Car hits Bicyclist on the 900 block of Quincy Street, NW around 9am


“Dear PoPville,

Bad accident around 9 am. Eyewitness reported to me the driver was speeding, with engine gunned and no evidence of efforts to stop — no screeching or skid marks. Biker was thrown 7 feet in air and landed well behind car. Biker lost consciousness but had regained it and was moving limbs by the time ambulance left.”

@IAFF36 tweeted:

“Cyclist Struck – 900blk Quincy St NW – bicycle vs. car, pt treated & transp to trauma center, pri-1”

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  • Hope he recovers well and quickly!

  • I’m not the one for nailing speed bumps all over the streets, but people seriously gotta chill out, especially along residential streets with double side parking. The chances are there is a stop sign 50 feet ahead anyways…hope the biker is all good.

    • Agreed.

      My guess is that the driver was racing to make the green light at Georgia Ave. Dumbass.

      Though, I’m wondering if the driver hit the cyclist head-on or hit the cyclist from behind?

      • brookland_rez

        I was looking at Google maps, it looks like this was actually at Quincy and 9th Place, which is about a full city block west of GA ave so it doesn’t look likely to me it was trying to catch the light.

        It was probably just driving like an ahole like a lot of DC drivers do.

    • saf

      The stop sign is behind the car. It is a traffic light at the next intersection.

    • Something needs to change. I see people zooming up and down Quincy all the time — I’m sure it happens on other streets in the neighborhood, too. These are relatively narrow streets with poor sight lines due to parked cars and LOTS of pedestrian traffic. Enforcement is nonexistent.

  • Yikes, that looks like a bad one. Is that a body indentation of the left side of the windshield? 😡

  • Was the driver cited? You’re not “speeding” until you’re cited.

  • Please keep us updated on this. If this was intentional, I will be curious to hear whether they charge the driver adequately. Intentional road-rage induced crimes against cyclists are usually met with the absolute lightest touch of the law.

  • Thoughts are with the cyclist. There is no reason why this should ever happen.

    Relatedly — I am so sick of drivers speeding through the residential streets in this (my) neighborhood. I’d even go for speedbumps on every cross street in the neighborhood and 4-way stop signs at every corner. Seriously: Quincy, Randolph, Shepherd, and Taylor ARE NOT THOROUGHFARES. Use Upshur if you’re trying to get across to RCC, or just deal with it and drive 20mph if you want to cut through the neighborhood.

    • No front plate (ie. Maryland).

      • Look a little closer. It’s a DC plate.

      • Lousy attention to detail (ie. Virginia)

        • It’s a D.C. plate, as clearly shown by the Flickr set linked elsewhere in this thread. (And even in the pic shown, it looks more like a D.C. plate than a Virginia or Maryland one.)
          Anonymous 12:37 pm, if you’re going to correct someone on this forum, at least be right.
          And “Is anyone surprised?”: I believe D.C., Maryland, and Virginia ALL require license plates on the front of the car (as well as on the back).

          • textdoc, if you’re going to correct someone, make sure you grasp what they’re saying.

            Anon 12:37 was pointing out that “is anyone surprised?” had missed the fact that it’s a DC plate. (i.e. lousy attention to that detail).

          • Maymo, if Anonymous 12:57 was pointing out that “Is anyone surprised?” had missed that it was a D.C. plate, then why does Anonymous 12:57 end his/her post with “i.e., Virginia”?
            Was this a failed joke intended to imply that “Is anyone surprised?” was from Virginia?

          • Yes. Can I explain anything else for you?

    • saf

      I would like them to slow down too, but I do not want to have to cope with speed bumps everywhere.

      • “Waaaaaah, what about my needs???? Me me me me me.”

        • saf

          Uh huh. And those wishing for speed bumps are putting their own wants above everyone else.

          • Presumably those requesting speed bumps are worried about ANYONE in the community getting hurt, rather than whether THEY PERSONALLY will be inconvenienced.

