Dear PoPville – Dealing with Overflowing Dumpsters

07-09-12 Garbage Overflow Barak

Dear PoPville,

I’m desperate! An apartment building that adjoins our property keeps a garbage bin right next to our property. Every few days it overflows, and trash is thrown next to the dumpster by residents even when it is not full- I’ve even seen them throw it down (and miss) from the fourth story window!

This has been going on for many months and I’ve contacted the management company multiple times, suggesting that they take measures to control the rats (I’ve seen them climbing out of the dumpster!) and the amount of garbage and overflow: more frequent pick ups, add an extra dumpster, etc.

The dumpster is located on private property near Logan Circle. I have documented the overflows with pictures- probably more than 20 over the past year (some of which I have sent to the management company). I’m at my whits end! Who in the city government (or elsewhere) can help?

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  • I’m surprised that city officials haven’t been out to fine this property yet. At the condo building I live in, whenever the dumpsters start to overflow or people are dumping, we get slapped with a fine. I am not sure what the appropriate channel is but I think that once dc is made aware of the situation, they will keep a closer eye on it and continue to fine (at least that’s what happened in our place — we got hit repeatedly with fines until we took action and switched hauling companies). Hope this helps! good luck!

    • Your condo bldg is probably able to pay the fines and pays them promptly. Hence, why the city keeps coming back over and over again, even for the smallest problems.

      $10 says the perpetrators in the photo above are a rental bldg, possibly with a significant number of low income tenants. The landlord is probably a bum and uses legal means to contest any and all violations. It’s not worth the hassle for the city to go after him unless it’s something really egregious.

      Follow the $$$$…

      • Or the owner pays bribes to whomever at DCRA or the Housing Authority is supposed to be regulating this kind of thing.

        Contact your council member. That might get the higher ups in the agency to pay attention.

  • DPW handles all situations like this. They are really quite good about coming out and citing people if they are contacted.

  • we had this issue with the apartments next to my condo. I used to call the property manager to complain and then I emailed the councilmember and DCRA. You can also probably file a complaint on the online system. They were fined and do better for awhile and then fall back but I just complain again.

  • We got a letter from our rental company stating we’d received 5 complaints/fines in the past couple months. They nearly threatened to follow folks’ trash disposal practices to find out if something is dumping stuff out there improperly (recycle not recycled).
    They finally stepped up with more bins and more frequent pickups. Seriously, if all the recycle bins are filled, my recycle goes in the garbage. I’m not sitting on it just to wait for it to be picked up.
    Like others have said, DPW is serious about this. I’d contact them.

  • Any tips for a similar issue where my building does not recycle even though they’re mandated to and I’ve reported them twice to the city? I don’t want to trash all my cans/jars/bottles!!!

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