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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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    • Woohoo!! Can’t wait for the final on Sunday!

      • andy

        Yeah for Team B! These guys can really do this! Shocked that Mexico couldn’t beat Panama, but given their year, perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.

        However – Shea is still erratic, Torres gets pushed around too much, and ditto for Holden. Donovan looks really solid though.

        Still looking forward to seeing a fully loaded ’14 Team USA, with Bradley, Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore and the rest in the same place at the same time.

  • Question: Does anyone know what the line of people i see in the mornings at 11th and M streets is all about? It’s near a laundromat. And sometimes I see a guy come out the side door of the building and he seems to be making an announcement to the line/crowd of people there.
    Rave: Great weather for biking to work!

    • What quadrant? Guessing it’s not my 11th & M.

    • I think there’s a Honduras consular office there.

      • Its the Honduran Embassy (or Consulate?) The inside of the office doesn’t have much of a waiting room, so they line up outside.

        • tonyr

          Yep, that’s correct. I feel sorry for the Honduran ambassador. Imagine the diplomatic parties where s/he’s chatting to his Canadian counterpart. Our northern neighbor is describing the new digs on Pennsylvania Ave, and the response is “yeah, my office is above a faux 7-11”.

          • The “new digs” on Pennsylvania Ave were completed in 1990, just fyi.

          • They have a proper embassy up Connecticut near U-DC. I think it’s part of an office building. This is just the consular office for visa issuance.

  • Rave: Gorgeous, low humidity weather! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy being outside. Went for a run last night, loved biking into the office this morning. It’s a nice little reprieve…

    Rant: Professional conundrum causing my lots of stress and I’m a bit torn. And the husband is India so it’s tough to talk it over with him and bounce ideas.

    Rant: Long to do list in the house – mostly aesthetic, organizational things but still, they need to get done but I only have so many hours in my day.

    Rave: Lots to look forward to.

  • Consulate of Honduras

  • Rave: Finally got my table set delivered +70 bucks off!

    Rave: Great weather this morning, hopefully it holds.

    Rant: My dog has an endless stream of fur, either he’s going bad or this is the longest shedding season ever.

    Rant: People who ask me to fix their computer just because I’m a web developer… Do you ask the guy at the car wash to change your motor oil??

    Rave: gonna try to make it to the beach this weekend, supposed to meet parents there, renting my own room in a different hotel though. Hopefully there’s peace there…+

    • epric002

      try the FURminator. seriously- it’s amazing. we got one on amazon for $25, and after only about 2 weeks of using it we’ve noticed a HUGE decrease in shedding. in fact, we now have 2 dogs in the house, and less fur than when we had 1 and weren’t furminating.

      • Thanks! good advice… I can rarely hold my dog still long enough for most brushing or bathing but he loved being vacuumed for some reason. Go figure… 🙂

        • epric002

          lol. both of ours go running when the vacuum comes out. but they both appear to enjoy being furminated. good luck!

    • If the computer request is at work, they might be doing so because they’re super frustrated with your IT department and its lack of response/helpfulness. They’re just reaching out to anyone that might, just MIGHT be able to help. Just speaking from experience with an awful IT department (from previous job, not currently thankfully)…

      Understand your complaint and analogy, just throwing out an explanation.

      • I was mainly referring to relatives asking me to fix their computers and printers at home… If people ask me for help at work I can say no because we have a specific department that handles those requests…. hah.

        There are several disciplines within IT though, as a web developer I work with code on a (working) PC, it’s a completely different field of expertise than systems administration guys (that replace hard drives, printers, and network cards in PCs). We’re mildly offended when we tell people we can’t really (or don’t want to) solve certain (computer hardware) problems because some people think that we know everything about computers.

        • My server keeps crashing and I can’t get my printer to work. Help! Stat! No, seriously though. Oh wait, I have my own web developer boyfriend for that.

  • Rave: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Lots of fun things for fall.
    Rave: All the hard work/exercise is paying off and I’m out of plus size and back into regular sizes. Nice to be able to find more stuff on the racks to try on.
    Rant/Rave: Still no word about potential new job. Follow up sent today. Trying to stay positive that no news is good news but it’s hard when my first thought is “maybe they’re not contacting me because they’re waiting for the other person to officially accept.”
    Rave: This weather. Gorgeous walk to the metro this morning.

