“Urban pet lifestyle store”, The Cheeky Puppy, Coming to Dupont Circle

1709 Connecticut Avenue, NW

At long last a new tenant for the former Du Froyo spot in north Dupont near La Tomate. Their website says:

“The Cheeky Puppy serves the unique needs of city-dwelling pet lovers and celebrates the love – and sense of community – that our four-legged family members bring to our modern, urban lives.

The Cheeky Puppy also believes that having four-legged family is a privilege and should not contribute to the degradation of our planet nor harm the two and four-legged friends with whom we share it. At its heart, The Cheeky Puppy is fun, yet functional, sophisticated, not snobby.

We celebrate our home in Washington, D.C. and the special place that pets have in our nation’s history. It really is true — if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Or a cat. The Cheeky Puppy is decidedly bipartisan in its politics and emphatically nonpartisan in the dogs versus cats debate.”

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  • I think they mean nonpartisan?

    Anyway, looks like retail is not dead after all.

    • Pet retail seems to do well. I think it’s because shipping costs make ordering pet food online cost prohibitive, and the chain stores only sell low-quality food.

      • Check out petflow.com
        I order 44 lb bag of premium food, throw in a couple of treats to get it over $50 for free shipping, and it arrives within a day. No sales tax. Greatest thing ever. I still can’t figure out how you can ship 45 lbs overnight for free; they must get a great rate from FedEx.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        http://wag.com has free next day delivery and carries quality brands like WeRuVa.

      • Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Fortunately my local store (Metro Mutts) carries my dogs’ food for the same price, so I’ll continue to buy from there. But those are good resources for those that don’t like close to an indie store.

  • Great addition to the neighborhood!

  • jim_ed

    I’m pretty sure I saw a “Dateline” special about the dangers of letting your pet fall into the urban lifestyle. I blame the rap music.

    • +10000000, Jay Z influences the cats to smoke crack, Eminem makes dogs pop Molly. What is this urban culture going to do to the hamsters? That flesh eating drug… Oh NOOOOO!!!!

  • Im surprised there’s not a pet store somewhere around Chinatown/Archives/ Metro center.

    • Wagtime has a small pet store in their doggie daycare facility by the Convention Center. I think it has food, and definitely collars/toys/treats.

  • “It really is true — if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Or a cat.”
    God that’s depressing.

  • As a cat owner, I sense this will be one of those places that sells hay for cat litter or some nonsense. If you ain’t got Fresh Step, I ain’t interested.

  • Ugh, I hate boring retail. This is just as bad as a cricKet store opening.

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