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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rant: I really hate the UNC alum game watch bar in DC. Any of you PoPvillians in Carolina blue interested in meeting up somewhere else to watch the game tonight?

  • epric002

    raveish? saw my derm this morning, no diagnosis on the hives/rash, but he’s not terribly concerned. says to take a ton of zyrtec for a week and see what happens.
    rave: it’s not lice, eczema, shingles, or any of the other popville diagnoses 🙂
    rave: anniversary dinner at 1789 tonight!
    happy friday popville!

  • skj84

    Rant: My friends boyfriend is officially on my shit list. He proved himself to be an elitist asshole with a sense of superiority. The first few times I met him he seemed OK, but over time there was always something in the back of my mind I didn’t like about him. He’s made some comments that rubbed me the wrong way, but I just brushed them off. Finally the other day he made a really inflammatory racist statement on facebook and I called him out. Friend defended him too, so she is on my shit list as well. I hate when otherwise smart people say stupid shit. I spoke to friend in private about how I felt about what her guy said, but personally I don’t want to be around him ever again.

    Rave: Beautiful weather! I went without a coat yesterday and will probably do the same today.

    • What was the “really inflammatory racist” thing he said on FB? It if truly was “racist,” that’s pretty stupid to commit something like that to Interwebs. That stuff can come back to haunt you.

    • Facebook, the destroyer of friendships! I generally ignore most of my friends’ FB comments. If I didn’t have a band page on it, I would probably get rid of my account.

    • You enjoy drama, don’t you?

  • RANT: I am tired of getting negative postcards in the mail from Brianne Nadeau. Why can’t she tell us Ward 1 voters what SHE will do for DC rather than saying what her opponent has/has not done??

    • I am getting them from several different candidates and it is driving me nuts! They are pretty much all terrible people and I don’t want to be reminded that I’ll have to vote for one of them in a couple of weeks.

      • I haven’t received a single mailing, but I see them in my building’s recycle bin so I know my neighbors are getting them. I’m registered to vote in DC, so I assume I’m not getting them because I registered for the Do Not Mail list. I get almost no junk mail since signing up.

        • Thanks for the link. So you are signed up for the $1 do-not-mail list?

          • I actually just did this one: http://www.optoutprescreen.com
            It gets you off the lists sold by the credit reporting agencies. I was getting 10+ mortgage refinance letters a week, as well as multiple credit card offers. Since registering, I get almost none. I’m not sure if this list is why I’m also not getting campaign mailings, but I haven’t received one yet.

        • I don’t mind getting the actual mailings, but it is the content of Brianne Nadeau’s mailing that is a big turnoff. Why can’t she tell voters what she has to offer; what she brings to the table; what is her vision for ward 1. Instead, she is running a campaign based on dirt on Jim Graham’s past. I’m totally not going to vote for her because of her negative campaign.

        • Followed your link and signed up. THANK YOU!

        • epric002

          also a registered DC voter who mysteriously hasn’t received a single mailing from a single candidate. how does that happen? (not that i’m complaining).

          • As someone who does these mailings occasionally, it’s usually about your party, past voting behavior and then usually data merchants add up a crazy amount of your consumer data to figure out how likely you are to vote for a certain candidate. Most of the time candidates try only turnout the folks they think will vote for them. So if they think you will vote for the other person, they will deliberately try to keep you from getting election day reminder information.

            The first time I saw some of the data predictions they use and how much these folks have on each of us, it’s pretty scary. This is part of what won Obama the first election and it’s now pretty standard at all levels.

          • epric002

            so since i’m a new DC voter and won’t register with a party, i’m safe? 🙂 i would occasionally get mailers for conservative candidates when i lived in VA which would indicate they paid not one ounce of attention to my past voting record…

          • Primaries in DC are closed so only party members can vote. So that right there is why you are getting no mail for the primary. You’re safe for now but might get hit for the general election.

          • If you don’t register democrat in DC, you basically don’t get to vote. Most races are decided in the democratic primary.

          • epric002

            i know about the primaries, but i’m stubborn. i will not register with/vote by party lines.

    • I agree. She may perceive it as smart politics to hammer her opponent, but unless she can tell me what policies she would pursue, she’s not getting my vote.

      • +1 – I’m inclined to vote for her just because I think it’s time for Graham to move on – but her acreage of paper to actual information is pissing me off.

