Info on the new project Coming to 5th and Q St, NW in Shaw

1601 5th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I wonder if you know what’s planned for the corner of 5th and Q N.W.? A new “Ditto Residential” sign went up recently. I recall perhaps a year ago some discussion of a small condo building?”

The developers respond via email:

“Developers Greg Brennan and Ditto Residential are proud to announce the construction of a 10,000 SF, 4 townhouse project in the hot desirable area of Shaw at the corner of 5th and Q Street. Given the fact that this corner is not historic, they will be razing the existing structures and starting from the ground-up. Each unit will be approximately 2,500- 4 bedroom/4 1/2 bath with rentable “in-law” suites in the lower levels. Outdoor terraces off each main living space along with over 500 SF of roof terrace makes these condo’s one of a kind. Underground parking for each unit. The developers are working with local firm McGraw/Bagnoli to create a brick/glass exterior and several designers to implement top of the line finishes for the interiors.

The property was purchased back in July 2013 and we are starting to break ground this month. Units should be ready for sale February 2015. TTR/Sothesby/s will be handling the outsales. This is an opportunity to own a property that has been built and designed from the ground-up in an area that is seeing unparalleled growth.”

Ed. Note: previously a rendering was posted here that was actually for a different project and has since been taken down.

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  • holy balls. that will be a big change. won’t be sad to see those little buildings go away.

  • 900+ per unit I bet. They better hope interest rates dont go up before this is delivered. tick tock

  • maxwell smart

    “hot desirable area of Shaw”

    Yeah. I totes want to live in what I assume will be million-plus dollar townhomes on literally the same corner that a month ago was multiple gunshots. Yeah. Shaw. Getting shot is sooo cool these days.

    • as long as you dont play stupid games, you can avoid all this sheet easily.

      • That shooting occurred at 8pm on a Friday. I had literally walked my dog on that corner 30 minutes before it happened. Honestly, as long as the housing projects on 5th and O continue to exist, this part of Shaw won’t see an acceptable level of crime.

  • I hope they’re not planning on pricing them at the same rate as the new construction at 5 & O – those things have sat on the market forever. Not a fan of the design and not a fan of the fact that they’re going to be razing 100 year old buildings instead of figuring out how to adapt them into the new construction.

    • Have you seen the building they are tearing down? It is a total dump and eyesore that has nothing worth saving about it. Just because something is old doesn’t make it historic or worth saving.

      • It’s not just the little bunker house – they’re also tearing down the Victorian-ish white rowhouse. I think most people would say that’s worth preserving.

    • 2500 sq ft and 4 bds. Going to go for 900k – 1.2 or about the same as the ones at 5th and O that are just sitting there. I never understood who would want to pay a million dollars to live in a basement. And I guess my thinking was right since no one bought them yet.

      • Yeah I don’t know what they’re thinking. By my count there’s three properties for sale on 5th between O & Q for a million plus and they’re all just sitting there. Probably betting on the Market at O + 1 year = profit!

      • +1. the prices on those units at 5th and O were bonkers. and I’m glad the market is agreeing with that assessment (by letting those suckers sit empty). Developers were looneytunes for pricing those units so high. If I’ve got 1.2M to spend on a home, I’m not buying a condo. at 5th and O.

  • Underground parking? Kudo’s if they can pull it off in that space.

  • It looks like a prison . I agree that they could have found a way to use what’s there within the new structure. I hardly understand the complaints about those buildings which appear to be in good condition .

  • Is this the corner with that vaguely unsettling bunker-like home?

  • i think this looks really cool – at least it has character! i like the below grade step down enterance also. But seriously – when is a neighborhood in DC no longer going to be considered ‘hot and desireable’ i mean common how long can we continue this language of “up and coming” “hot and diserable”. I think its starting to get old. Its a nice place to live but is still tranisitioning.

  • Any building in shaw that isn’t a Suzane Reatig building is a win in my book.

  • I used to live on this block and still own a house there. This building looks horribly out of scale for the street. Its a really nice, quiet block, with really nice small scale row homes. This is just a huge shame.

    • Well, but it does fit with the new-ish green building across the street, and some of the newer ones within a half a block or a block, I think.

      • That new green building gives me the sads. I guess the structure itself is ok – and must have looked nice when it was brand new (just 2 years ago?) but the folks who live there take TERRIBLE care of it. The lawn is barren and filled with trash and dog crap. The porch light is shards of broken glass. For a high end renovation, the place looks awful. Why don’t the owners/residents care more? gross.

  • Hello, modern! That’s going to look more than a little out of place. Not like the current building is exactly a charmer, of course. Has anyone else noticed the sign in the window of the little bunker-like building about shooting intruders or something like that? I’ve always thought that was a little bizarre. I don’t think this is really comparable to the place at 5th and O. That one just screams flimsy.

  • That design doesn’t fit in with any of the surrounding houses. I have no problem with the additional height, but I would have loved to see them at least try to put something similar to the architecture there.

  • These are going to be amazing. I don’t think this is going to be the units though…This is Ditto’s project on 6th St. The units are going to be much more to scale. They are going to be the best thing that happened to the neighborhood….

  • For those making a comment that it looks out of place you should look at the condos across the street which is very modern as well. A mix of old and new is also refreshing. I love my old brick town home down the street but some ppl want new and modern and we should be able to provide booth. It’s just part of a changing suburban lanscape.

    • I’m ok with new, but agree that the SCALE of what they seem to be proposing here is just out of whack and will dwarf those of us with traditional old homes. I’m just not looking forward to this consturction at all. I guess I should be grateful for the parking. But this just bums me out for my neighborhood.

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