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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Return of heat and humidity
    Rant: Wiped out this morning on my bike ride and tore up my knee and elbow kinda bad
    Rave: Gonna wear them as badges of honor
    Rave: Depression is being kept at bay thus far although I’m always afraid it’s going to return suddenly. Just going to keep going with my activities, physical and social, seeing my therapist, and hopefully this first date on the weekend goes well. And friend and his family coming down from NYC this Sunday for blue crabs out in Maryland.

  • Rant: At some point it has to stop; not everything that happens to, around and near us is “awesome”, “staggering”, “jaw dropping”, “incredible” and all those other frequent qualifiers of hyperbole. You may dig what has happened to the corner near your home that will soon house a Safeway, or a new coffee shop, condos, whatever. But the transformation of that corner is not really “jaw dropping” is it? I mean, you saw them tearing down the old building, trucks carting stuff away, buildings going up, etc. You have seen the change happen. For something to be “jaw dropping”, doesn’t it have to surprise you…catch you off guard? It seems for something to be “jaw dropping” it should make you wonder where this new vision or experience came from. And “awesome”…really, is it “awesome”? When I think of “awesome”, I think of the Grand Canyon…a landscape sculpted and transformed by the constant and relentless physics of water finding its level; millions and millions of years of erosion and wind creating a massive scar in the earth’s surface. Or when you look up at the stars in the night sky and try and fathom the vastness of it all…that is truly “awesome”. But a new bar with very nice cocktails and small plates? Not so awesome. Oh it might be very good food and drink and a place that you come to truly enjoy but I does it really makes you think of the mysteries of life and the universe and cause you to sit there in awe as you sip a well made gin cocktail? . The condensed OED gives the following for “staggering”; 1. astonishing; bewildering. 2. that staggers. OK, does the new development at 7th and O Street NW make me astonished or bewildered? No, of course not – I’ve seen them work on it for months, develop the idea for years and I have a fairly decent idea about how they constructed it. It doesn’t confuse me or befuddle me. I think the only time I have ever been “staggered” by something was when I was in a state of true shock (i.e., the sudden, unexpected death of a friend) or when I had had too many of those well made gin cocktails. And lastly, “incredible” – good Lord this word is so overused. For something to be “incredible” is has to be not believable, or difficult to accept as real or truthful. I have had food that has been truly some of the best food I have eaten…very well made, reasonably priced, flavorful and delicious but never has it been “incredible”. I mean, of course I “believe” that the food is there; I ordered it, the cooks made it, the wait staff brought it, I put it on a fork and it went in my mouth and I chewed. At no point did it ever occur to me that the food could not be there or not be real. Now I have seen beauty in nature that at times has made me wonder about how it could exist and be so perfect, so perfect that it was hard to believe, even though I was there, looking at it.
    I think its just laziness – laziness in language and usage. We have been making steady progress on abbreviating most things that we write (i.e. FYI, LOL, OMG) and throwing out perfectly good and possibly more precise vocabulary words and relying on words that are so frequently used that there meaning as been “short changed” if you will or “dumbed” down. This does not mean that we can’t be excited about a new development near us – of course we can. We can be “excited about”, “enthusiastic”, “highly anticipating”, “looking forward to”, “thankful”, “greatly impressed”, or even “overjoyed” about the new Safeway at the corner of Georgia and Randolph. But it seems to me that it would take quite a bit for that development to make me loosen my mandible in surprise, or stand in wonder because I find it hard to believe that it exists, especially if you consider that I have been watching and waiting for months for it to open.

    • gotryit

      The length of your rant is jaw-droppingly awesome. Really staggering.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      This is absolutely the most sweetest comment I have ever read in my whole entire life. Literally.

    • jack5

      I marvel at both Man Made and Nature Made things. To really think of the amount of structures we’ve built as tiny humans compare to them is amazing. To the architect that designed a captivating building at a point in their life after all they invest in their career until then transcends their existence, the same goes for a musician that creates a timeless song, or an athlete that breaks a world record. People that take notice of these accomplishments learn to appreciate the microcosm of excellence and admire it, it’s an honor to be recognized in this life… This is how we defeat our individual mortality, by creating beautiful things that outlive us and hopefully by letting people remember that we left a mark beyond our existence… Achievement should never be overlooked, but always kept in perspective despite all the outside/B.S. political influences that corrupt it. Cheers.

    • What a perfectly adequate, grammatically correct, well-punctuated and mildy thoughtful though pedestrian observation.

    • Really enjoyed your inspired rant. Keep em coming!

