Props to the Cops but This is Pretty Messed Up


From MPD:

“On today’s date [Wed. Sept. 4th], at approximately 6:00 p.m., a citizen was approached [15th and V Streets, N.W.] by approximately 10 subjects who proceeded to assault him and steal his phone. The subjects fled via Metro bus. After subjects’ descriptions were given, police officers stopped several subjects aboard a Metro bus who matched the physical descriptions provided. The complainant was able to identify two of his assailants and two arrests were made. Anyone with further information regarding this offense is asked to please call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202/727-9099. Thank you.”

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  • School’s back in session!

    Seriously though, I purposely work longer hours at the office in the fall and spring so I don’t need to deal with the kids after school. They’re usually gone by 7pm. God forbid you have any property that’s not tied down or anything valuable visible in your car between the hours of 3 and 7pm.

    • Seriously. Where I live the screaming/fighting/carrying on usually starts around 5 and goes until 9pm or later. The parents and grandparents are in the house and do NOTHING. It’s just one house on my block that causes all the noise/problems for the whole neighborhood. Really wish there was something we could do about it.

  • This is exactly why I never walk on V Street at this location.

    • Considering V Street is filled with million dollar homes and condos, this particular block isn’t the issue. This whole area just north of U Street is simply a mess after school, regardless of which block you’re on.
      Between the students getting out of Cardozo HS, Booker T Washington Charter School, and kids coming from other schools for athletic events at the Cardozo field, you end up with a bunch of rowdy energetic kids and minimal adult supervision. Add in upper income yuppies who lives in the area and you have yourself a clusterf#ck of bad decision-making.

      • I’m laughing at how W street is now considered the gentrifying place to live, and us V streeters are living in multimillion dollar homes. We aren’t. That block of V is apartment buildings, a church, a school, a fewtownhomes, all middle class or lower. Some of my neighbors have lived there for over 30 years.

        • W Street is already gentrified and just as expensive. You’re deluding yourself if you think the people snatching up homes right now just north of U Street are merely middle or lower class.

          And your neighbors who’ve been there for 30 years? There’s a term for that – “house rich, cash poor”. Yes, they are middle class. But there’s no way in hell those same neighbors could afford to buy there today. Look at the comps over the last 6 months – V and W Streets are now wealthy areas, any way you cut it.

      • Actually the corner of 15th and U has four section 8 buildings.

        • The tower is a low/middle income building for the elderly. That’s not the source of the riff-raff. The low level buildings next door to that are low income, but they are actually pretty small when compared to other low income buildings in the city.

          These kids are most likely from NE or the housing at R/Florida Ave.

  • It’s a little ridiculous that someone is getting jumped by 10 people at 6pm! I totally get a 2:1 or 1:1 situation, but 10! And not one person is around? Very strange.

  • I know this is extremely far fetched, but it would be nice if these organized mobs could be categorized as terrorists and dealt with just like Al Qaeda.

  • So, where did this happen — on U, on 15th/v or where the people caught on 15/v.

    Clearly school kids. Phone was not recovered so it should be easy to squeeze the two caught and get the rest of the gang.

  • I bike past this intersection every day. In fact, I biked past it 15 mins before this incident took place. It’s always very busy with people returning home after work. My question is, how was the victim not assisted by the likely dozens of other people close to the intersection? I understand that there were ten of them. The article is somewhat vague. Who reported the descriptions to the police? How the hell do you “flee via bus”??

    This is starting to become an issue. A friend and I live across the street from the Cardozo HS, and groups of kids have started to congregate outside after school and remain into late in the night. I foresee this being a problem coming home later in the evening. If a group of kids can assualt an individual in broad daylight, during rush hour, with minimal repurcussions, I shudder to imagine what they’re capable of after hours under the cover of darkness. Once the football games begin, I’ll make sure to take the long way home (cue Supertramp).

    • I hope the kids used the DC Next Bus app on the stolen phone to figure out the bus times. 🙂

      • Ha! That made me laugh. I know this isn’t actually a laughing matter, but I too am struggling to understand how 10 people make a getaway on a Metrobus.

