Man Shot During Commission of a Robbery on the 1400 Block of North Capitol St, NW around 10am this Morning


From MPD:

“At approximately 10:00 am, MPD responded to the 1400 block of N. Capital Street, NW for the report of a robbery. Upon arrival, the victim was located out front suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the neck area. Subsequent investigation revealed the victim was injured during the commission of a robbery perpetrated by two individuals.

The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

The case is currently under investigation and anyone having information is asked to call our Command Information center at (202) 727-9099″

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  • This is horrible – I hope that the victim is okay. With that said, I’m sure this is all Firehouse Restaurant’s fault, right?

  • Commission. The robbery was *COMMISSIONED*? Really?

    • Commission – The act of committing or perpetrating: the commission of a crime.

      • Well, begging the pardon of Saints Dismas and Leonard, I’d commit a crime rather than commission one. Plain spoken kinda style and all that…

    • “during the commission of a crime” is pretty typical police talk, probably because the criminal codes in most places use that phrasing (e.g., “use of a firearm during the commission of a felony/crime of violence” may be a separate charge or sentencing enhancement) and the police are taught to mirror the elements of the crimes in their reports, warrant requests, etc. Now if the states and the district wanted to rewrite their criminal codes on a plain English basis, that would be another thing…

      What is weird here is that the phrasing “the victim was injured during the commission of a robbery” makes it sound like the *victim* was committing the robbery. Very unclear/confusing description.

  • Are the shooting victim and robbery victim the same person? Would be lovely if the robber was the one who was shot.

  • Its funny, w/ all the homeless foot traffic from SOME’s kitchen, the cameras at the pot shop. I bet the police have an overwelming amount of coorporating witness/footage. NOT

    • have you ever been witness to a shooting in court?

      • No, have you? If so why don’t you explain why it’s relevant in your comment.

        • it’s relevant because had you, you might know what you were talking about.
          and yes, i have. twice. and once as a juror.

      • Witness in a court, no but witness to the car getting shot up across from my house and gladly talked to the cops who showed up when called.

        still, the pot shop made all sorts of promises about providing security and claiming to be a good neighbor. funny that since they’ve opened there is no change in loitering and I have yet to see any presence of their so called security. I don’t blame them for this, but after talking shit about helping the block it would be nice to see something.

        • You expect a shop to clean up an already problematic block? I think you ought to revamp your expectations because they’re totally unrealistic.
          Their security is there to protect their premises. They can’t hassle loiterers who are on the block everyday for the last few decades. DC doesn’t even have an anti-loitering law. If you want your block to improve, stop expecting others to do the work for you. Open a business, invest your money in your neighborhood (outside of your mortgage payments, and start working with local leaders and youth to make a difference.

    • What’s the “pot shop”?

  • The circle (triangle) of doom!

  • It seems like the neighborhoods on either side of N. Capitol Street are improving and becoming much safer places to live … N. Capitol itself, on the other hand, is not changing at all. Too many liquor stores and other crappy places. Excited for future development around Quincy and R Street

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