          • saf

            Anon 4:22 (and I do wish you anons would at least choose names to make it easier to follow a conversation):

            A number of years ago someone (a bearded young white dude wearing sandals and socks and carrying an infant) came to my door wanting me to sign a petition to get speed bumps put on that block of Quincy. When I said no, he thrust the infant in my face and said, “How am I supposed to keep him from getting run over?”

            And this is how those who want speed bumps come across to me – rather than finding ways to get existing laws enforced, they want to make things more difficult for everyone for their personal convenience.

            (I admit, I replied, “Don’t let him play in the street?”)

            And no, I don’t like speed bumps for many reasons:
            They are awful for ambulances and cops.
            They damage regular cars.
            They are a pain in the ass for motorcycles too.
            And bicycles.
            And buses.
            They require traffic to slow WELL below the speed limit.

      • Anon 11:03 here, 11:27 isn’t me. SAF — I hear you, but I’d cope. They have speedbumps on the other side of Georgia on a lot of the streets, and I bet they don’t have nearly as many dangerous interactions as on the west side. Especially at Randolph&10th, Quincy&13th, Quincy&Kansas, Quincy&10th, and Qunicy&9th.

      • Then what do you suggest? Sincere question– what do you think would work to slow people down if not a speed bump?
        I’m desperate for one on my street. Or two. It’s the only street in the surrounding blocks that doesn’t have any, and even though it’s a short block with parking on both sides, tight clearance for two cars passing each other, and stop signs at both ends, people still reach speeds of 40-50+. I’m honestly frightened for the block’s many children. I sincerely believe that it will take a tragedy to get any action.

        • saf


          Seriously, speed bumps are horrid for cops and ambulances. In addition, they damage regular cars, are a problem for motorcycles, and require vehicles to slow FAR below the already low speed limit.

          And yes, I live around the corner from this and have for quite a while, so I know how people drive on these blocks.

          • But knowing that enforcement isn’t ever going to happen (what, one cop per block? lousy use of resources), then what?

            Cameras would be nice. But again, one per block? Purchase, installation, maintenance… again, never going to happen. Especially as resentment against cameras increases, I’m betting we’ll see an uptick in vandalism.

            I feel pretty comfortable saying my desire to keep my kids and pets alive trumps your desire to maintain a steady and legal 25 mph in all locations at all times. Perhaps, in a perfect, ideal universe, there could be some coordination between DDOT and MPD, whereby there would be streets without speed bumps and all emergency vehicles would be directed to use those as far as possible. MPD would enforce speeding more routinely on these streets. All the other little blocks, residential blocks that T into other streets or have stopsigns and crosswalks every 150 yards… make those ones look like washboards. It’s the only realistic way to slow some people down.

          • Agreed. If we had an endless supply of free (and competent) cops, “enforcement” would be a great solution.
            But since we don’t, speedbumps force people to slow down.

          • saf

            OK, do those of you who want stop signs and speed bumps everywhere never drive? Have you never been in am ambulance? Have you never been waiting for a cop to show up?

            And the keeping the kids and pets alive thing – don’t let them in the street. And for SURE don’t let pets out off-leash. Cross at the corner.

          • saf

            Oh, also, doesn’t have to be constant enforcement to be effective. Regular intermittent enforcement works very well.

          • I drive. Fortunately I can take Metro to the office.
            My street has speed bumps. Don’t really mind ’em if they help keep people from going 40+ mph.
            I’ve been in an ambulance — once as the person being taken to the hospital, once accompanying someone who was being taken to the hospital.
            It’s not just a kids-and-pets thing — if I’m slowly moving out of my parking space, I don’t want some speeding idiot to rear-end me.

