Raze Application for former Horse’s Ass Nominee Near Duffy’s and 9:30 Club

2100 Vermont Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that this Horse’s Ass Award nominee has applied for a raze permit. Rumors abound as to what will happen to the space. Those in the know tell me they hear plans of a restaurant/bar or possibly a small condo building as the lot behind the building goes with it as well. But these are just rumors at the moment. Updates as we learn more.


Application after the jump.


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  • It’s got to be housing, probably mixed use. That’s getting developers the most bang for their bucks right now. Hopefully it’s not a sh#t-tastic design, like most of the stuff going up in the ‘hood.

  • The building doesn’t look like it’s in terrible shape, I don’t see what’s wrong with rennovating it as opposed to razing it.

    • They even put in new windows and slapped a coat of paint on it a couple of years ago. The reason they probably want to tear it down is to build something taller and that utilizes the entire lot. So we’ll probably end up with a 7-8 story building with way too many tiny condos in it.

      • tiny, affordable condos. the cognitive dissonance between (1) advocacy for affordable housing and (2) hatred of developers who turn vacant lots into housing is pretty ridiculous.

        • LOL! These units will most likely be tiny, but there’s no way they’ll be affordable, by any stretch of the imagination.

        • You need to put quotations around the word affordable for your statemwnt to be closer to being correct.

        • if this was developed as a single family house, it would be less affordable than whatever condos are built on the property. that’s an indisputable fact. adding more supply of housing brings down prices, this is econ 101.

          • Econ 101, huh? There is a ton of new housing coming online these days in DC, and guess what: prices are not going down. Quite the opposite.

  • A perfect building to raze. Low rise. Non-contributing to any sort of neighborhood character. Incredibly close to all forms of transit. Raze it, build a mid-rise. Increase the number of households in the district and the following tax revenue. Add retail space.

  • There ‘s a huge hole in the roof.

  • What will be interesting is how a new development effects Duffy’s next door. If they use the whole property and build some 4-8 story building, it will totally block off Duffy’s access to air and light. Before people start to say this doesn’t matter, it is one of the few ways a neighboring building can object to development like this.

    Ironically, I agree that in spite of this being a cute old building, the best use of the property is building something lager here. This is all the more true since it’s a block from a Metro station in a booming neighborhood!

    Hopefully, whatever they build will not negatively impact Duffy’s!

    • I can’t imagine too many folks will bemoan the potential “access to air and light” issue for Duffy’s.

    • How can it block off light and air from Duffy’s? There’s a house in between them, and it’s not like they’re going to be building directly in front of their patio. And besides, there’s not much light or fresh air in Duffy’s as it is today.

  • what wrong with you people why do want to tear down the history and old school bnuety of your neighborhood

    • Old is not necessarily historical- please don’t confuse the terms. Without razing buildings and building more adequate/contemporary facilities, we wouldn’t have a thriving downtown, 14th st, Columbia Heights or Shaw. RAZE AWAY!

  • In the early 1920s, it was an auto parts store called Superior Sales Co., and in the late 1920s, this building housed Downey’s Auto Supply Co.

    In the 1930s, it was a small grocery store called Herman’s Market.

    I couldn’t find much on the building in the newspaper archives.

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