        • With their DCPS-issued Metro card. Hoards of kids board the U Street and 14th Street public buses after school everyday. I’m talking packs of 20-30 kids walking together to catch the bus. 10 is quite common and normal.

    • And I walked past this spot about 10 minutes before!

    • Yeah – I’m a little more concerned with the “fleeing by bus” aspect. Getting 10 people on the bus? Presumably pretty full at that time of day already? I can’t imagine them all stopping to pay the fare – did they threaten the bus driver?

    • “How the hell do you ‘flee via bus’??”
      Scamper to the nearest bus stop and hop on the first bus that approaches?

    • Yeah, would you f with a group of teens? I wouldn’t. They freakin’ scare me.

  • I was riding home northbound on 15th just as this happened. I saw a dozen or so kids sprinting from north of U street to catch the 96 bus heading eastbound on U street. I then came upon the guy who was bent over and bleeding from a cut to his eye. Fortunately a police car arrived just a few minutes after it happened and the officer was alerted immediately. The kids looked young, perhaps middle school or young high school students. I feel fortunate that this has never happened to me in the 7 years I’ve lived here.

  • I know this makes me sound ancient… but whether on the streets of DC, in a car, or a suburban mall… I avoid groups (even small ones) of teenagers… cross the street, change lanes or duck into a store. They just don’t have a sense of consequence at that age… and I rather not be around for whatever risk they decide to take.

    • Remember, avoiding groups of young men is racist.

      • Incorrect: it’s sexist.

        • I’d say bad behavior from teenagers is pretty universal. I’m white, female, middle class, and from a small town, and me and my friends got into all kinds of trouble walking home from junior high every day. Never made a get away on a bus though!

          • How many times did you beat up a random passer-by and steal their cellphone, wallet, or other personal item?

          • Not this “kids just being kids” argument again….

          • i grew up in a middle class suburban maryland community in the 80s and we were certainly mischevious kids. but our mischeviousness extended to things like ring and running and t-p-ing trees. we would never in a million years have beaten up an adult. in fact i have a very strong memory of an after-school fight between two students that was broken up by a very elderly man who saw the fight from his house and came out and broke it up.

      • I was gassing up at the BP station at the corner of 14 and Euclid this morning and there were a bunch (about 10) of teenange kids at the front of the gas station blocking the entrance, making a noise, shouting vulgarities etc. I watched for a few minutes when a cop came up asked them to clear off and they mouthed something off as he went inside to the deli. I drove off without going inside to get a coffee.
        The basic fact is if I see a group of rowdy teenagers (about 98% black in the city) I cross the road or walk away. Call it racist if you want to. I see lots of neatly dressed and polite black teenagers walking on my block and I think how hard it must be for those good kids.

  • Holy smoke that is right near my building. It’s usually fairly quiet there, no real issues. We usually have to go a block or two to see any people hanging out.

  • My girlfriend lives right there, and I can tell you in the time we’ve been together, I’ve gone to some lengths to avoid walking down, or parking my car on the south side of V street between 14th and 15th. There are always between 10-20 kids just hanging out on the sidewalk in the evenings. These same kids will be standing there tonight, waiting to jump someone else. But hey, what do you expect from a town where 45 year-old great-grandmothers aren’t out of norm.

  • So I walked by pretty much right after this happened. I turned the corner and saw a bunch of kids running down the middle of the street toward the bus that had just pulled up. Then I noticed the guy picking up stuff off the ground. By the time I was close enough to see that he was all bloody he was surrounded by people helping him. The police/EMT response was very fast. It’s sad this happened though, poor guy was just going home from work.

  • iv walked down that area after work and felt extreamly sketched out. Theres a lot of groups hanging out just sitting there doing nothing. I dont understand why there are so many bums just loitering around. Is there really nothing better to do with time then sit out in the street waiting to mug someone?

  • That intersection is two blocks from MPD 3rd District HQ, who could have stopped the bus right away. There are security cameras in WMATA buses. MTPD or MPD could get a photo of each of the little punks and release it. But they won’t. And if they did, nothing would happen to the kids. Nothing will change. These kids don’t care. Within a week, they’ll be robbing someone else, stealing another bike, or doing whatever they please.

