Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

18 N Street Northwest

This rental is located at 18 N Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“This beautiful multi level 2BR/2BA condo will be your oasis in the city. Featuring gleaming new hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, stainless steel railings, high ceilings, sky lights, closets galore, stacked washer/dryer, gorgeous gourmet kitchen with granite counters & breakfast bar, stainless steel appliances.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,475/Mo.

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  • Close to Tyler House, but also close to all of Chinatown + NoMa. Not a bad deal for 2400.

  • Also, all three photos of the ‘kitchen’ are of different kitchens. The sink placement/tiled floor area changes in each photo…

  • I would bet that this building houses 2 condos – one having the basement and the back half of the first floor, the other having the front half of the first floor and the second floor. If that’s the case, then the 755 sq is for one floor (I happen to know each floor of this house is roughly 700 square feet). so the total for the condo would be maybe 1100 square feet.

    And I would guess that they’re renting out both condos – and have included pictures of both kitchens. Would have been nice if they explained that though.

    Anyway, if the above is all true, I’d say it’s a decent but not great deal.

  • Way too much for the location.

  • Having lived here for a year (they tried selling it in 2011 and didn’t have much luck, so went about renting), the poster above is correct. It is split into 2 condos with the lower unit having the entire lower levle and back half of the 1st level and the upper level has the front half of the 1st level and the entire 2nd level.

    Total sq ft. is at least 1000, maybe a little more. I will say that it’s amazing how fast rents go up in just 2 years…think we paid $2200-2300/month just 2 years ago. Thought all this new inventory would keep prices flat or decrease even, guess not.

    It has nice appliances and BRs are decent-sized but no off-street parking (altho on-street wasn’t too diificult) and the low-income housing nearby leads to issues as does Big Red (??) liquors.

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