  • Rave: Gave notice! Off to grad school in London!!
    Rave: Have my visa and my plane ticket.
    Rant: Trying to find a renter for my place here and have to find a place to live in London.
    Rave: I’m off to LONDON!!
    Double rave: Some of my co-workers are incredible – sweet, kind, and so supportive. I’ll miss them terribly.

  • where and when is your place available?

  • Right there with you on rant 1. I was really hoping the 90° days were behind us.

  • Rant: The jerkface that decided he wanted to play sidewalk chicken with me on 19th & Biltmore this morning. I approached knowing that if we kept the same stride, we would eventually approach the corner at the same time, I made eye contact with him, smiled a bit and slowed my gait and the jerk never broke his stride or acknowledged the fact that I was there. If I hadn’t slowed down, he would have mowed me over and continued on to his MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVERYONE ELSE place he had to go to. I swear some people in this town are so inconsiderate and self-important. Ugh.
    Rave: It’s Thursday. New York for the weekend.

  • As someone who lived right by that Giant for six years, and seeing really the misery that resided in and outside that Giant – junkies cooking up in the parking lot, junkies trying to sell you stolen goods in the parking lot, thinking of eating a barrel while waiting in a line 25 deep on a Sunday afternoon because your wife needed something RIGHT. THEN. – yeah, I would say the transformation is jaw-droppingly awesome.

    Your lack of paragraph breaks is pretty staggering though.

  • I’ll take hyperbole over verbosity any day.

  • @Toes – FYI: Your rant totally made me LOL. Oh, and BTW, nobody cares. 😉

  • I would hate to be Toes’ friend, having my word choices critiqued and criticized. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable expressing myself without the worry of what I got wrong.

  • RANT: Idiot cyclist blew through a red light at Rhode Island and 14th this morning, and nearly t-boned a car who had right-of-way. Cyclist braked hard, flipped over the handle bars, and ate dirt in the middle of the intersection. And, of course, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Fortunately, he was ok and didn’t hit his head, but come on dude. Pull your head out of your ass.

    RAVE: Awesome dinner with the ex-roommates last night. Stayed up until midnight drinking wine and eating delicious homecooked Italian food on an awesome roof terrace. Good times reminiscing.

    RANT: I miss my old roommates 🙁

    • gotryit

      This is why I won’t blow through red lights. We all think we’re too smart for that until we end up like that doofus or worse.

    • Blue jeans, white T-shirt, riding a mountain bike?

      If so, that guy passed me like a maniac a bit further up. I saw him blow through 3 red lights at full speed. Absolutely nuts.

  • Rave: My new best friend as of Sunday evening, Bailey the toy fox terrier! He’s the sweetest little fellow, and he seems to be settling in to his new home pretty well. Already he’s an absolute joy to have around!

    Rant: The initial cash outlay for adopting a dog (apartment pet fee, adoption fee, first vet bill, and basic supplies). Also, worrying about being a good human to him—I want him to be healthy, happy, and confident.

    Rave: I’m digging the choice for 12th Doctor.

  • Scrillin

    @Anon 10:28

    Why does the helmet matter? Would the helmet have stopped him from blowing through the red light?

  • As Louis CK said, “That’s hilarious!”

  • Had a tooth pulled on Monday, I am amazed with all the technology we have today, pulling a tooth still comes down to one man holding me down while the “surgeon” take a pair of pliers to my bad tooth and yank. Got to be a better way.

  • Rave: Beach weekend! Yeah buddy!

    Rave: Love picking out music & movies for road trips, hate how it still takes a lot of time copying the music to memory sticks. Poor old me.

    Rave: Meeting friends at the beach, leaves me to a road trip on my own for meditation where I don’t have to listen to everyone else’s music.

    Rant: Ocean City was way overpriced. i’d rather go to Miami for the same price, so i chose VA beach and got a pretty good deal though it’s still quite expensive. Hopefully I’ll go to Hawaii around tax time next year to make up for it.

  • Rant: That scumbag who murdered a four year old!

    Rave: People who murder children don’t do so well in prison.

  • Rave: Riding my bike to work!

    Rant: No need to rehash the car vs bike controversy that comes up at every opportunity on this and every blog, but I do wish some of my fellow cyclists would learn some common courtesy towards each other. I constantly am passed (on both the right and left) in the bike lanes with NO WARNING. Including a woman in her spandex this AM who came within inches of me as cars went by us. A little heads up with a “passing” or an “on your left” would be great. What if I needed to swerve to my left to avoid something? She’d have ended up on top of a car and I’d have a lot of trouble feeling sympathetic.

  • It literally kills me when people misuse terms like “staggering” and “jaw-dropping”.

  • Thanks! I’ll be studying Urban Development Planning (planning in developing countries basically).