    • For this to be feasable, serious work needs to be done to correct light timing on Upshur. It takes ~9 minutes to drive from 8th and Upshur to the entrance of Rock Creek at Piney Branch Pkwy if taking Upshur (mainly due to Upshur/GA/Kansas, Upshur/14 and Upshur/Arkansas). It takes ~3 minutes on Taylor even with the speed bumps. Maybe even some measures to reduce pedestrians on Upshur. I.e. push cars to Upshur and peds to the other streets you name. If it takes 3X longer to take Upshur than other roads, no amount of traffic calming will achieve what you want.

  • Crashes aren’t accidents.

    Criminality suspected? This will be a test of the new OPC report on MPD relations w/ cyclists.

  • Hope the biker’s okay. I’ve been nearly hit while biking twice within the past 16 hours . . . almost doored last night, and almost hit by a driver pulling out of a gas station this morning. Both drivers were talking on the phone while nearly hitting me. I realize there are some biker out there riding irresponsibly, but drivers need to take this shit seriously. Careless drivers can and regularly do seriously injure bikers. Careless bikers don’t pose the same risk to drivers.

  • I hope they prosecute the driver. It’s not just an “accident”. This was a reckless driver who ran somebody down and caused serious injury. It was a collision caused by the driver. This is the 2nd time in the last week that a biker has been seriously injured in this area. Last week it was Randolph and Kansas Ave.

    • I seriously doubt anyone will be prosecuted, but I wonder if the driver would if the victim in question were a child walking to school, or even a jaywalking pedestrian.

  • I hope this person recovers quickly as well! Not to make light of the situation but this might be what it takes to FINALLY get some police presence for speeding and erratic drivers in this area. I live on this block of Quincy and bike it almost everyday and I am terrified every time I put my wheels on the ground of a side street in Petworth. I am sick of the lack of enforcement of this type of reckless driving.

  • I think the person who did this was probably one of the commentators about the cyclists getting at ticket. They followed through

  • Is that a silver Caddy with MD tags? I ask because I saw two young guys in such a car driving like idiots at Illinois and Sherman Circle last week, they actually threw something out their window at a bicyclist. I turned around to try to get their tag number but they were driving way too fast.

    • Damn, she was LAUNCHED like a rocket. It looks like a head-on collision. I’m assuming she was wearing a helmet, otherwise this would have probably killed her.

    • By the look of the impact, it appears that the cyclist was heading west but she was on the wrong side of Quincy Street (she was on the left side, instead of the right).

      Does this in any way mitigate the driver’s responsibility? I wouldn’t think it would, but it could explain why the driver did not see her in time. Still, the driver should not have been speeding on such a small street.

      • In a collision that only the biker saw coming (to say nothing of an intentional run-down), there is little you can impute from the impact. You have no idea what kind of maneuver the cyclist attempted to avoid being hit by a speeding car.

      • I have no idea how you look at that photos and think the cyclist was travelling westbound. It appears to me that she was making a right from 9th to Quincy.

      • Please don’t speculate about what happened and then speculate on who was responsible based on your initial speculation. Based on the photos above I think you are wrong in your initial speculation so maybe we can wait at least until someone can say how it happened?

  • gah! hope the cyclist recovers quickly!

  • I walked by as the police were putting up the tape this morning. For what its worth I’d like to make a call for people to not dive into the intentionality debate yet. As I walked past the awful scene there were some clearly shaken up people sitting on the side of the road being comforted. They could be people that witnessed the event or one of them might have actually been the driver. Let’s not paint this as a frothing anti-bike motorist running down an innocent person until we have some facts.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    This is terrible news on my block. I pray that the driver is okay. How many more accidents have to occur before we can get a speed bump to deter speeding cars from terrorizing this residential block?

  • Drivers need to be more responsible, but so do cyclists. I cycle regularly in the city and just over the last year I’ve been amazed by how many more cyclists there are (fantastic!), but also how many are cycling so obliviously – no helmet on, wearing headphones, cruising through stop signs and red lights only relying on peripheral vision, going down one way roads against traffic, etc. Both car drivers and cyclists need to raise their awareness and consideration. Wishing the cyclist a speedy recovery.