      • To be fair, it is almost impossible to unseat an incumbent in DC. I think she’s trying to make up for that huge gap in name recognition with all the mailings. Like Victoria, I’m inclined to vote for her- Jim Graham is just as much a relic of DC’s pay to play politics as Marion Barry. However, I think she needs to give us a reason to vote for her beyond the fact that she’s not Jim Graham.

        • gotryit

          If I still lived in ward 1, I’d vote for her. I’ve met both in person in a couple of times. Graham just oozes sleezy politician – and the BS that surrounds him seems to follow. Brianne seemed to be genuinely interested in making DC a better place. I don’t think they’re that far apart on policy issues. I just hate voting for sleezy politicians.

          • +1 and I live in Ward 1. I’m voting for her.

          • 6 months ago, I may have agreed but I have recently had some problems in my neighborhood and Jim Graham has been amazing. His constituent service and his ability to move DC government agencies is pretty awesome.

            I get why others feel differently but that’s been my experience.

  • Rave: It’s Friday!!
    Rave: I biked to work today, first time this season!
    Rave: TJ’s is open and I might try to brave the crowds there for lunch.

    Rant: I have a lot of house chores to get through this weekend.
    Rant: I still have a whole day of work to get through.

  • Rant: The missing 8 year-old in DC never had a chance if you read the Washington Post accounts. Her mother apparently never thought that a sketchy janitor in a family shelter showering her young daughter with gifts and then offering to “take care” of just her at his house was a problem. Now the janitor’s wife is dead, and I predict that the young kid is either dead or suffering. Such a tragedy.
    Rave: Having two good parents who protected me while I was young and vulnerable.
    Rave: Getting back in shape one day at a time.

    • I read that article too and was blown away at the mother’s negligence in letting her daughter stay with that man alone. At some point, she asked for the child back and the janitor guy never “got around” to it and yet the mother is not the one who reported her missing. It makes me want to say why have the kid then lady?

      • epric002

        agree. so sad, especially given all the warning signs RE his interest in her.

      • If the missing girl ends up being found dead and it turns out that the school didn’t report her excessive absences, I hope they get in big, big trouble for it.
        “D.C. schools are required by law to call the city’s Child and Family Services Agency when students younger than 13 have more than 10 unexcused absences… [A]uthorities are trying to determine whether the school complied with the rule. Spokeswomen for the school system and Social Services declined to comment.”

        • I agree with you, but as a former teacher, I know most schools won’t report absences until long after they should have (think 20+). I often had first graders that would miss 10+ days in the first semester, and I would pester the registrar to do something with no avail. Clearly my chronically-absent students needed some help, much as this little girl did. Damn the adults that don’t follow rules that are created to protect children. Unacceptable.

          • But also damn the schools and community programs that aren’t given the resources they need to address concerns that go WAY beyond the scope of what we used to think of as teaching. Every school can’t be a Sidwell Friends, but every school can be a safe haven, a center for community resources, and an opportunity for education.

    • I had to stop reading it because it was so devastating. When you have loving parents, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that so many children out there don’t have anyone to love them and keep them safe. I really hope they find her and that she’s ok.

  • Rant: I gave in my notice this week and since then work has been hell. My boss wants me to do so much work before I leave, its ridiculous! Especially since they treated me like a doormat before I resigned, and now they expect me to put in the hours.
    Rave: One more week of before I go back to school!!!

  • Rave: Awesome scene on S2 bus around 8 this morning. Man and his 4-8 year old son (I’m terrible with age) gets on the bus; man heads to the middle of bus. The son stays up in the front of the bus and starts talking to the bus driver for the entire trip, who gives him a hug. It’s clear that the bus driver and the son have met several times before (the bus driver knows the kid’s name). The bus driver asks him to open up the little compartment near the door; inside, there’s a photocopy of a Metro newsletter from the 1980s profiling the bus driver that the bus driver brought on board specifically for the kid. The kid even congratulates the bus driver on getting a Million Mile Award. Pretty sweet, made a good start to the Friday.

  • Rave: I have no interest in basketball. Instead of ranting about the March Insanity, I’ll rave about not having to worry about brackets, game times and where to watch the games.

    Also, The Nighthawks are playing pretty close to home this weekend, and it’s an early evening show.