  • Rave: Fun second date last night
    Rave: I might see him again this evening.
    Rant: He doesn’t seem interested in connecting physically (i.e. he didn’t try to kiss me goodnight). Is this something I should be worried about if I see him again tonight and it doesn’t happen? Or is there a chance he’s trying to be respectful and let me make the first move? I do think the work dynamic may be part of this – and I didn’t get to talk through that with him (yet).
    Rave: Dating can be fun after all!

    • epric002

      why don’t you try and kiss him?

    • Did you try to kiss him goodnight? Should he be worried? If you don’t try tonight either, should he be worried about that?

    • How does the work dynamic affect the kissing dynamic? This make speak poorly of his priorities!

      Assume the best (but sit a little closer and go someplace a little quieter). 😉

      Sometimes even guys take their time when they think there’s going to be plenty of time for all that soon enough. Unwrapping the present slow can be a delight.

  • The way we use language and amazing and awesome — it changes!

  • Are you the guy who blew through the red light? (posted below) Hah… Hope you get better!

  • Random: So i went to lunch with my ex girl friend (dated for six months) for her birthday on tuesday…I feel like I am not sure if this is ‘mature’ or ‘immature’. We didnt really break up for any particular reason it was just bad communication i suppose…but anyways then yesterday I went to see a movie with my ex ex girl friend (dated during college but have been broken up for about a year) and she stayed over (on my couch) nothing happened and i had a really good time hanging out with her.

    I just dont know if i am living in the past, unable to let go, lonely, actually just enjoy hanging out with them (as long as theres no drama), I really dont know I have only really had two serious relationships.

    • jack5

      Trust me on this one, it’s always better to trust your judgement and never let loneliness steer you back into a relationship that’s flawed. Work on meeting new people instead, come out of your shell and be social again. The more you stay shut in, the more that past will haunt you. You can do whatever you want in this life, and there’s over 6.8 billion people in this world and you’re stuck on 2! Be free my friend. (Motivational rant of the day). Hah.

  • Rant: People who post on Craigslist and then don’t check their spam email or don’t respond. I have been trying to contact a person selling an item for a week now with no luck. They reposted it yesterday with a lower price after I had emailed them last week. grrrr..

    Rave: Hoping that something staggeringly awesome goes in the Murrell building on Upshur.

  • If I thought there was an appropriate time I totally would’ve tried – I didn’t feel like there was that opportunity.

  • Rant: sitting next to a bunch of loud, young 20-something interns (I’m guessing) at Sollys at trivia last night. Apparently walking from U st. to M st anywhere east of 14th isn’t advisable (are you freaking kidding me???). Yes, you know 11th-13th streets south of U St are SUPER sketch!
    Rave: My team came in the top 5, kicked those interns’ asses.

  • Andie- he might have felt the same way too (wasn’t a good opportunity to go for it).

  • Then perhaps he didn’t either.

  • Sorry about your fall. If you have any trouble getting back on the bike, I highly recommend taking a free class through WABA (e.g. Confident City Cycling). Also, 2nd the warning about infection. I scraped my knee pretty badly in a bike crash and ended up with an infection despite going to the doctor.

  • I saw a phone snatcher get tackled at the Fort Totten Metro platform this morning by commuters. Victim got her phone back and the cops came fairly quickly and arrested the guy. I wish I had taken a picture to post.

  • @Walker, DC Ranger:

    No, the helmet would not have prevented him from running the red light. However, it is indicative that this cyclist makes multiple bad decisions while on a bike.
    Furthermore, even though he managed to avoid the car, he still could have been killed by hitting the pavement head first. From what I understand, this is what happened with the European gentleman who died in a bike accident on U Street a few months ago – he narrowly avoided the car, but hitting his helmet-less head on the ground is what ended up killing him.

  • Rave: I love getting new things to read on my internet feeds! PoP, writing, news, stories, sports clips, anything!
    Rant: Can I be addicted to something as strange as new feeds or just reading until I try to find the end of the internet regardless of whether my family needs me?

    Seriously, is this bad?

  • rant/rave: the guy who i was complaining about yesterday texted me last night just to chat. I can’t avoid you if you dont let me! And no, I’m not one of those people who can just ignore texts.

    rave: just found this and am already enthralled. warning to those trying to be productive today, dont read it! so far very interesting though.

  • epric002

    rave: blue apron dal bhat last night- delicious!
    double rave: enough leftovers for 4 today
    triple rave: it’s almost lunchtime 😀
    quadruple rave: blue apron was mentioned in the express this morning.

  • May not make you feel any better, but for perspective’s sake, I wish I was having a first date this weekend and had a friend from NYC coming Sunday for blue crabs.

