Dear PoPville – Speaking of Package Thieves

“Dear PoPville,

Package theft gets covered a lot here. I’m curious if anyone has tried any of the various “secure” package delivery systems on the market (things like elephant trunk or Sammy Sak) and, if so, what their experience with using the product has been. Are they as secure as advertised? Any difficulties getting delivery companies to place packages in them?”

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  • houseintherear

    related question… anyone know of an Amazon locker location that is actually in the city? The only ones I can find are in NoVa.

    • I don’t think the city is allowing them to come in. The District doesn’t want to promote “retail leakage”.
      Pretty stupid, IMO. That’s like banning Netflix, because you want to support Blockbuster storefront locations.

    • actually they aren’t in the city for a real. If amazon brings them in the city then the people living in DC would have to pay sales tax. There are distrubition centers in VA already so they are already paying taxes and it makes no difference to have the lockers there or not. Amazon doesnt want to add a business footprint in states that they don’t have to.

    • houseintherear

      Oh wow! Thanks for the info, peeps-

  • I don’t understand what possesses delivery folks to leave packages in front of houses in urban areas…

    • There’s nowhere else to put them. Homeowners need to give the package delivery guys another option, if you want your packages to be protected. It’s not the delivery guy’s fault.

      • So why not default to not actually leaving the package – just leave a note with pick-up instructions after the Nth delivery attempt?

        • Because N out of N times I will be at work when they try to deliver it so I will always have to make a trip to the post office (or further) to pick up a package. I’m sure some residents would prefer it that way but not me.

        • That depends on the instructions from the sender. If that’s how you want your packages delivered (delivered only with signature, picked up at the depot if not), then you can usually request that.

        • Because a lot of the depots are really out of the way and have inconvenient hours. Plus many city residents don’t have cars to get to the depot.

          And as to why leave them in front, others have covered the lack of choice, but in some cases the theif follows the delivery person and just sees that s/he put it behind the deck/behind the bushes/down by the basement. So even if you can’t see the package it can still get stolen.

        • USPS does this and has an option to sign a slip and allow them to leave the package at your door. However, it always takes them over a week to redeliver a package this way. When I am having something shipped and I can’t confirm that it will be UPS (like from Amazon) I always have packages delivered to my work so I can actually receive it and not have to wait on USPS to do their job.

  • What stops people from just grabbing the very visible Sammy Sak? Is the Sak itself securely locked to something?

    • The SammySak is securely attached to the bracket which is securely attached to the door. See the FAQ on the SammySak website. It doesn’t look impenetrable but you would have to make quite a scene to either get the packages out of the bag or the bag off the door I think.

  • well….you could spend the money on this product that might not actually do anything, or you could filll a package with stanky poo, or live bees, or both. Problem solved.

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