It’s Free Coffee Time for Bike Commuters Going Through Logan Wed. Morning

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

From an email:

“The Bike Rack is offering free hot coffee for bicycle commuters Wednesday morning, November 20th from 7:30 am until approximately 9:00 am. We will be at the corner of 14th and Q, NW handing out free cups of Peregrine coffee as you make your way into work. Look for our banner, stop by and have a cup of joe on us!”

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  • I’ve never understood this. Do people grab the coffee and bike with it? Or do they wait around and drink it? both seem odd to me.

    • biking on 14th (not 15th) seems odd to me.

      • You don’t hit nearly as many lights on 14th street as you do on 15th street, and 15th street southbound doesn’t even start until V street, so those of us coming from further North than V are already on one of the other streets.

    • gotryit

      The one time I stopped by, I drank it there. And talked to them about a coffee mug cup holder that they sell that mounts on the handlebars. I need both of my hands to bike.

  • I used to ride with a full coffee mug in my backpack every single day, but it exploded in my backpack a while back. I sent the mug back to the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement, and a few months later, the replacement exploded in my backpack. Since then I haven’t been drinking coffee. So I plan on stopping by there tomorrow morning in hopes that these people have the inside knowledge on what coffee mug is best for bike commuters.

    • clean kanteen makes an insulated mug that has a regular screw top (non-cafe/sipping lid) that i use to commute with. i keep the sippy/cafe lid at my office, and switch it out when i get to work. keeps my tea nice and hot, and i’ve never had a blowout. as a bonus, it also fits in my water bottle holder so if it did leak, it wouldn’t get all over my stuff.

      • Just googled it…the first site that came up actually had a picture of their 20 oz mug in a bottle cage just as you described. Thanks for the share.

  • best commute ever. worth being late to work

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