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  • I’m still dismayed they couldn’t keep the Wonder/Hostess signs up – added some character. In the meantime, the front looks nice, but the back is hideous!

    • I believe that it was posted on the bloomingdale blog somewhere… But the builder is going to be replacing the old signs with newer more permanent signs in the same style as the old… But will take some time. Someone should correct me if you have more knowledge about this.

      • It’s cool they will keep the signs if they can since Hostess no longer exists and the cakes and Wonder are being sold off to other companies.

  • What is this building going to be?

    • High end office space. My friend’s digital media firm is expanding into here. It’s gonna be a really cool building!

      • Is there event space too? Brightest Young Things held a Pride dance party in there I didn’t understand how that worked with it being made for offices.

  • What is with the architects in this city? You’re adding to a historic building with great character and they couldn’t blend into the original architecture better than that. Just because the addition is modern and in the back doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have some style.

    • typically architects do this so that they are not faking a style that they can’t pull off and therefore looks even worse.

    • It’s personal taste. I would vastly prefer this clean, attractive modern addition to a faux-period reproduction of the existing building which would surely end up looking tacky.

    • No one is ever happy with any architecture in this city – I am officially convinced. That or people complain just to complain. No matter what your opinion, this is a vast improvement over the dilapidated condition of the building before.

      • +1. I personally think it looks great! It’s a modern building built into the old, without pretense of anything else.

      • No one is ever happy with any new architecture in ANY city. I lived in Paris for a while. Non-stop bitching about every new brick that was laid. Ditto San Francisco… Philadelphia…

  • I’m not asking for a faux period reproduction, just something modern and attractive rather than modern, boring and cheap looking.

  • I’m sorry. What is with those high school looking stairs at the front. Did they run out of money?

    • It doesn’t look wheelchair accessible either. Wonder if that will be an issue down the road.

      • the door on the other side of the far stairs has a raised bit of sidewalk that goes up to the door. there’s an elevator inside.

        pop- you know of any tenants? i heard rumors of a bar or restuarant.

    • Great call! I couldn’t put my finger on what was weird about those.

  • It looks incredible! Too bad it’s going to be boring, 9-5 office space that will do little to enliven the area.

    • except bring in new patrons for local restaurants at lunch time… office space doesn’t mean the area won’t be more active.

      • Yeah, I think we really need more jobs in the area. Even during the day this area can be sketchy. More eyes on the street all the time will definitely liven things up a lot.

        • The problem with that logic, is that if the neighborhood is indeed as sketchy during the day as you say it is, then people aren’t going to be venturing out of this office building and wandering around, looking for a place to buy a sandwich. They’ll be arriving at 9 A.M. and leaving at 5 P.M.

    • Actually, we NEED more business people in the hood during the day. Adding more offices into the U Street and Shaw neighborhoods is exactly what we are all trying to achieve. Please don’t start up with a new NIMBY campaign against offices!! This addition will enliven lunch time and extended hour / happy hour business. We’re pretty saturated with evening restaurant and bar activity. Time to mix in more daytimers.

  • I’m just happy that Suzanne Reatig isn’t doing this….anything but her stuff is okay with me. This looks good so far- and I’d be really happy if they added back the hostess/wonderbread signs for old time’s sake.

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