  • Mostly rant: I lost 2 lbs (rave) and then gained 6 lbs (rant) despite tracking my diet (using myfitnesspal) and increasing my exercise. Tracking my diet = making sure I end the day on or very close to my goal # of calories. I’m telling myself that things will get back on track & looking at ways to increase exercise. Still, frustrating.

    • epric002

      what kind of exercise? could be muscle weight gain, which is good.

      • Walking, biking, belly dance, zumba, core conditioning, yoga…. I’d like to think it was muscle gain except I can see where the weight ended up 🙁
        I bruised my ribs a few weeks ago which is limiting upper body movement so I’ve been focusing on lower body (walking, biking) – I walk 10000 steps/5 miles/day (rave: fitbit one). I just printed the couch to 5K program thinking that adding some jogging might help. I’ve tried running in the past and it wasn’t something I embraced but no harm in trying again.

        • I love Couch to 5K. I think it’s a well designed program that perfect for both beginning runners and injured runners who are trying to get back into it without re-injuring themselves. I hope you like it and feel like you can stick with it. It sounds like you’re doing a lot of great stuff already.

          • Thanks – successfully completed the first workout of the first week : ) At least in the beginning I can incorporate the light jogging into my dog walking time (and my dog could use the extra exercise as well)

        • How’s the Public bike treating you thus far?

          • I love my bike! I might need to swap out the handlebars because they seem narrow but want to see if it’s a matter of getting used to a different bike.
            Sad to say I haven’t taken it out as much as I’d like – not because of the cold but because of all the salt and slush on the roads. I still have my old clunker and have used that when the roads are wet/salty.

        • epric002

          can you run with your dog? i’ve had zero interest in running my whole life, despite always being pretty active, but i actually enjoy running with our dogs. highly recommend a waist leash if you decide to run with a dog.

          • Running with dogs is great! But just remember that they need to work up to longer distances, too, so start them on their own couch to 3k program!

          • I’m going to see how it works with light jogging and go from there. She loves to run after squirrels, birds, bikers, the UPS truck (fortunately this chasing is done from inside the dog park). I’m hoping she’ll be a good running partner.
            Thanks for suggestion re waist leash!

          • epric002

            +1 to anon @12:36- absolutely! and remember that your dog can’t tell you when he’s tired/in pain/over heated/etc, so you have to be conservative with distance, watch their gait, and do water breaks. we found this great, lightweight collapsible water bowl at the container store that just snaps onto the dogs harness.
            @MP- one more suggestion, have a designated “running route” if possible. one of our dogs is a beagle who will make a bazillion sniff stops *except* when we go on a certain route that he now knows is for running. if i try and do a random jog in the neighborhood it’s a disaster b/c all he wants to do is sniff.

          • Rave: PoPville is a treasure trove of knowledge and good suggestions!
            Now that it’s getting warmer/we’re going on longer walks I’ve been taking water along for the pup (and me)
            She’ll stop and sniff and pee countless times during our usual walks – I’ve been walking/jogging in place while she does her business. Great idea Epric to have designated running route outside of her usual walking routine.

          • I also had a beagle, she would always be less interested in sniffing every blade of grass after ~15 minutes of brisk walking. I think she was a little more tired and so focused more on walking/trotting than on sniffing. Not that you want to tire your pup out before going for a run, but the sniffing might be less of an issue if you’re moving faster than your usual pace and/or the dog is not overly charged. But the designated route also sounds like a good trick.

          • epric002

            anon @ 2:23- we’ve been pretty good about letting the dogs get their sniffs in, but after reading “inside of a dog” (highly recommend!) i’m even more a proponent of “sniff walks”.

          • Oh, yes, sniff walks are very important, especially for a hound! We often went only half a block in 20 minutes while she sniffed around!

          • epric002

            @anon 2:23- that’s how my husband does their morning walks. they get a set amount of time, and if they only make it a block, they only make it a block! funny dogs.

    • Also, you may have to adjust the calorie count. I’m on an app and have to tweak mine down because I’m super short (5′) and have a slow metabolism. That’s a matter of trial and error.

      • at the same time, you may need to be eat more. if you’ve increased your exercise you have to compensate it with more fuel. i used to track calories but every since i tried a whole30, it has changed my relationship with food. i’m no longer stressed about focusing on the numbers (either calorie count or on the scale) and more on how i feel. it wasn’t easy at first and it took a lot of trial and error about how much i needed at each meal but i no longer find myself hungry in between meals. when i work out, i add an extra pre and post workout meal and that’s it… i don’t let myself overeat, just because i had hard work out (which was another mindset i had to change). it’s all about finding what works for you, every body is different and the key is being consistent!

