Rainbow Shop Coming next to ROSS in the Hechinger Mall

1600 Benning Road, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word and photos. According to their website:

Rainbow offers a wide assortment of clothing for juniors, plus sizes, and children, as well as an extensive shoe collection. Rainbow is about bringing you the very latest in new fashions and styles and our assortment is constantly changing. So, if you see something you like you better grab it quick or you may miss out!

Rainbow has also been a pioneer in attractive, well-fitting apparel for plus sizes. We firmly believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should enjoy fun, fashionable, and feminine clothing at an affordable price.


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  • So URBAN – love it!

  • I will never support a company that allows purchases with an EBT card. That money is to feed your family not buy clothes for the club. smh

    • Food stamp (aka SNAP) money is to feed your family, and those benefits most certainly cannot be used at a clothing retailer. TANF cash benefits on an EBT can be used for a variety of everyday basic needs, of which clothing is one. I’m not pretending that every single TANF recipient is using their benefits for the highest and most noble family-supporting expenses, but according to this logic…what, no non-food retailers should accept EBT cards, ever? Rainbow isn’t exactly my taste, nor would their outfits be suitable for my office, I suspect, but…no doubt some of their clothes are fine for other people’s work and everyday settings. Even low-income people do occasionally need clothes.

      • Welfare programs have quietly paid for clothing for a long time. years ago, i worked Christmases at an upper middle brow department store in the Midwest. The bargain basement, interestingly, drew people using these benefits, as well as wealthy people who discreetly had things delivered (stores wtill did that, but not much longer) to their home addresses.

  • andy

    Now, finally, I will want to go to the Hechinger Mall!

  • Meh. 10 years max before they blow the whole place up and start over. Glad to see one less vacancy in the meantime.

  • Why do they still call that Hechinger Mall? Hechinger’s has been gone for what, 20 years now?

  • Hechinger Mall is good. Shopping for cheap dog biscuits and odd lot stuff at Aldi, over to Ross for some cheap, all cotton Summer t-shirts…it’s pretty funky but easy to park and a deal.

  • This isn’t a new store. They might be moving it or adding a 2nd location, but there is already a Rainbow store on the Safeway side of the “mall” near the Pizza Hut/Post Office.

  • All it needs is a Dress Barn and an Orange Julius and I’d never leave.

  • A place for the real housewives of Benning Rd to shop.

  • Isn’t there already one on H Street, in addition to one at the Brentwood/Home Depot Shopping Center, like 2 miles away?

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