    • Oh man I just browsed through Nordstrom’s website and now I want everything simply because it’s “on sale”! So dangerous.

      • As a former Nordy employee, here’s a fun fact- Nordstrom does more business during the two weeks of the Anniversary Sale than they do the whole holiday season.

        • That’s amazing but not surprising. They don’t run as many sales as places like Macys etc. so when stuff is reduced, I imagine people jump. The Halogen ponte pencil skirt is seriously fantastic – bought it in black and maroon.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have a pal at work who take 1-2 days off every year for the Anniversary Sale. It’s a mini-vacation for her.

        • Huh, I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a Nordstrom but even the sale prices seem high. Is their stuff really good quality?

          • Yes, it is good quality. This sale is very different from other sales because all of this merchandise is new and has not been on the floor before. It comes in at sale prices, with the regular price noted above. When the two week sale is over the sale price get ripped off and it’s all up to the regular price. Today I’m wearing a Halogen ponte knit paneled pencil skirt I got during the Anniversary sale probably 3 years ago.

            Nordstrom has great buy in from brands, so they get exclusive items from those brands that are marked down more than you’d see at Macy’s or something. I used to sell lingerie, and if you’re large busted, the Anniversary sale is for you because all the best brands make their normal bras, but change something like the lace pattern, to make it exclusive and you get a great deal.

            People go crazy, I know a lot of people who take the first day off. I’ve done it before.

          • Even Nordstrom’s in house brand is really nice. It’s not the sort of place that would put its name on something that wasn’t good quality.

            And oh yeah, I did some damage earlier this month. Thank goodness my Nordstrom card is a debit and not a credit because I’d go out of control. And I’ve got some savings passes coming!

          • Most of my work shirts and ties are from nordstroms. They are excellent, highly recommend. The one time of year I go there to shop is during their annual sale.

      • same! buy ALL the boots. im ready for fall

  • Rant: I’m worried I’m going to be priced out of Eckington and Edgewood, the neighborhoods I want to buy in most. I feel like I’m racing a clock trying to save up this last bit of down payment money.

    Rave: Headed for a silly afternoon at Six Flags with a few friends because we’re 12.

    • Have you shopped around for loan products? You can get a conventional loan for up to 95% financing (only 5% down). Or some credit unions offer 100% financing if you have a high enough credit score (720+). We just bought a house using 100% financing and it was a great deal!
      I would warn about FHA loans in such a hot sellers market – it makes your offer not as attactive as folks with conventional financing. Good luck!

      • Whaaaaat? Are you serious? Granted, it was 2.5 years ago, but we couldn’t get a conventional loan with less than 20% down and we did a lot of asking around.

        • We also used a new loan product when we bought our house – we put about 9% down but we had an option to put down as little as 3%. it was the CHIP (community housing incentive program?) loan with BB&T bank. They have new income limits associated with this loan, but I still HIGHLY recommend people take a look. The interest rate is only slightly higher than the market rate, and there is no private mortgage insurance.
          Another option that I saw recently on DC Urban Turf reminded me of CHIP, and looks like an option for folks with good monthly salaries, but no chunk of big-down-payment-cash. http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/downpayment_assistance_for_higher_income_buyers_a_few_follow-ups/7343

          • Thanks for the information on this program/product. I checked it out and it looks like I may qualify. I have a credit score above their minimum and a salary below their maximum. I’m coming really close to having 3.5% to put down on a home in the range I’ve been pre-approved for (at a different lender) so maybe something like this can help put me over the edge.

        • Yep. Look into credit unions in the area. We were approved for a host of different financing options – 95%, 90%, and the ultimate 100%. I guess banks are getting a bit more lenient with their lending practices. You obviously have to have the credit history to back up the higher loan amount — but look into it, these products are out there!!

          • Yeah, but if you’re a first time homebuyer you don’t enough credit history to satisfy lenders. It’s a catch 22.

          • Sure you do. I was a first time home buyer (2 months ago!) and was approved for the 100%. Don’t count yourself out so quickly – do some research!

          • Credit cards, student loans, cars…that’s all credit history!

