“We’re going to pour 200 gallons of paint down the M Street façade”

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2013 at 5:00 pm 7 Comments

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Photo by Ian Roche

From a press release:

“The Yards has arranged for seven internationally renowned artists to turn the monolithic former NGIA building into a public arts project called Art Yards. The fleeting installation, which will be completed by mid-December and demolished over the winter months, will feature Hawaii based artist Jasper Wong, DC based artist Kelly Towles, Australia based couple Dabs Myla, 3-D Acrylic/Chalk Street Artist Murals of Baltimore, and NY based mapping video artist trio 3_Search.

Art Yards kicks off November 20th with a bombastic event that will dump 200 gallons of Sherwin Williams paint down the M Street façade, creating a free-form artwork. The artists will then take turns transforming the rest of the building over the following weeks.

Who: Open to the public.
When: Wednesday, November 20
Roughly 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Where: M St SE at First St SE

  • Anonymous

    Sounds pretty cool. I’ll go take a look.

    But what I would like to propose is a public art compain throughout our entire Metro system. Get rid of that ugly brown everywhere and make the entire system pleasing to the eye. I know I know…lots of more prressing things to fix at metro but it would be pretty cheap to do, will make people at least FEEL better about a sometimes convenient/often times frustrating system, and could put local and regional artists on blast.

    • Anonymous

      that sounds like a great idea! The metro could use some colour

  • Anonymous

    What long-term plans for the building? Are they going to refurbish it, or demolish it and build something new?

  • So they’re going to do this and then just tear it down immediately? Why not put it somewhere more permanent?

    • Anonymous

      + 1. Paint is toxic and should be used sparingly for long term projects. This sounds like a wasteful exercise in self-aggrandizement. I hope none of my tax money is contributing to this.

  • mahajohn

    So, are Americans’ precious tax dollars being used to fund pouring 200 gallons of paint down the side of a building that will be demolished during the winter, or its subsequent decoration by other artists? I hope not.

  • Anonymous

    Should be NGA vs NGIA. There is a hyphen between Geospatial and Intelligence.


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