    • Do we really have to rehash the cyclists v. driver argument yet again and on this thread? I think people have shown a remarkable amount of restraint in avoiding it so far. We have no idea what caused this accident. Someone is seriously injured, people are shaken up, just give it a rest for once. I’m sure there will be another 300+ comment thread where people can rant to their hearts’ content..

    • Its not rehashing these cyclists are dangerous kamikazes bent on making drivers look bad

  • I hope the cyclist recovers with no lasting injuries.

    Mental note – going to remember to bike a little safer.

  • It would be nice if the intersection of Quincy and 9th Place, where the accident happened, had a stop sign for somebody, anybody. There’s no stop sign for either street at that intersection (at least in google street view). A simpler reconstruction of what happened would be that the cyclist was north bound on 9th Place and got T-ed by the car when neither vehicle yielded.

    • There’s no stop sign because 9th is one-way southbound. There’s not supposed to be any 9th to Quincy traffic.

      • epric002

        i think you’re talking about 9th street, right? this happened in front of 9th place, which is really just the outlet of the alley behind quincy.

      • brookland_rez

        If you look at Google street view, cars are parked facing both directions, indicating that it is a two way street.

        • epric002

          on 9th STREET cars are parked on both sides, but all facing south. there is also an arrow on google map that shows that 9th ST is only southbound. but again, this occurred in front of 9th PLACE, not 9th STREET.

          • brookland_rez

            No, look again. On 9th PLACE, there are cars facing both directions.

          • brookland_rez

            We’re saying the same thing. 9th STREET is one-way south bound. 9th PLACE is two ways.

            At any rate, there should be a stop sign at 9th PLACE since it’s two ways, but there’s not. I suspect since it’s such a short street which basically dead ends at a park, DDOT just never put a sign in there. But there should be one at the end of 9th Place.

            At any rate, if I was coming out of 9th Place and turning onto Quincy St, I would stop anyways, regardless of whether or not there’s a sign.

          • epric002

            🙂 yes. don’t know why there isn’t a stop sign at 9th place, but there should be. but it should also be obvious to anyone entering quincy from 9th place that they should stop.

          • Yeah, 9th place is basically an alley entrance and doesn’t have a sign.

          • saf

            9th place is an alley entrance – there is no reason for it to even have a name.

            No other alley entrances have stop signs. Why should this one?

          • I don’t know if it should have a stop sign there or not, but all aspects of its design where it intersects Quincy indicate that it’s a street, not an alley. Compare it to the other end where the alley comes out on 9th street. It looks like a street that turns a corner and becomes an alley (or vice versa).

  • epric002

    i walked by this accident after it happened this morning, but did not see the collision. the police were interviewing construction workers who appeared to have witnessed it. there was a woman sitting on the wall/yard of a house on quincy who i thought to be the cyclist, but now doubt that given the injuries described here. the only stop signs on quincy in this stretch (b/n kansas and georgia) are at the 4-way of quincy and 10th, which the car had already passed on the way to georgia. i do not believe there is a stop sign at 9th place (not 9th street) and quincy, which is where the collision happened. again, i did not witness this collision, but cars regularly speed up and down quincy between kansas and georgia. i’m amazed this is the first accident given how many people speed on this stretch of road. i hope the cyclist recovers quickly.

  • Note – a Mercedes. What’s the saying? Mercedes are like hemorrhoids, sooner or later every a$$hole gets one.

  • I definitely hope that the cyclist is ok but there is a need for some laws in DC that will hold cyclist liable as well. Cyclist run stop signs, red lights, drive on the side walk when they want, and seriously have no clue that a vehicle weighs more than a bicycle. I have absolutely no problem with sharing the road but cyclist should respect drivers as well. The streets in DC are not wide enough for a car and cyclist. At the least, cyclist should ride the bike lanes and be mindful of their surroundings.

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