          • It’s history, but it’s not sufficient history for buying a home. We had credit cards and a car loan (no student loans unfortunately) and it wasn’t enough for them. We had to do a non-conventional ARM with 20% down even though we have good salaries and credit scores. It was frustrating. Hopefully they’ve gotten more lenient.

          • epric002

            yeah, also a first time homebuyer who had plenty of credit history. we did conventional w/about 10% down. maybe it was your specific lender/financial situation, but i’ve never heard of that before.

          • We tried dozens of lenders, and our financial situation was pretty good (making about $175k collectively with stable jobs, no major debt, and my partner owns a condo that’s paid off). Maybe lenders didn’t trust us because we weren’t married? Not that we could have been anyway, since we were living in VA previously.

          • Also, most lenders including credit unions wanted nothing to do with us. It was only a small locally based bank that was willing to do the ARM. Even then they were pushing for 25% down. I’m jealous of everyone who can get a loan so easily!

          • Never heard of that before?? Lenders were scared shitless after the bubble burst and wouldn’t lend without huge downpayments. It’s nice to see they’re easing up and allowing people to only put 10% down. It’s super-hard to save up 20-30% when rents are so high.

          • epric002

            holy eff it is hard to follow threads with multiples anons. i had not heard that first time homebuyers were being told they didn’t have enough credit history to satisfy lenders, just b/c they’d never owned a home before. we were newly married when we bought, and i guess lenders are easing up, but the paperwork requirements are still insane. we had to provide the same information a bazillion different ways and the same documents at least 3 times. i had a very hard time explaining that i could not magically product a quarterly statement outside of the QUARTERLY statement process. i don’t get how that is hard to comprehend…

          • Sorry, I didn’t realize my name had been dropped. Our recent refinance was like that with all the paperwork! I’ll admit, for the purposes of refinance I was thankful we’d been forced to put the 20% down. You need at least 20% equity to refinance, and our house had not appreciated that much by then, nor had we made improvements to increase the value.

          • epric002 – I don’t understand why you’re getting upset about the anon issue. Isn’t this the second time you’ve posted about it? I don’t even look at the poster name, I just look at the content of what is posted. Why is it hard to follow? Am I missing something magical in knowing who people are? I’m not criticizing, I’m really trying to understand.

          • epric002

            my annoyance is that i can’t follow which comments belong to which person. the accumulation of comments is helpful to me in understanding tone/context/value of the comment/author. it’s hard for me to know how/who to respond to, when the speaker’s identity/name isn’t clear. does that make sense? (i also think that people are more likely to post sh*tty/snarky/rude comments when they post as anonymous instead of under a persona, which is clearly still anonymous)

          • Ah, OK. I can see your point. I guess I never read the names of the posters, so I’d have never thought about the context issue. I just judge the post by its general context. But I don’t think I’m on this blog enoug that even if I did read the poster names I’d get a good feel for who is who. But I appreciate your viewpoint. Thanks for responding.

          • epric002

            anotheranon- no prob. and i’m probably on here way too much. it’s a favorite timesuck 🙂 (also, i was having a really hard time earlier articulating what i think comes down to- am i talking to 1 person or 12?)

  • Rant: The senseless act of violence against a young woman in South Boston. Feeling really heartbroken about all of the stuff that has been happening in Mass. recently….praying for her family and my friends in Southie.

    Rave: Glorious cooler weather.

  • RAVE: Last day at job!
    RANT: Only one day off. Start new job on Monday

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Hungover and super tired today.
    Rave: It was worth it.

  • BIG RAVE: Yesterday some other prego’s reminded me to try my pregnancy pillow again. It didn’t work for me during the early months, so I haven’t touched it in 2-3 months. But now that I’m large and incharge at 32 weeks, it’s finally fulfilling it’s pillow destiny and helping me to get some sleep. Save 2-3 pee breaks, I totally slept through the night without tossing and turning. Sweet, brilliant pillow!!!!

    • YAY!
      Wish I could say the same – I started developing a sore throat yesterday (early signs, very dry throat) and last night officially started with the painful swallowing. Not sure if it’ll turn in to a cold. But when you can’t really take drugs, it sucks. I’m a miserable throat ache person. Had tea and some halls, but that’s all. And I’m at work. Miserable.
      Want sleep!

    • Glad to hear that it helped!

