il Capo di Capitol Hill Italian Restaurant Closes – Space Being Split into Temporary Frager’s Paint Store and Vietnamese Corner (Anh Dao)

1129 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

In January we noted Mi Vecindad Cuban/Mexican restaurant had become il Capo di Capitol Hill Italian restaurant.

Now the space at 1129 Pennsylvania Ave, SE is being split into two. The larger section closer to 12th Street is going to become a temporary Frager’s paint store and opening in a few weeks accoreding to Capitol Hill Corner.


The smaller section is going to become the Vietnamese Corner which we learned a couple months ago had opened in the Pizza-Iole space. The owner tells me they may rename the restaurant Anh Dao as a tribute to DC’s cherry blossoms.


Now the Pizza-Iole space will focus exclusively on pizza.


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  • I still miss the old restaurant, but it’ll be nice to have Frager’s paint back and operational. I’d just finished redoing all my drywall when the fire happened. I’m just THAT good at timing.

  • Fingers crossed that they serve banh mi.

  • These are the same folks that used to run Pacific Cafe & Grill in the same space before it became Mi Vicindad. It will be nice for them to have a full kitchen again.

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