had imagined it to be a small, counter-style place, but it has a large dining room with eclectic decor. The food was decent (we had fajitas and a burrito), the margaritas were fine but nothing special. The service was very friendly, and it was reasonably priced. They seemed to be setting up for a dance party – they said it wasn’t any kind of event but they expected more people later. We were rather skeptical, but around the time we were leaving (about 8) a stream of 20 people, who all seemed to know each other came in. Overall it’s nice having three very different options near that corner (Hitching Post, House of Falafel and La Joya), so I’m glad they’re there and I wish them well, but given the lack of customers at peak hours and the unattractive, unwelcoming exterior I don’t know how they’ll survive. I’d take a wine bar on that corner any day!

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