      • Glad you got some sleep. You may have given your restlessness to my wife last night, who had a terrible time. Lots of pee breaks and it didn’t help that one of our dogs pooped in the kitchen.
        At one point I didn’t realize she was out of bed, but heard the front door close during the night (our bedroom is right next to the front door). I jumped out of bed and charged towards the front door, only to realize right before I was about to tackle the intruder that it was my wife dropping a bag of doo on the porch. I promptly fell backwards b/c between standing up so quickly and running I hadn’t gotten any blood to my brain..nearly passed out.

  • epric002

    rant: brother & gf’s doggie (they’re all living with us) was sick this morning. not sure exactly what’s wrong, but not vet-worthy yet. hopefully he’ll be better tonight.
    rave: this awesome, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous weather!
    rave: the brother & gf’s doggie has been a wonderful “guide dog” for our own dog who has trouble making doggie friends. he’s now helped her make friends with 2 neighbor dogs in 2 nights, so happy!

  • KSB

    Revel: Brookland movie under the stars TONIGHT. Definitely going to hit that and let the littles doze off while watching “Up.”
    Anticipated Rant: Trying to get a 2-year-old and 4-year-old awake tomorrow morning and off to day care on time. Oh well…

    • Ugh, I LOVE Up, but I could never watch it in public. Those first ten minutes make me bawl every. time.

  • Rant: Why don’t the Target check out people put the bags in the cart anymore?

    • Hell, you’re lucky if they even put stuff in your bags for you. Last time I was there, the checker stopped checking twice to text someone on her phone, piled my stuff up and rolled her eyes at me for saying hello. This was after I had to hand her everything because the conveyor belt was broken. I love Target, I really do, but the service leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Revel or Rant? Does anyone know what parking is like at the East Potomac Park public pool on the weekends? I’m assuming the parking lot parking is at a premium as it is shared with the public golf course.

  • Revel: getting better at manual transmission
    Rant: it’s useless because I can’t back out of my parking pad because the neighbor across the alley parks his giant-ass SUV parallel to his garage and I’m afraid of hitting it.

    • saf

      Back into your parking pad.

      • +1
        Back into EVERY spot! You know what’s going on around your vehicle when you’re getting into a space, you don’t know what’s going on before you pull out. If you’re facing forward pulling out, you’ll be a lot less likely to hit a passing car or pedestrian.

  • Rave: Having lunch with my favorite 84 y/o priest today. I love the old folks!

    Rave: Finally able to sleep with the windows open! Love it!

    Rave: Top Chef (Masters) is back on! I’m rooting for Brian Voltaggio.

    Rant: Trying to keep a schedule of 17 individuals with 24/7 on-call coverage is a PITA.

    Rave/Rant: Caught another damn mouse last night using NUTELLA! Apparently he had a sweet tooth because he went for the trap when my roommate was standing barely 1 ft. away. The *SNAP* scared the hell out of her! Using Nutella from here on out. Or does anyone have a cat we can borrow? I’m serious.

    Rave (last one, for now): Chocolate and peanut butter Pop Tarts!!!

    • Blithe

      Wait! The mouse gets Nutella and YOU get pop tarts? Lol. I think I’d rather have what the mouse is eating. But then, I haven’t yet tried the pop tarts.

      • My mice didn’t touch the human food but LOVED our dog’s food. I guess that means I’m feeding them quality stuff!

    • I’ll lend you my cat, but he’s only good for napping and crapping on rugs. Oh, and you have to medicate him twice a day. Let me know!

  • RANT: needy coworker. Everything is an emergency, every tiny thing requires an in-depth response and he puts a read reciept on every email and will call you if you don’t read it. My boss doesn’t have time to deal with all the drama, so I get to do it. There’s an expression in health care that 20% of the patients create 80% of the costs – and this my 20%.

    RAVE: One week, one day til August recess!

    • People who turn on the read receipt options on email deserve to be mocked online. What is this, 1995?

  • skj84

    Rave: This glorious weather! I can’t wait to get out and go for a bike ride.

    Rave: Saw the corpse flower yesterday. Got to the botanical garden 2 minutes before close and got some great shots. It had stopped blooming though.

    Rant: Random Stomach aches. My acid reflex id going crazy for some reason.