      • I’ve been doing this (myfitnesspal + fitbit) for a month now. I’ve always been active but injured myself in the fall – that plus winter plus extra busy with work meant I fell off the fitness wagon. I’m trying to get back on track and part of that is figuring out what is going to work for me now in terms of what I eat, how much I eat, etc. Step by step….

  • Rave: Warrior Canine Connection (which is a cool group anyway) had a litter of puppies last night and they are now live on the puppy cam! They might break the internet.

  • Rave: Husband & I went to Trader Joe’s this morning. It was very festive, not too crowded, and fun to see all the pristine, fully-stocked shelves. His British side was showing as he muttered under his breath how only Americans would get so excited about a grocery store. But secretly, he was way more excited than me!

    Rave: Wearing a new blazer today. It is striped, and awesome.

    Rave: The weather this weekend!! Yayyy!

    Rant: No rants today. 🙂

  • gotryit

    Rave: biked to work for the first time in a while – so nice.
    Rave: I’ve been working out for a while and finally broke a weight barrier (going up) that I rarely have. I think the jar of peanut butter on my desk during the day makes a difference.

  • Rave: Working from home.

    Rave: Finished up a stressful project this morning.

    Rave: Firming up plans to meet up with some friends and mentors during an upcoming trip.

    Rant: People, don’t talk to me about any possible winter weather next week. My nerves can’t take it!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: my phoneless life experiment is going really well. I had to increase the amount of data I get on my ipad but still I’m paying 1/2 of what I would be paying if I had a phone.
    Rave: biked to SW for a work meeting, weather is nice but I could take a bit more sun and less wind, thanks.
    Rant: I have a bad memory.
    Rave: I don’t remember any rants.

  • Rant: Slightly tired, but no complaints – funny how when i stop trying to date my rants go away!
    Rave: Its friday, its spring, what it is even march madness?!?! Are you kidding me. Going to do Yoga tonight (hopefully to meet the lead singer of my indie music project, this is a joke but like it worked for ASRT so why not me?) then watching basketball all night. Hopefully play some bball saturday, day drink, and then go to that rib truck on rhode island that popville posted about.

  • Rant: Phone interview didn’t go as well as I would have liked, and it was for a position I have been extremely excited about. I’m hoping that they will understand the phone interview nerves, but still not feeling good about it.
    Rave: It is at least reassuring to have gotten the interview! That is what is keeping me going.

    • You might have already considered this but try sending a thank you email repeating your interest and noting a few things about the conversation.

      • Yeah, I sent out a nice thank you. I usually try to use it as an extension of the interview, drawing on key parts of the conversation and reiterating the interest.
        If nothing else, I have found bad interviews to motivate me to find something else. Thankful for that!

  • rave: listened to some vintage stern this morning on sirius radio. ac/dc was on – i forgot how awesome and funny they are.
    rave: satellite radio!

  • Rave: working from home and a stop at Qualia this morning.
    Rave: I love the T25 work outs. I’m on the Beta side and I think they’re great. Some of the moves are intimidating, but it turns out the Alpha workouts really did give me a good base, because I’ve been able to do the Beta ones well. I am definitely feeling stronger, a lot stronger.
    Rant: But the scale is going the wrong way. It’s probably muscle, but the fat isn’t leaving even with the muscle gain. My clothes fit the same, some a little worse. It sucks to feel stronger, but simultaneously be annoyed with not feeling like I look better. Yes, a good amount of my goal is to look better, vain as that may be.
    Rant: Pi day got me addicted to sugar again. That might be part of the problem.

    • Even if you don’t get smaller, being firmer will make you look a lot better! Especially if you’re doing core strength stuff that makes you stand straighter and taller, that will also make you look better. I think this is a change that’s much, much harder for us to see on ourselves (we automatically stand straighter when we’re looking in the mirror anyway) but that other people notice.
      But as hard as it is, focus on how much better and stronger you feel. As you feel better, that will also translate into how you look to others.

  • Rant: Got a soil test report for my garden – I think I’m a little above average with understanding chemistry, but feel like I need a PhD in at least 3 different fields – (including mad scientist) to really sort it out. A couple of hours of online searching has just made it more confusing! There are SO many sites with SO much conflicting information.