  • I was one of the witnesses that left a statement, I called 911. The cops were AWESOME. There was a great bicyclists that saw which bus they got on…I have been wondering ALL day if they caught the guys.

    The victim was totally caught of guard, completely innocent. I hope he recovers ok. But, I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in the response of my fellow passerby’s. Several were more interested in watching the assault then actually stopping to aid or call 911. It was a sobering incident. People literally WATCHED and kept walking 🙁 His face was covered in blood and most just kept it moving….

  • Also, I live on Vst. I know the “neighborhood kids”. Because I actually take the time to acknowledge them, chat with them. I’ve lived here for 5 years, it is as much their neighborhood as it is mine. The kids involved were coming from school (in uniforms) and were no older than 14. NONE of them looked familiar. I also plan on talking to the older neighborhood boys about WTF happened. Call me stupid or naive, but most of them are nice enough kids if you actually talk to them and not just pass them hurriedly everyday.

    • Thanks for writing that. I’ve lived on V for years and also regularly greet the kids hanging out on the sidewalk between 14th and 15th. I have never found them to be anything other than good neighbors. There’s nothing criminal or lazy about wanting to be outside with friends rather than cooped up in an apartment, particularly if you don’t have the money to actually enjoy all the new places popping up in the neighborhood. The tone of some of these comments is really troubling.

      • whoever you are, I’m so thankful that you’re a neighbor 🙂 SERIOUSLY. The comments were troubling to me too. Made me smile to know that other people have gotten to know the young dudes on the block 🙂

    • So it is the victim’s fault. He just didn’t take the time to get to know the kids kicking the crap out of him?

      • Someone missed dcladi’s point entirely.

      • You missed the point. Those kids were turds. As the person who stayed with the victim and actually had his blood on my hands, while trying to help him out. I can say, that is NOT what I meant. At all. the victim was completely innocent. Reading comprehension skills….

      • madmonk, the point is: Get to know the good folks and don’t alienate them by treating them like criminals. THEY will help you root out the bad ones.

        Treat everyone like scum and they will leave you up to the devices of that scum.

  • I was wondering what was happening as I was walking out of the U St metro close to the Brixton. Cop cars had surrounded the metro bus and about 10 black teens (middle school size?) were sitting on the sidewalk with their hands behind their backs. I figured a fight or something broke out on the bus. What’s wrong with these kids and especially their parents. sigh…

  • So 10 people attacked him and only 2 were arrested? They should all be charged- I don’t care if their minors or not.

    I need to start stepping up my patrols around my neighborhood and invest in some more vigilante gear.

  • I came out of the Vermont St exit of the U St Metro to a bunch of cops, a stopped and empty Metro Bus, and at least 10-20 middle/high school aged kids, mostly male, sitting on the curb and being investigated. I was an unbelievably bizarre scene.

  • Also, with Halloween approaching, don’t leave your pumpkins on your front porch during the day. Last year, the school kids would love to grab them off the porches and smash them in the middle of the street. Everyday I came home from work, I’d see the guts of one or two pumpkins littering the roadway.
    Bring them inside before you leave for work.

  • Isn’t it just as messed up that the police “stopped several subjects aboard a Metro bus who matched the physical descriptions provided”? What does this mean, did they just stop every young black kid on a bus?

    • No, a few of us that were there, watched the kids get on a particular bus. Within a minute or two, a cop was on the scene. We told him the bus number and which direction it was headed and he immediately dispatched cop cars to the bus. We were able to give him descriptions since they were in uniforms. So, I’m assuming they pulled off a group of kids on that particular bus that fit the description we gave.

    • Throwing the race card now? Sorry, thanks for playing.

      Not once was race mentioned in the original article, yet you managed to deduce that the assailants were black teens? Maybe it had something to do with the dozen or more witnesses that told the police who committed the crime, like the other commenter said. After all, it was a bunch of morons who committed a crime in their school uniforms in broad daylight. No matter the race, they sure are stupid.

  • How dumb do you have to be to commit a crime in your school uniform?

    Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, these are not!

  • tonyr

    Are they going to charge the metro employee as an accessory for driving the getaway bus?

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