  • Rant: Massive fight with my wife from last night got even worse this morning. Not sure if we’ll be able to recover from this one! &$#%!

  • Rant: The jumbled mess that is the comments section on this site. I mean really, how long does it take to fix that issue? This has been going on far too long. The comments are an important component of this site, fixing the bug should be a high priority.

  • I live on 19th and Biltmore and this corner is known for that! Total pedestrian cluster f&*k.

    I always try and look people in the eye, especially when I might run into them. But I am tired of people not returning the nod or the eye contact….I mean our lives are at risk….I’m not trying to pick you up just trying to ensure we don’t smash together on a corner and end up mangled in a nearby fence together.

  • Rant: Miscommunication with new dude (3 dates) about Saturday plans. Kept it open for him..he “thought I was busy – see above texts- made dinner plans with friend’s student”. um, see you later new dude.

    Rave: Setting up new date for Saturday! Live music

  • Eid Mubarak to my Muslim brothers and sisters.

  • RANT: Ticketfly – “You are in the waiting room. 30…29…28…”


  • Thanks person above for reminding me about the Freefest tickets! I’m still waiting to get in too.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo. From Facebook:

    Virgin Mobile USA
    “Wow. That was fun. Pre-sale tix have come and gone. But be sure to check back tomorrow when ‪#‎FreeFest‬ tickets go “On Free”. ‪#‎BreakFree‬”

  • Rave: still getting better from hip surgery

    Rant: still really wiped out from hip surgery. And starting to get bored.

    Question: PT wants me to do the stationary bike for 20 minutes a day. I can do it at the work gym during the work week once I go back to work in a couple weeks, so I really just need a place where I can do the bike for about a month. Anyone know where I can get a one month membership and cancel without much hassle around Columbia Heights metro? I’m a little scared of the WSC because the reviews say it is REALLY hard to cancel once you’re in. Or is there a community center around that would have ample parking? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • epric002

      my husband is a member at the WSC in columbia heights and just got a mailer offering a free august membership for a friend. do you know any members there that would offer theirs to you?

    • I received one of those offers as well – if I haven’t tossed it out I’m happy to give it to you. I think it was for a free month.

    • saf

      Raymond Rec – 10th and Spring.

    • GiantSquid

      Glad that your surgery went well! I’m in the same boat where I’m feeling better but it doesn’t take much to force me to lay down and rest. Definitely bored.

  • I think I do! Thanks! I’ll check this out as a possibility.

  • “might” see him tonight? no kiss? move on sister

  • Alayna Wa Alaykoom

  • I for one don’t care about the comments/reply tech issue.

    I just want to see more Ernie The Flying dog pics!!!

  • Anon 11:57 – re: 19th & Biltmore – Amen! It’s just common courtesy and my poor Midwestern sensibilities always get hurt the longer I live here.

  • Yes, Happy Eid!

  • @UrbanEngineer

    No, this guy was dressed as if he was going to the office. Plaid collared shirt tucked into his pants, slacks, and loafers while riding a black mountain bike. I think he must have been in his mid 30s or so. He was going south on 14th and crossed over the west bound Rhode Island Ave lanes against the red. However, he nearly crashed into the driver side door of a car in the east bound Rhode Island Ave that had pulled off the line to wait to make a left turn onto 14th. I was first in line on my scooter to go west on Rhode Island (I had just come from Logan Circle), so I saw it all happen in front of me – I had the best view of the whole debacle. The cyclist was clearly in a rush to get to work.

    I guess there’s numerous idiots, both in cars and on bikes, during the morning rush.

  • I guess you’ve never tried to sell anything on Craigslist. The amount of responses can be completely overwhelming and it’s easiest just to focus on the first 5-10 people that replied.

  • Yes, I have sold on Craigslist but I assume that if they are reposting the item a week later that it didn’t sell the first time so they didn’t have a ton of responses. Also, the last time I sold something on CL all the replies went into my spam folder.

  • I would assume they spent the whole week dealing with interested buyers who, one by one, flaked out. Things like bedroom sets are tough to sell because a lot of people show initial interest but don’t have a way of transporting the stuff.

  • Let’s be buddies! I’m doing the same thing. Agreed on finding a place to live, it’s a draining search.

    • Are you responding to my post? Are you heading to London to for grad school? If so – Congrats! What school?

  • saf, a lot of us are having problems logging in. So it’s not as easy as you suggest.

    • saf

      After the relaunch I had login problems too – and the promised email with the new password never came.

      So I emailed PoP, and it was fixed right away.

      I note the same thing just happened for Irving Streete.

      Seems to me that it’s fixable,

  • I sort of perversely enjoy the “jumbled mess that is the comments section on this site.” Sometimes it makes for fun replies!

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