    Revel: The garden has actually produced rather abundantly for 6 years with my makeshift fumblings. And whatever grows or not – I will never starve.

    • I’ve been meaning to do this for my community garden plot and back yard garden. Glad I waited on the community garden soil testing as I’m moving to a different plot. Where did you send your soil to get tested?

      • After reading PoPville recs I sent to U Mass Extension. $20.00 a sample and you could send in a ziploc. UVA also seemed good, but you had to send off for one of their sample boxes before. The results came back way very high for Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium (despite having some blossom-end rot last year which is supposedly due to lack of Calcium) and Magnesium. They do give you a pretty comprehensive explanation, but basically talk about how high levels are bad for run-off into rivers etc. Not specifically things like – too much qq means xyz, but if you put xx amount of yy into the soil you will have zz more squash.

        • Thanks – that’s where I’d planned to get my soil tested.
          UMD extension services might be able to help translate your soil test results into how to improve your soil for the crops you want to plant (google UMD extension home and garden center).

  • Rant: My younger half-brother came to visit me for Spring Break and left yesterday morning. There are 10 years between us (so he’s 19 going on 20). His entire visit was such an awful challenge of him not communicating clearly what he wants, his unwillingness to do things on his own (even when provided the tools and resources), and his argumentative nature. By his last day, I’d managed to cuss him out him Vapiano, Target and on the Metro. I was so done with him and couldn’t bear the sight of him anymore. He called our Dad to vent, who then called me…what was revealed to me in the conversation is that my brother has some pretty severe developmental issues (I knew he was dyslexic and had a speech impediment, but that was it), and is extremely sensitive to harsh words and has experienced bullying b/c of his limitations. This would have been EXTREMELY helpful to know prior to his visit (if you’re wondering why I didn’t…he and I have the same father, but grew up in separate households…in different states). I felt like such an asshole and horrible person…still do. I apologized profusely to him, but even still I don’t think that he fully knows/understands what his challenges are. I tried to make the best of his last evening in town, but felt like there just wasn’t enough time. I just feel so horrible and can barely focus at work. Everytime I think about it, I keep replaying his words to me the last time I yelled at him which were “You’re my sister. I feel like you hate me and I’m just trying to love you.” I just supremely feel like the shittiest person alive right now.

    • You couldn’t know what you didn’t know. Now that you have a clearer idea of your brother’s challenges — maybe you can use the way you feel now as a nudge to be the best big sister that you can possibly be. I think it’s wonderful that someone with communication challenges could express himself so clearly to you. Not many of us without such challenges could do so as clearly as he did. I’m actually crying reading this. I don’t know you, and I feel proud of BOTH of you. Please don’t beat up on yourself . You’re clearly NOT a horrible person. Horrible people don’t take on their teenage brothers for Spring Break in the first place! And horrible people don’t look at their actions with understanding and regret — and attempt to make amends. Seriously, this could be a turning point in a positive way in your relationship with your brother and maybe even in the way that you are able to view your self. Your brother loves you — and I bet he has a billion reasons for loving you as much as he does. (((Cyberhugs)))

    • This is sad… I feel for you. Maybe send me a handwritten note apologizing for the fights and tell him you really had a great time and WANT him to visit again. Is it possible to make a visit to him soon? Try to do something extra special for him.

    • You are so not horrible! You’re his half-sister by accident – and sounds like pretty tenuous accident. You went above and beyond to try and make a connection and open your home to him. People with developmental issues – like all people – can be a-holes, selfish, annoying, unpleasant, demanding and manipulative. Sounds like he ticked all the boxes. You owe him nothing. And your dad might need a little scolding too. Having a difficult/challenged child is a serious trial for a parent – (heartbreaking Adam Lanza story in New Yorker) – but is not your responsibility.

      • This response is SO MEAN. Have a little compassion. Jesus.

        • Right? Victoria comes off rather caustically in many of her posts.

        • How in the world is that mean? I’m encouraging her not to take on unwarranted guilt, pointing out that she already did a lot to try and make it work, recognizing that many people – (as pointed out dozens of times daily on this blog) – are unpleasant and acknowledging the difficulty facing parents of a person with difficulties while reminding her that it is not her responsibility.

