Reports of a Power Outage in Columbia Heights including 11th Street between Park and Monroe

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfpackWX

I’m getting a few reports of a power outage in Columbia Heights. If you are affected make sure to report it 877-737-2662. I’ll update when more info is known. @PepcoConnect tweets “The cause is currently under evaluation. Please call 1-877-737-2662 or use our mobile app to track the status.”

@salbal09 tweets:

“Whole block of 11th and Park has lost power (Meridian Pint, KBC, The Coupe) Fire truck on the scene. Snow day drama!”

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  • The power has been out for two hours now. I am having flashbacks to Thanksgiving when it was out for three days.

  • Is the power on yet? Waiting it out at a bar so just wondering if it’s ok to go home yet?!! I don’t trust Pepco’s estimates after the whole Thanksgiving fiasco!

  • Check out Kangaroo Boxing Club’s Facebook page… HILARIOUS. They aren’t happy with Pepco and I don’t blame them. This isn’t the first time they have been forced to close. Jim Graham, maybe something needs to be done to upgrade this commercial corridor??? Call me crazy, but they are an important part of our neighborhood and this happens to this section of 11th all too often.

    • I was literally about to order a giant plate of delicious BBQ when the power went out. It was the saddest moment I’ve had in a while. Hopefully the power comes back on so I can fulfill my BBQ craving this weekend!

  • “Underground cable fault” restoration estimate 6:00 am, time to start a pool for when it actually comes back

  • If you had bet 6am you would have lost the pool. The underground cable issue was exactly what kept us without power for days at Thanksgiving.

  • I walked into the Kangaroo joint (for the first and last time I might add) 3 min after the power went out. It was like someone just killed the hipsters’ pets. Whining and moaning, patrons and staff. I like dive bars, but it didn’t even seen like a fun one. In a true dive, people embrace the madness not complain about their lot in life.

  • Everything south of that block (El Chucho, Room 11) were a total mad house because of the outage. Crazy!

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