Custom Fuel Pizza Opening at 1747 Pennsylvania Ave, NW on Tuesday

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Good news for pizza fans near the Whitehouse – Custom Fuel Pizza opens up on Tuesday. I stopped by for a taste and I can vouch that Brooklyn Bridge (full menu after the jump) was delicious:


Custom Fuel is a bit different from Fuel’s current locations as it sounds, these pizzas are totally custom – think Chipotle/Potbelly ordering style. This will be their first location rolling out the Custom brand. And as we learned earlier in the month – you’ll be able to order beer here as well.

And in other good news – the plans for 2301 Georgia Ave, NW are still on track and that location will open in about 12 weeks. The Georgia Ave Fuel will not be a Custom but will resemble the Fuel restaurants in Chinatown and on K Street. I was psyched to spot the blueprints for Georgia Ave:


Check out the menu after the jump.


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  • h&pizza ripoff?

  • My very first thought was, “This looks like a picture of a pizza from &pizza, right down to the number of cuts.” I suppose most pizzas are similar in size and style, so it isn’t that bad. But &pizza has a very distinctive style (in this city), so it’s pretty clear that their success is being copied. Just wonder how it tastes…

    • I think that may be the case, but I also think they probably got the same type of oven with its narrow tray thingies and therefore are making the same shaped pizza.

  • This is hilarious. Blatant ripoff! I guess &pizza should be flattered that someone had to copy them SO closely.

  • Is this owned by the same people at Fuel Pizza at 16/K? If so, that is the worst pizza I have ever eaten.

    • brookland_rez

      Yes. While I wouldn’t call it the “worst pizza ever” (that distinction belongs to the pizza/subs/chinese carryouts), it is very mediocre at best.

      While I don’t care for the pizza, I do like their wings. Doesn’t look like this one is going to have wings.

      Hopefully this one is better than their regular locations.

  • brookland_rez

    I work around the corner so I decided to check it out for lunch today. I had the “Brooklyn Bridge” pizza, and it was actually pretty good.

    Although the pizza and the whole concept really was identical to &pizza.

    • I work nearby too and am intrigued. How fast is the pizza baking process? Custom baked pizza for lunch seems like a sit-down option that normally I don’t have time for.

  • brookland_rez

    When I got there, the line was pretty short still, so I got my order in almost right away. It took about 5 minutes or so to get my food, so I thought that was pretty good, especially on opening day.

  • More North Carolina pizza, oh boy. this is why people make fun of DC as a foodie town.

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