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  • ledroittiger

    The pelmeni are excellent and reasonably priced.

    • Agreed, the Pelmeni are excellent and I believe on special price on Tuesdays. The house-infused horseradish vodka is AMAZING and while it’s cheaper during happy hour to get it by the shot, it’s usually room temperature. Ask the bartender to make it as a martini and MUCH better.

  • andy

    Can you smoke at Mari Vanna?

  • The restaurant is gorgeous on the inside, and the food is pretty good. The prices, however, are higher than what I’m willing to pay regularly for the food that was served. If you’re looking for solid Russian food, try out Rus Uz. (in Arlington – http://www.rus-uzcuisine.com/‎) I liked the food there much more than at Mari Vanna and the prices were very reasonable for what you got. Oh – and it’s BYOB too!

    • yeah, but it’s in virginia! and they don’t have an accordion (bayan) player. That said, i’m going to Rus Uz next week for a fix of uzbek food. 🙂

    • Smilla

      Thanks for the tip about Rus Uz. I live on the Orange line and didn’t realize it was there. But why oh why do so many restaurant websites have auto-play music (Rus Uz, not Mari Vanna)?? So annoying.

      • hey hey – what they don’t put into their website design, they put into their food 🙂

        protip: bring a bottle of vodka, and they’ll pour it into a little tea kettle and bring it to your table.

  • I love this place. Just order food from appetizer menu, it’s better and better priced than the main entrees. Also Mari Vanna is the most popular “first name + patronym” combination, kinda like John Smith. Everyone at one point has known a Maria Ivannovna, which often gets shortened to Mari Vanna.

  • I was not overly impressed with the food when i ate there, but it was still better than mediocre. The service and decor was nice. Was a bit loud and I definitely could have done without the roving band that wandered between the tables.

  • Anyone know how the vegetarian options are? Looked at the menu but I am uncertain on many of the items.

  • AWFUL customer service, pretentious. Made a reservation on Open Table for 10:30 on a Wednesday a week out. The day of, they canceled the reservation via Open Table with no reason or comment. I called to ask why they canceled the reservation and I was told they just decided they wanted our table for TABLE SERVICE and I could pay a MINIMUM of $100 for a bottle to have table service, but no dinner. I’m not sure who they think they are, but Ovechkin alone cannot keep them in business.

    This isn’t NYC. No one cares about your bottle service offer. Especially on a Wednesday night. Have they ever been to Public? It doesn’t work.

  • Mari Vana is owned by a restaurant group in St. Petersburg, the Ginza Group. I wish they would bring their Georgian concept to DC – need some Khachapuri.

    • I second this- Georgian food is delicious and would be a great addition to the DC dining scene.

    • WHY is there no Georgian food in DC?!!?
      A few months ago there were some rumbles about a restaurant featuring Georgian food opening near 14th St, has anyone heard anything else about that?

  • novadancer

    My husband ate there a few months ago when friends were in town (one who is originally from Russia) and LOVED it. I was home sick so i can’t give more feedback than that it’s on the list when they return for another visit.

  • Never been, but does anyone else find it fishy when a restaurant advertises “unlimited complimentary mimosas FOR THE LADIES”?

  • The place is AWESOME! Yes, the prices are high… but the place is super well done – both the decor (have you seen the bathroom?!) and the food are legit – take it from a Russian. Place is super horoshee! I went there for lunch special – pre-fixed menu of an appetizer and main course. We got stuffed from the food. Oh! And desserts are even more awesome – no bullshit cheesecake that you find in Russia House – the place is definitely well thought out. Russian thumbs up!

  • Good food, but too pricey for what you get. I’d go to Russia House for Happy Hour instead probably.

  • I haven’t eaten there, but I can say that facade looks FANTASTIC.

  • Love Love Love
    It’s not cheap but all of their infused vodkas are amazing and appetizers are very filling (try blinchiki with meat, caviear, or lox). Much more authentic than Russia House.

  • figby

    Georgian is en route — not to sound like a commercial, but Compass Rose on T Street is going to have Georgian wine and that cheesey-bread stuff everyone loves. A friend is opening it, hopefully soon now they have their liquor license.

    I love all things Georgian myself, and am very excited. You can also get good Georgian wine at Russia House, in the meantime.

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