Former Kid’s Closet to Become an Aveda Salon – Reader Wants to know Where are the Kids Stores?

1226 Connecticut Ave, NW

Yesterday I noticed that an Aveda Salon would be replacing the former Kid’s Closet at 1226 Connecticut Ave, NW. Later I received the following email:

“Dear PoPville,

A recent WaPo article attests to what we see every day: a baby boom in the city. What I haven’t seen is an accompanying boom in stores serving these parents – baby boutiques, clothing stores, etc. I’m (very) happy that I have low cost options like Target and Children’s Place around the corner in Columbia Heights, but when I google “baby gifts” for DC, I get very, very little. I wanted to buy a nice gift for a friend recently, and there were literally no options nearby in 14th/U/AdMo/CoHi/Petworth. I smell a business opportunity…do you think so?”


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  • I’ve had the same issue – I went in to Macy’s looking for the Christening gifts section (something I can find easily at myriad stores in my hometown of New Orleans) and got blank stares. And I was actually looking for a gift to take to a bris, I just thought I could find a nice silver baby mug in the Christening gifts section. If anyone has suggestions, I’d love them!

    • A christening mug would be a little bit of an unusual gift for a bris. Gifts are not required but if you want to bring one it should be similar to what one would bring to a baby shower – clothes, toys, etc. You can also bring cash (in denominations of 18, as it represents the word “chai” or “life” in Hebrew) or gift cards.

      Best of luck…

      • Emmaleigh504

        Some folks give silver baby cups at baby showers 😉

        • Why? What’s the point? I never understood the silver rattle or mug thing.
          And what happens if the kid gets multiple mugs and rattles? Do the parents keep them? Trade them in for cash?

        • Maybe, but Jews do not really use christening mugs (as there is no christening), so to give a christening mug might come off as a little tone deaf. You might be better off giving a gift that is not associated with any faith, if you do not know very much about what kind of gifts are given in the Jewish faith.

          • As far as I know, a silver mug is just a traditional baby gift — that is often given as a christening gift by godparents, but there’s no specific religious association. I.e. it has nothing to do with christening or the christening ceremony. The point is more the adorable-ness factor. My “juice cup” has lots of dents in it from my habit of banging it on my highchair….

    • Emmaleigh504

      For sliver baby cups and things like that I just order online from one of my fave New Orleans stores (Adlers or Mignon Faget).

    • I got an engraved silver christening mug at Tiny Jewel Box once upon a time.

    • Tiffany’s should have mugs, and possibly rattles as well.

    • Tiffany’s should have mugs, and possibly rattles as well.

  • The Chocolate Moose, which is on L street right around the corner has some good games and toys. I would also recommend the children’s book selection at both Kramerbooks and Busboys and Poets.

    • In what universe is the Chocolate Moose near CoHi/Petworth/U St/etc? That said, it is in the right direction – but it sells about 30% kids stuff and 70% weird stuff.

  • People still shop retail? The only time I buy clothes in a store is when I’m in NYC, where they actually have decent stuff. Otherwise it’s all online.
    Obviously the demand and profit margins are not there for kid’s places. Otherwise we would have plenty of them. There might be a “baby boom” but it’s in comparison to past trends. Single and DINKs way outnumber the families with small kids in core DC. You’d be crazy to open a store in an expensive part of the city that caters to a small subset of the DC population.

    • OP here – In Brooklyn (where I just moved from) you trip over baby stores. Yes, I know DC is not BK (trust me, I know), but there are a ton of families around where I live in CoHi. Yes, I buy mostly online – but not for all kids stuff, and rarely for gifts. To your point about catering to a small subset – sure, not all people have kids, but many buy things for people who do. Also, what business is trying to cater to every person in the city? Not saying it’s a high margin winner of a business with no risks (because brick and mortar is h-a-r-d) but there is nary a baby boutique in this entire section of NW.

      • The population density and average household income of Brooklyn neighborhoods – like Park Slope – is at least 2X that of Columbia Heights. That’s probably a big reason why you don’t see any.

        • Population density is roughly double and median income is roughly triple, but when you factor in cost of living, the income gap probably would be closer to double considering how much more expensive it is to live in Park Slope versus Columbia Heights.

          The real number of importance is the percentage of households with children. 44% (36% married, 8% single) in Park Slope versus 36% (16% married, 20% single) in Columbia Heights. One might presume that there is an income gap between married households and single households. Combine this with the general larger income in Park Slope and I think you have your answer re: why there’s more family serving retail there.

          Columbia Heights does have Children’s Place and The Museum of Unnatural History, though. Take that, Brooklyn! Ha….

  • Tabletop in Dupont has some nice things –

  • Willow off Georgia and Upshur has a small but very cute line of DC themed onesies. I believe the mother of the woman that owns the shop draws all of the images used on the onesies and other cards in the store.

  • There are two Dawn Price Baby stores–one in Georgetown and one on the Hill near Eastern Market. Tugooh Toys is also in Georgetown on Wisconsin. Either of those would be (and are) my go-to for gifts and the occasional thing for my own kids. I’ve heard good things about a toy store–Sullivans??–up on Connecticut Ave but haven’t been there in person. Wake Up Little Susie in Cleveland Park has some cute kids things but the selection is really limited, same with Home Rule on 14th. The H&M downtown has kids clothes, as does the Gap in Georgetown. The new TJ Maxx has a surprisingly good selection of toys, but the kids clothes selection is pretty dismal. Otherwise, yeah: it’s all mail-order for us!