    • First of all, the difference between 20 and 30 is HUGE in terms of emotional development, so there would have been challenges no matter what.
      Second, yes it would have been good to know about pre-existing issues, but there’s a good chance that knowledge would have changed the experience toward the negative for both of you. In this way, you got to learn each other for who you are–a Challenge That was Meant to Be. It turns out he’s NOT an indecisive, insolent jerk and you’re NOT the shittiest person alive. How could you possibly learn these things otherwise?
      Last, your user name is cracking me up. You really can’t be all that bad.

    • Not going to lie, this made me tear up a bit. At least you are a human being and feeling how a person should which is feeling bad. My brother and I are not close at all either. I’ve also had some anger toward him lately and found out, however, that last month he made some discreet inquiries into my well-being as he knew I was going through some tough times. Kinda broke my heart hearing that he cared enough to see how I was doing on the down low. Chin up, your brother loves you and you love him I’m sure.

    • Thanks for the kind words, all. I’m sure it will pass at some point, but the emotion is still pretty raw and fresh. I even cried when I waved him off at the airport yesterday morning. Honestly, he’s a super sweet kid and extremely creative (a gene that missed me completely). I just wish that I’d known about his issues, which would’ve allowed me to be more understanding, patient, loving and kind. There were some good moments, though. He taught me some new dances the kids are doing (–get off my lawn) called the “cat daddy” and “nae nae”, and we shared similar stories about our dad going on midnight snack attacks.

      Though I wish the trip would’ve been better, I am glad that he came. It was our first time alone, really, ever…or at least not for a long, long time (since he was maybe 5 or 6).

      He’s at a community college, which he’ll be transferring out of after next school year. I took him on a tour of Howard, hoping to plant some seeds 🙂 Maybe he’ll come! 🙂

      • You’ve described your brother as someone who has dyslexia, a speech impediment, “pretty severe developmental issues”, and “an argumentative nature”. You might want to give some serious thought re: encouraging him to attend Howard — unless you’ve also checked into the types of support services that are available there.
        If your brother is now attending a community college, I’m guessing that he’s still living at home — which is a very different experience with very different stressors from attending a college that pulls in students from a variety of backgrounds and social experiences. My sense of Howard is that it’s a very “social” school,. Since your brother has significant social, emotional, and academic challenges, it is likely that he’ll need multiple supports to succeed and even to feel comfortable in an environment such as Howard. Please note that I”m not saying that HU would be a bad choice for him. I am saying that to ensure that his experience is a good one, as he transitions to a new school, a new city, and a new social environment, it is essential to explore the availability of academic and social support services, so that he can have a package in place before the stressors hit — as they inevitably will.
        Maybe you could see if Howard has summer programs or some type of activity that is designed to help students transition from community colleges to 4 year colleges? I’m guessing that starting as a junior could be even more stressful than starting as a freshman — when everyone else is new to the demands and expectations of college. There is likely an office of student services as well as a health center that offers mental health support — all of which he may need, given your description of his issues. I hope that things go well for both of you. You’re very lucky to have each other!

  • Rave: The BLT Risotto in the cafeteria today was surprisingly good.
    Not really a rant: It’s going to be 70 tomorrow and I don’t think I will have the package with replacement parts from my bike vendor by then.
    Rave: My lip surgery is Tuesday. I really want to get all this stuff over and not have Frankenmouth any more.

    • Hope your surgery goes well — and that your recovery is swift and smooth! (I am trying NOT to imagine chunks of lettuce in risotto, but I”m glad that it was good. )

  • Rave: This weather! It’s the first day I went to work wearing a skirt without tights underneath.
    Rave: Moving to a 1 BR apartment with a lot of character in Adams Morgan next week after waking up to construction noise for a year in Mount Vernon Triangle. MVT will be great in a few years, but it lacks a true neighborhood feel right now. AdMo will be a nice change of pace. So many more dining and drinking options!
    Rant: I will miss having a Safeway directly across the street.
    Rant: All my DC friends keep moving away. I need to make more friends outside of work, but it’s so awkward at this age. How does one go about that as a girl in her mid-twenties?

    • I don’t have any suggestions about making friends, but do it now! It only gets harder in your 30s and 40s!!

    • Regarding making friends as a mid-twenties female – I started a book club with a few friends and encouraged them each to bring a friend, coworker, neighbor, etc. Each month I ask the same of the new members. It’s a slow process but it’s been working well!

