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Mi Vecindad Cuban/Mexican Restaurant Becomes il Capo di Capitol Hill Italian Restaurant

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2013 at 11:02 pm 12 Comments

1129 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Mi Vecindad restaurant opened up in the summer of 2010 at 12th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE near Frager’s Hardware store. Walking by over the weekend I see they’ve become il Capo di Capitol Hill Italian restaurant. I really enjoyed Mi Vecindad so I’m a bit sad to see them go but hopefully the new Italian joint is tasty.

I kinda liked how it’s in the shadow of the long closed Caffe Italiano sign next door. That building is now home to the B Spot juice bar, tea house and art gallery as well as Pizza-Iole on the first floor of 1123 Pennsylvania Ave, SE.

  • Hill East Resident

    I wish they had never changed. The Italian food is mediocre at best, and you’d be doing yourself a favor to just cook whatever you order off that menu at home. I’m sure any of us could whip up a better plate of speghetti and meatballs from home. The place is way overpriced. One positive is the service is great.

  • My Neighborhood

    They got a new chef and my family and I have eaten there 3 times, once with a large party of 12. Service is wonderful and accommodating. We thought the food was good. Spaghetti and meatballs are for the kids and they were happy to eat it up and request more. As for us, we had many items on the menu, and everyone agreed, the food was good. I will admit it’s not as good at the Italian on 2nd and E NE, but you can have a larger group and it’s close. The real drawback? It’s empty. If only they would host a really good happy hour to draw people in that would carry over to dinner. I hope they make it. I liked Mi Vicinidad, but it wasn’t fantastic. They also have a happening, low-key drag brunch on Sundays. But I would call first as it’s about 3 months new.

    • hill easter

      Could somebody confirm the existence of the drag brunch here? I’ve looked inside on my way to and from Frager’s, but that’s just the thing to get me to walk inside and sit down!

      • Anonymous

        Hill Easter
        yep, drag brunch it is. Before the name/menu change, this place was staple for my family and I, so much that one Sunday another family joined us for lunch after a morning in the park. Much to our surprize, it was the first weekend for the drag brunch! Debated about leaving, but said what the heck, and stayed. I will say that the kids (two four-year olds and two two-year olds) were completely engrossed in the show, and have never behaved better!

  • Anonymous

    Lots of Cuban action all over the place. It’s the Ramen of 2013!

  • ET

    This is the 4th different restaurant at that spot (that I know of) and the previous 2 never seem to have anyone in there either. I wonder if it one of those cursed spots.

    • Anonymous

      or their food offerings just aren’t very good? or too close to better options on 8th St.?

      • antony

        o body believe on you you bother every bussines in this block whats wron with you

  • Anonymous

    This string of food businessess adjacent to Fragers has MAJOR rodent issues. I’m sure this will get deleted on PoP, but feel free to confirm with DOH if you doubt me.

    and note the classy picture of the SUV parked on the sidewalk outside on 12th St. . . good neighbors, huh?

  • E

    This is very odd. Just wholesale flip like a radio station format. I passed this place last weekend also and noticed the change. Every time I walk past (which is at least once a week) I’ve never seen more than 6 people in the place. I’ve only eaten there once; hardly enough to judge. But I must say, I was very disappointed with their version of the cuban sandwich. It was horrible. Can’t speak for the rest but I think they were trying to do too many things latin. Cuban, mexican, Salvadorian… They tried to doe it all. Also, I think this corner on this section of Penn Ave, does not get enough foot traffic..like the blocks between 1st and 8th st.

  • henry mendoza

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  • Anonymous

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