    • None. Of. These. Stores. Are. In. The. Neighborhood. The. OP. Mentioned.

      • Home Rule is on 14th near R. And my overall point was yes–there are a handful of kid/baby-specific stores in DC but no–they generally aren’t in Logan Circle/CH/Petworth, etc. So yes, it’s possible to pick up a gift in town, but not without going outside the neighborhood.

        And congratulations on appointing yourself comment moderator. I’m reminded why I quit reading/posting comments on POP several months ago. Also, your punctuation up there? Makes you supercool.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I also asked more generally in the title – Reader Wants to know Where are the Kids Stores?

    • Sullivan’s is absolutely wonderful for art supplies as well as kids stuff. Pricey though. Along those lines, someone I know recently registered for her baby shower at Giggle. The stuff was great but the prices were formidable. (By my standards, anyway.)

  • I was saying this exact same thing to a friend this weekend. In the past month, I’ve three times had to buy baby gifts and lamented that there’s basically one baby store, in Georgetown. Otherwise, there are a couple of places like Proper Topper and Pulp that carry a small selection of baby items in a tiny section of their store. Old standbys like Kid’s Closet and Tugooh Toys have shut down — are kids stores not profitable or something? Everyone is having babies — where is everyone shopping?!

    • Full of Beans on upper Conn is quite nice… Child’s Play in the same neighborhood… Monkey’s Uncle On Cap Hill… Fairy Godmother also on the Hill… There is Pam Bambini on New Mexico Ave near the new Wagshal’s in Foxhall Square… Dawn Price in G’town and Cap Hill… Sullivan’s on Wisconsin Ave… Not to mention a couple of high end boutiques in Friendship Heights… Petworth and Columbia Heights will get something soon… Give it a little time.

    • Tugooh did not shut down, but rather moved a block up the hill.

  • I have two favorite toy stores in DC: Sulivans on Wisconsin Avenue near Van Ness Street and Children’s Play on Conn. near Chevy Chase Circle. Both have great selections, and you can feel good about shopping local.

  • There are 2 or 3 vendors at Eastern Market that sell baby clothes. They are very cute and some are DC specific. Not the neighborhood you are looking for but you a good option for gifts.

    Proper Topper in Dupont and Georgetown have baby clothes as well.

  • Regarding that article, while it seems like a lot of people are having babies in the city these days, nearly all of the new parents I know are planning on leaving when their kids hit five years old, unless they can afford private schools. I’m getting the impression that the public schools just aren’t improving all that much, sadly. And with some of the best public schools in the whole country just over the river, I can’t say I blame them for their decisions. Are any of you planning on sticking it out with DCPS?

  • There are a few places in Georgetown. Tugooh Toys (with bookstore), Magic Wardrobe, Dawn Price Baby. There used to be a Gap Kids/Babies, the Gap across the street may (or may not) have absorbed those departments.
    Sullivan’s further up on Wisconsin (near Cactus Cantina).

  • OP here – Awesome suggestions all around. Most stores are concentrated in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, or parts of upper NW hugging Connecticut or Wisconsin Aves. I’m surprised that there is no boutique along the reborn 14th street strip, but then again, maybe not considering the rent they are charging drives everyone to sell alcohol. I think the demographics of the greater CoHi/Petworth/U St/AdMo/Shaw area and the expanding set of new families demonstrates that the market could bear a couple of these stores.

    • As an auntie, I tend to buy most baby and kid’s clothing at baby gap. Their stuff is cute and functional, stands up to active living, and the sales are fantastic.

    • They don’t have much, but Pulp on 14th St is a really fun store. Great for getting cards and DC centric gifts. They have a small section for childrens’ stuff.

  • There are a number of stores that have children’s clothing in Georgetown. I bought an awesome Adidas sweat suit for 2 year old niece from the Adidas store. Bought my 2 yr old nephew the new lebrons from Nike. They’re a bit pricey for things that will be too small in just a short time, but there are reasonably priced options in the area well. The Gap store also has a baby gap section. I live in Columbia heights and come down to Georgetown whenever I do shopping for the nieces and nephews. When I shop for toys, I usually just go to Target. Got my nephew a Hulk action figure from there, and as soon as my nephew opened it, he went around my brothers house giving all the walls a big Hulk Smash.

  • I buy clothes for my nieces at Target and I feel fine about it because my sister buy clothes for them there too.

    Also, they always have a lot of onesies that talk about how awesome aunts are. Whenever I see any of those, I pick them up. I’m a shameless aunt.

  • Most parents I know, myself included, order almost everything from Amazon Prime including baby stuff. Most of the existing stores in DC are either second hand or very high end. I bought some special occasion stuff at the Magic Wardrobe in Gtown. Also, on our neighborhood listserve there are daily gvieaways of bags of clothes from people.Anything else can be bought at Target.
    What would be a huge moneymaker is a Gymboree or Little Gym thats easily accessible on the greenline.

  • As a mom I love Monkey’s Uncle on Cap Hill and Gymboree (online because I hate going to the mall) macy’s, H&M and Zara all downtown are also good spots for clothing. For all the other baby “stuff” I either order from, amazon, and costso for diapers and wipes.

  • Pulp on 14th St. NW has some really cute DC flag and DC related (eg: “Next President” shirts) baby and kids stuff, as well as baby booties and kids books. I always go there to buy my friends’ kids stuff.

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