      • What kind of book club if I may ask? Mid-twenties female here and I’m interested if you need more members.

    • Church groups, community theater groups, volunteer groups, book clubs, (start your own or join) dinner clubs, neighborhood/apt. building parties, Toastmasters, gym classes, etc. You gotta be a joiner. Fortunately, for us women, we tend to be joiners much more than the men folk.

    • Meetup groups, language classes, book clubs.

  • Rant: Realizing that my parents are aging. My dad fell on the ice and needs knee surgery. Popville readers can any of you who’ve had knee surgery suggest tips and items that will make his recovery more comfortable? Thanks.

  • Rant: Just had some car honk at me a bunch as I sat on my bike in the 3rd position back at a red light. He was waving at me to move over to the right. I just hopped off my bike, stepped aside, presented my space in line to him, he moved forward into it, and then I just hopped on my bike right behind him…not worth fighting with stupid a-holes, especially not ones behind the wheel of a car while you are on a bike.

    • Great response!

    • Wow, I have to say I would not have done that. I would have just stayed right where I was. That’s not fighting imo, that’s just standing your ground. But maybe I’m just bitter, haha. That’s happened to me when I’ve been on my bike and stopped at a red light at the front of the line. The guy behind me kept honking at me to get out of the way so he could make a right on red (I think?), but I didn’t move. I wasn’t going to run the red light and put myself in danger for some random asshole’s sake.

      • gotryit

        Really? If I can tell that someone behind me wants to make a right on red (occasionally, someone will use a turn signal!), I’ll move to the left of the lane enough that they can get by and then move back to the middle. Gain some good will and it costs me nothing.

        • I respect that. I’m just not that nice. I’ve had too many close calls with aggressive drivers that I don’t want to do them any favors. Also I don’t want to give the impression that I “should” get out of their way and that they have the right to honk at me and be rude just because I am on a bike. Sigh. Maybe I should work on my anger and bitterness…

          • gotryit

            I was thinking about the majority of drivers who are not aggressive – I try to be considerate of them. How I’d respond to the aggressive ones depends on my mood. I think my favorite is calmly knocking on their window and asking “Are you ok?”

        • I’d do the same as gotryit. I would nudge forward if I was in a car to let someone behind me make a right on red, so I can do the same thing on a bike. I figure the fewer vehicles behind me the better (especially when I’m on a bike, but even in a car!), and why not help keep traffic moving whenever possible. Plus most aggression on the road is driven by frustration, and preventing them from turning will only increase the driver’s frustration level (and therefore aggression toward cyclists as a group).

          • I don’t see that as my problem. If they’re frustrated by me following the law and waiting my turn at a red light that is their problem. If they’re angry at all cyclists because I’m just sitting there where I should be, that’s their problem. And if they’re angry at cyclists as a group, me as an individual changing my behavior will not change their mind. They’ll just get angry at the next cyclist in their way. They need to take responsibility for their own emotions and learn patience. It is not my job to coddle the emotions of an angry, impatient person. My only responsibility is to ride safely, lawfully, and predictably.

          • I agree that it’s their problem if they get upset about those things. But it can become my problem, as a cyclist, so anything I can do, within reason, to avoid provoking is in my own interests. If it puts me at risk or is not required I don’t move for cars. But as gotryit described, scooting my bike over in the lane so they can make the turn is no big deal and if it increases the general level of civility all around, why not? I think the urbanengineer’s description is different, that was a douchebag driver and I probably wouldn’t have handled the situation with as much panache.

          • And I could not agree any more with your last sentence – I wish everyone (driver, cyclist, pedestrian) appreciated the value of behaving predictably out on the roads and sidewalks.

      • For the record, the person honking at me was not turning right. He was just being a dick. I moved because if he is so damn keen on being in front of me, I might as well help the mental midget out before his head explodes.

        • gotryit

          “Excuse me, are you ok? Is there an emergency? I can call the police or an ambulance if you need assistance.”

          • Haha, I do love your responses gotryit. How have they been received?

          • gotryit

            I’m not sure that they win people over and leave them swooning, but it disrupts the escalating anger cycle of yelling / cursing / running me over / nuclear warfare.
            The times I can think of, they’ve still been saying stupid things as I (or they) leave, like “you shouldn’t be on the road”. I also don’t try to stick around and pick a fight.

  • epric002

    are you watching the duke/mercer game?!?!?!?!?

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