Beau Thai Moving from NJ and R St, NW to 7th and P St, NW in new Jefferson MarketPlace this Fall

1700 New Jersey Avenue NW (at R St)

Beau Thai first opened at NJ and R St, NW back in 2010. In early 2013 they opened their second location in Mt. Pleasant.

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about Beau Thai’s big news:

We have signed a lease to move Beau Thai Shaw into a beautiful, new, large space at the corner of 7th and P Streets, NW in Fall 2014!

The new Beau Thai Shaw will occupy a prime corner retail space in the Jefferson MarketPlace development, across from CityMarket at O.

Beau Thai Shaw “2.0” will be about three times the size of our current restaurant in Shaw and will have a similar design sensibility and range of offerings as Beau Thai Mt. Pleasant, which we opened in February 2013. At the new Beau Thai Shaw, expect a beautiful dining room, a large bar with draught beer, tons of local and craft beers, and expanded wine and cocktail lists, and a large, more functional kitchen.

Our existing restaurant in Shaw will remain open at 1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW until we move to our new location!”

7th and P St, NW – Jefferson MarketPlace

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  • While I’m happy for Beau Thai as it seems that they are expanding, I think it’s unfortunate that they’re moving out of their current location. I really like the building and the outdoor patio has a lot of charm on a warm summer eve. They’re not moving too far away, so it won’t be that big of a deal to walk 5 extra minutes, but I can’t imagine that they would be able to replicate the same feel as their current spot. For those who haven’t tried – they have great food!

    • I feel the same way. It’s not going to be the same intimate atmosphere. Also, 7th St is way noisier than NJ Ave. I too will miss sitting outside on a pleasant summer night.

    • +1. I’ll miss having them in that cute corner spot.

    • +1000… they just fell a couple notches in my book. I wonder what would move in?

  • Very happy for them, but sad for me–now my favorite adult thai iced tea is farther away from me. Hopefully something cool comes in to fill their old space.

  • BOOO! Love this place and really like the smallness. Oh well, as long as the food is still solid and reasonably priced I’ll still be going!

  • Boooooo!!! I’m happy that they will have a larger space (in colder weather it always seemed cramped in there), but the move puts them outside of the easy walk for take-out zone for me. I suppose there is always delivery.

  • Yay! This is much closer to my place, so I wont have to just get takeout from them. They have great food!

  • Good for them, but bad for residents of the area. The walk between their current location and the new one is not the greatest.

  • It’ll be 2 blocks closer to me now. Yippee!

  • They’re moving SO much closer to where I am now. But has anyone else noticed they’ve been a lot greasier lately?

  • Nooooo! Farther from me now and less convenient for my Beau Thai takeout needs. Congrats on the expansion, I guess.

  • If they are doubling their size, I hope they reduce their menu by half. Scaling is hard, and rarely done well.

  • I commend them for being one of the earlier nice, new restaurants to move in to the area. and they chose an unconventional corner that I think worked well for them. so now i’m worried about who will fill it next. I hope it won’t sit empty for too long. I know it might take a little courage for a business to choose that spot rather than something with more foot traffic on 7th – but I really hope someone sees the potential and brings us another nice neighborhood joint!

  • justinbc

    All of these Thai announcements lately, and none near Eastern Market or H Street. There nothing good walkable near either, we have to order delivery from Thai Orchid (mediocre) in Anacostia or Kruba down by Navy Yard, and it’s just never as good as getting it somewhere fresh. Here’s to hoping one of the new developments on H throws in a Thai restaurant below.

  • Well this seems stupid. why not stay where they are (with killer business) and open a third location down there as there are also a lot of people. This was their first location and the neighborhood got behind them to make them the success they were, now they are kicking out. Oh well, Aroi Thai gets all my business now. I suppose we can look forward to a nice new restaurant in that place now…………….. what would be good…………….

    • How about Indian food in the same quality range as Himalayan Heritage that actually delivers in less than an hour and a half!

      • try salt and pepper grill on georgia ave – not sure where you live, but i’m in bloomingdale and i’ve never waited longer than 30-40 minutes – the food is fantastic.

    • Why? Probably rent and available cash.

    • The same reason why your workplace won’t just double in size next week: resources like cash, staff, and customers aren’t unlimited.

  • I loved their food until it became inconsistent, their portions for delivery shrunk dramatically, and delivery took two hours (more than once). Maybe now that they’re closer at least it might be faster.

  • Boo! Happy that they are expanding but love the intimate feel of the current building. As numerous other posters have said, there was something special about sitting outside on the patio on a cool Summer night . I hope their prices don’t increase and they are able to maintain their quality/charm in the new place.

  • hmmmm i’m cool with it as long as it means they’re still delivering to bdale. from the day they’ve opened i’ve probably ordered delivery from BT at least once a week (often more than once…) but i agree that the portions have gotten smaller for the same amount of money – although i haven’t noticed a drop in quality, for the most part. i’m in north bdale and they’re usually at my house in 30 mins or less – would be such a bummer if i was no longer in the zone! although i guess i could just move 😉

  • Ugh … Really wishing they wouldn’t move. They are right now just-far-enough away from my house to make the walk. I don’t think I’ll be walking to their new location, though. It’s really a shame.

  • Definitely mixed feelings about this. Happy that they’re successful enough to grow, but sad that they’re moving away from their convenient and cute digs on NJ Ave. It’ll be nice to space out the Thai options in the neighborhood a little, though, so that’s a plus. Hopefully something similarly awesome will move into the old space. +1 on the Indian suggestion.

  • Good for them but also sad because of all the neighbors that helped to support them and also get them a zoning variance for the outside seating–kinda a kick in the face.

    • A “slap in the face:? Hardly.

      As a zoning lawyer and supporter of their special exception back in the day, I can say definitively that what they did helped our neighborhood far more than hurt it. That space was grandfathered in as a fast food/carryout — i.e., no inside seating, no sidewalk cafe seating, just carryout and delivery like the prior tenant (Dave’s Seafood House — ugh, I gag just thinking about how it smelled and looked). They hired a major DC law firm to get the relief needed to be a sit down restaurant, so probably spent a bunch of money on this.

      And the end result is something that we neighbors benefit from for years. It can’t go back to that prior fast food use as a result of this process, which is a major win for the neighborhood. Whoever the next tenant is will have to be a sit down restaurant.

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