New Music Video and Website from Rogue Dupont Metro Flower Planter

Thanks to a reader for passing on from the Phantom Flower Planter of the Dupont North Metro – Henry Docter. Metro Killed Them, Every One:


With a promise of more plantings:

A Modest Proposal

In exchange for The Phantom Planter’s promise to forgo the pleasure
of creating and then unveiling Surprise #3,

1. Metro will unconditionally surrender.

2. This May, Henry Docter, aka The Phantom Planter would like to try again and replant
the climbing vines and erect sculptures for them to climb up. Then after the first frost of
2014, he will clean everything up and Metro can install a groundcover of their choice.

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  • I can’t be the only one who thinks this guy is absurd, right?

    • Hardly, I think that’s the majority opinion. The split is whether you find his absurdity grating and annoying or if you find it amusing and entertaining. I lean towards the latter. Absurd is always welcome in my life.

      • Agreed. I think he crossed over from harmless and amusing to inflated and entitled once he started issuing ultimatums to Metro. No matter how great your contribution to the city, you don’t get to unilaterally dictate how public property should be used.

    • You are not. I can’t believe that he feels this entitled to make changes to Metro’s space without asking anyone and is being this much of a drama queen about being shut down. Dude really needs a hobby (and a place with his own yard to plant) so he can leave Metro alone.

    • Absurd would be putting it nicely. I’m pretty tired of hearing about him – seems to me that his antics have long since stopped being about flowers and are just for attention now.

    • skj84

      I already found him annoying with his first stunt, but he’s officially rolled into eye rolling obnoxious with his video. Dude get over yourself!

  • I find this guy really pretentious and annoying. Instead of engaging in a battle with Metro about flowers at the metro stop – and putting up a video/website to publicize the issue – how about putting that time/effort/money into something that makes a real difference in people’s lives? I realize you can’t judge people on their hobbies of choice, but I really wish his 15 minutes would be up already.

  • He’s wonderful. Go, Henry, go!

  • Wait, this is a Portlandia sketch, right?

    • I actually thought of Portlandia too. What a strange video. The only redeeming part of this was the cute guy in it – Ethan Foote.

      Dear puppeteers, WE CAN SEE YOU!

  • That video is hilariously bad.

  • I think this is wonderfully quirky and definitely made me smile on these rainy days… I love his sense of humour and think Metro is a bureaucratic humourless nightmare. Relax and enjoy the absurdity of life (: Cheers to Henry and the flowers!

  • I believe he’s Cliven Bundy’s east coast cousin.

  • Last year I thought this was sort of sweet, and totally enjoyed the daffodils. Now, I’m thinking that this is one more entitled jerk who’s protesting because he can’t use property that does not belong to him in any way he chooses. I DO wonder if there’s actually a reasonable way to go about this: to submit his proposal to Metro and promise not to sue if he goes splat. I’m also wondering about potential liability issues for Metro. Suppose one of the “sculptures” that this guy puts up somehow injures somebody. I’m assuming that Metro would be liable and this guy would be on to promote his next immodest proposal.

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