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  • ah

    Send this to the note-writing condo owning trash-can fighting people.

    • Hahaha, I had the same thought!

      That’s what the neighbors who keep putting their bins behind Neighbor 1’s house instead of in front of their own houses need to do.

      (Wouldn’t it be nicer if there were enough of the horizontal planks in front to conceal the cans, though?)

  • Yep… Looks great.

  • As someone who struggled to provide a space for his condo’s garbage cans, this is the best solution I’ve seen. The challenge is that it’s a pain to have to pull the cans out every time you use them. If they’re full, they can be quite heavy and we had an elderly resident. It looks like this one requires you to pull it out, but maybe the sloping design allows the tops to be open.
    In any case, it looks fantastic and should be replicated!

    • ah

      Can’t tell for sure, but it does look like the slope allows the tops to be opened from the house side for filling.

      Of course, the supercan problem is that the handle to pull it is on the side opposite from which it opens.

  • This is a great idea. But it would be better if you couldn’t see the trash cans at all.

  • justinbc

    The next best thing to having a goat!

  • Isn’t this a structure and what Table was told was illegal by DCRA? Assuming this is in the public space (and near H St it probably is), what’s the difference?


    • good observation, there might be differences in the law regarding what a business can do and what a single home can do. If there isn’t it could be that this solution is portable (or at least looks like it is) therefore isn’t a structure. The owner could say it’s a lawn art.

    • That case seemed a little more clear-cut… Table was putting its garbage cans on a public sidewalk area (I believe), and this is within the house’s yard area.

      Good question, though.

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