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  • justinbc

    Is this going to be an actual structure, or is he just moving the bus? I ate at the bus years ago, but it really wasn’t impressive enough to ever return for a second visit…
    My original impressions here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mr-ps-ribs-and-fish-washington#hrid:S6-gig1QR6Vn9zwTnUFqgg

    • brookland_rez

      I read your review. I’ve never been to Mr. P’s, but your review is about how I imagined it to be.

      I lived in Alabama from about age 13 until I got out of college. I’ve been to all the BBQ joints down there. Have you been to Dixie Bones BBQ in Woodbridge, VA? That place reminds me of the places in Alabama and in my opinion has some of the BBQ around here. If you’ve been there, what’s your opinion on it?

      • justinbc

        Dixie Bone does an excellent job representing Alabama style, for sure. I liked what we had there, but didn’t find it rave worthy. The value of the AYCE brunch buffet though is really hard to top.
        The best all around BBQ I’ve found thus far in the DC area came from Big Bad Wolf way up in Baltimore and The Pit Stop in Aldie. Both require a decent drive, but they’re worth it if you crave the good stuff.
        For good BBQ actually in the District, the best I’ve been able to find thus far came from the Carnivore food truck, with notable mentions from the P.O.R.C. guys as well. I’ve yet to have good BBQ in a DC-based restaurant, although some of the items at (the former) Standard were getting pretty close.

    • is there anything that you do actually like?
      i don’t trust anything you say since you seem so down of everything.

  • Are they going to build any kind of infrastructure or just park that old bus there? Was this lot for sale or just lease a few months ago?

  • Exciting! Seriously, this BBQ is the real deal. But they haven’t been operating off of RI Ave for several months now, he was set up over on Bladensburg recently.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to try.

  • Back before I switched to going to the Petworth Ace Hardware for all my hardware needs, I used to stop by here almost every Saturday morning on my way back from a Home Depot run. Pretty good BBQ, probably made better by the “authenticity” of buying it out of a run down bus. Sure made it hard to get motivated to do home improvement work after scarfing down some ribs and mac and cheese.

  • His ribs are phenomenal, easily the best that I’ve had in DC and some of the best I’ve ever had anywhere. This is a great get for the neighborhood.

  • We used to use him as a caterer for the non-profit I worked at- he is one of the nicest, most reliable guys out there, and we never had left overs. The cornbread!

  • I’ve never tried it, but I’ve passed the place on RI Ave. many times, and I’m always tempted by the smell.

  • Been here, but I still prefer Freddy’s.

  • I’m a big fan of Mr. P’s. They have off days (which was probably what happened the one time that justinbc visited) but usually the ribs are very good, this is real BBQ. 6th and Rhode Island NW will save me a drive!

    • justinbc

      That’s entirely possible. My friend who went with me, who had been before, noted that our visit was significantly subpar compared to his previous trip there. It sounds like from other reviews from people I happen to know and trust that they have quite a few “off days” though, which is rather unfortunate.

  • Nice. I hope they build something on the lot, but I’d take BBQ from a bus too! Maybe he can expand with some of those old buses parked at Florida and R?

  • You can do EITHER Ribs OR Fish but not both !

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