Update and Renderings for 2725 13th Street, NW – The Denson Condos

13th and Girard St, NW

Lots of progress at 2725 13th Street, NW. We last checked in back in February and you could see what it looked like then here.

The Denson website says their will be four 2 bedroom condos. You can see the floor plans here and more renderings here.


Here’s a rendering from their website:


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  • Why would the developer use the coolest feature of this building (the prominent turret) to house the master baths? Seems like a rather dubious move to me, but then again I love me some turrets (impractical as they may seem).

    • I agree this is completely baffling! Five magnificent windows — four in the bathrooms and one in a closet (!) — that would always have the blinds drawn. It’s a shame there’s no way to take away the architecture license or file malpractice against someone who commits an atrocity like this.

  • There are good condo conversions and there are bad ones. This is the latter. One only needs to look down the street to 13th & Euclid to see how it’s possible to convert an old home into condos without completely destroying its character.

    I also like how the website invites visitors to “Explore Columbia Heights” by feature a picture of Diego, a restaurant that not only is not in Columbia Heights but recently closed to improved its terrible food. Great marketing job.

  • I miss the lion sculpture the former owner had in the front yard.

    I’d have to see the results to judge the conversion, but I do think it’s odd to give the bathrooms 270 degree windows, the walk in closet a window, and then give the master bedroom only one window.

    • Yeah, I kinda questioned the use of space there too.
      On the one hand, I guess it’s easier to fit a tub, shower, toilet, etc. into a round room than it would be to fit a bed… but that seems like an unnecessarily large master bath.

  • I kind of like the looks of this development but I’m sure they’ll be going for some insanely high prices so I’ll just have to keep renting. Also, there isn’t much closet space in the lower unit.

  • Just what we need, another gray building. Any color but that please. I weep for the old house with the extraordinary rich original details which are now lost forever and probably gracing some contractors house.

    • MK: Most likely those nice original details ended up in the contractor’s dumpster! Shameful how much ends up in the landfill from these old houses. Shameful, I say.

      • Sadly I saw a lot of the old fictures tossed in the dumpster while they were gutting/building. Wish I had the means to grab them or at least take them to Community Forklift. Really sad the history is in a dumpster and drywall has replaced it.

    • I am guessing you have never rehabbed a 100 year old house. if they haven’t been maintained over the years the “original details” are a complete disaster.

      • Disagree… I’ve rehabed two old houses (1909 and 1906). It takes some care and time, but the end rsult is so much better than replacing this stuff with Home Depot crap. Of course if the original deatils are totally rotten, then not much can be done, but the fascade looks pretty good.

        An amazing shame…. I wish CH was an official Historic District!!!!!!

  • cannot understand how they went about destroying the facade!!! OMG!!! there is no RESPECT! destroying architectural history one piece at the time – well one rowhouse at the time – sad

  • So…gray. Also weird that the rendering show it as a detached building when it appears to share a party wall with the building next door.

  • Tragic. The developers are from rural VA and are trying to be “cool.” They ripped everything out – they couldn’t even make an attempt at working existing character defining features into the design. It’s as if they walk around the neighborhood with blinders on. The front entry is only a shadow of what it was and is poorly thought out. They could have easily worked the double columns into the new design or selected a few different trims. The windows are hideous. And then they are going to paint it all gray and name it after the poor soul who built it. The ultimate insult. This was one of the most interesting homes in the hood. Now…

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