  • Rant: Popville, Can you please fix your website?! Not loading properly in any browser on my computer! Is it just me, or are others experiencing this too?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      If you could email me more info of the problem at princeofpetworth(at)gmail I’ll pass it on to IT. Also please send a screen shot so we can see what’s not loading properly. Thanks.

    • Hey Anon,

      Your computer is probably 10 years old. It may be time for a Macbook Pro. Not an iPad though.

      Hope this helps.

  • Rant: My coworker is an idiot. Not sure how she can be so clueless.
    Rave: Going on vacation starting next week, so maybe my boss will figure out how much of an idiot she is. Maybe I’ll get a raise out of it…
    Rant: Wishful thinking on the raise front.

  • Rant: Moldy avocados. You think they look alright on the outside, but when you cut one open for lunch, all the brown, foul-tasting flesh is there to surprise you. Oh, how I long for the hypothetical day in the future when foods that are good for you are cheap and foods that are bad for you are expensive.

  • Rave: Settlement today for my refinance – 2.75% for 15 years. I refinanced to pay off the remaining balance (which wasn’t much) and to take cash out for some renovations. Now on to the renovations!

    Second rave: Went to H Mart after the settlement and celebrated with some lychee nuts, rambutan and champagne mangos plus other good produce. Making a sorbet with some of the fruit will be on the agenda for later this afternoon.

    Third rave: Slept with the window open last night – it got cold enough that I slept under my down comforter.

    Rants: None 🙂

  • Question: Anyone had luck selling their car outright instead of trading it in? How did you do it?

    • epric002

      i sold my 2001 volvo earlier this year to a former co-worker’s parents. have you tried using your social media networks to solicit interest?

    • I sold my car on Craigslist. Check out Kelly Blue Book, Edmonds, etc. for an idea of the value for a private party sale. List your car at the top end of that value (or increase a few % points) as people will almost never offer you the listing price. Make sure your car is clean, and be upfront about any issues mechanical or otherwise. Use a bill of sale template to record the sale and have two signed copies. Keep your plates.

    • I had a good experience with webuyanycar.com last August when I sold my car. I got just about the Kelley Blue Book value minus a couple hundred bucks for cosmetic issues. They will cut you a check the same day.

    • I sold my ’99 Jeep to CarMax on Rockville Pike and got more $$ than I had expected. Good luck!

      • A friend told me trade and you can lower purchase price thus lowering taxes paid on the purchase. Go to CarMax geta 7-day estimate for negotiating trade w/ dealer and see if you make out better sellling or trading

    • I sold my last two cars on autotrader.com….it was super easy and worked out very well both times

  • Rant: Itchy skin, dry puffy eyes, sore throat… is there some allergen in the air right now?

    • Do your eyelids get puffy? I’ve recently started getting red/puffy eyelids and I can’t figure out why.

      • No, but I remember waking up with puffy eyelids right before a job interview once. So I wore my old glasses, and as I was leaving the interview a screw popped out and the left lens fell out. Glad it was after the interview, but I couldn’t fix it on the spot so I had to drive home in the pouring rain with only one useable eye that was puffed up. fun times.

    • binpetworth

      Mold allergens have been moderate to high over the last week or so. I know I’m always bothered by them and have had similar symptoms for the past few days.

  • There is definitely something in the air. Half my team has achey eyes or heads today.

  • Rant: Woman who sit down next to you on the bus and smack the hell out of you with their huge bags or purses. Why don’t they remove their bags from their shoulders before they sit down? The same goes for women who, when they sit down, practically sit on top of you. I don’t understand why you have to smash down on my thigh to sit your butt in the seat. Do you really have to practically sit in my lap?
    Rave: Only have to catch the bus home since I walk to work in the morning.

  • Rave: When my photo gets picked for Popville!
    Rave: Another perfect summer day for bike commuting!
    Rant: Pedestrians who fail to see that a bike lane is actually a lane of fast moving traffic, and instead of standing on the sidewalk curb while waiting for the light to change, they stand in the middle of the bike lane (this is especially bad at 15th and P every day). Also: joggers jogging in the bike lanes during rush hour.

    • Amen to your rant. I can’t for the life of me figure out why people stand anywhere but on the sidewalk when they’re waiting to cross.

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