Another Craigslist Classic!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rich Renomeron

Thanks to a reader for sending this gem from vacation rentals:

This luxury condominium situated in historical sandstone inside NW angular unit of Washington Electricity, Columbia Heights neighborhood recognized for it’s Victorian structure.

Hard wood white oak surfaces protect the whole unit and accentuate our own modern decoration. Our own family area presents roomy seating in addition to pullup settee for additional bedroom. Exclusive, off-street car auto airport vehicle offered by storage area around the corner. Free Wireless/Wired DSL.

We are situated a few blocks in order to be able for you to help Columbia Heights City (eco-friendly as well as yellowish line), the actual Tivoli Movie cinema, Digicam United states shopping center, the actual Heights bistro, Large food store, Sticky Hands vegan bakery and also coffee shop and all the dinning and also purchasing located round the Tibur sq ..

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  • why oh why do people fall for this shit

    • Honestly, I did a double take at first–this could have been written by my old landlord. I mean, yes, definitely a scam either way (he was a shady MoFo), but still . . .

  • Allison

    Lol, Digicam United States Shopping Center!

    • Allison

      and the “Large” (Giant?) food store! Did they just copy a craigslist ad and then use a thesaurus on random words? Thus changing “green” to “eco-friendly.” 😀

      • Presumably “historical sandstone” is supposed to be “historic brownstone”, and “Columbia Heights Metro” became “Columbia Heights City”, but I haven’t been able to guess what got transformed into “actual”.

      • My guesses: 1. Someone wrote it in a foreign language and used some kind of translation website. Some of these words are either close in that language or were already in English, and the website tried to translate them even more.

        2. Someone who barely knows English used a translation dictionary to translate the words he or she didn’t know.

  • LOL. they still got work to do on googletranslate.

  • I love lamp.

  • Someone copied from other postings and used an online translator. DC=Electricity… Lost in translation.

  • I’m sure Sticky Fingers loves the shout out here.

  • pablo .raw

    green line = eco-friendly LOL
    “yellowish” line hahahahah

    This is the best Friday post ever!

  • Well, to be fair, when I use to work in Columbia Heights about 8 years ago, i remember a yellowish line that I would have to avoid pretty much every day when I was walking to and from the metro

  • Wow. Someone was way too reliant on Google Translate and/or a thesaurus.

    I wonder why DC was translated as “Electricity” for “Washington, DC,” but as “Digicam” for “DC USA”?

    • Allison

      Hmmm, DC can refer to “direct current” which is a form of electricity. Not sure why one acronym was chosen over the other.

      • Yeah, I figured the first “DC” was for “direct current,” but I was puzzled why the translation program would translate it two different ways in the same paragraph.

        Oh well…

  • Awesome. I worked overseas in the early days of online translators, and for kicks we would send text through from language A to B and then from B back to A. Sometimes A to B to C to A. This looks remarkably like what used to pop out.

  • PoP and reader – you made my Friday!

  • A friend told me last night that she looked at a house for rent west of the park. The guy showing her the place asked for a casual photo (e.g., “at the beach or with your boyfriends”) of her and her roommate as part of the application. Anyone else run across this? Scam, skeevy, or something else entirely?

  • Wait. What? That’s silly.

  • This must be the original that the Craigslist post was excerpted and mangled from:

    Note: “This penthouse Condo located in historic brownstone in the NW quadrant of Washington DC, Columbia Heights neighborhood known for its Victorian architecture … Hardwood white oak floors cover the entire unit and complement our modern décor. Our living room offers spacious seating as well as pull up sofa for additional sleeping area. Free Wireless/Wired DSL … We are located just one block to Columbia Heights Metro (green and yellow line), the Tivoli Theater, DC USA shopping center, the Heights restaurant, Giant grocery store, Sticky Fingers vegan bakery and cafe and all the dinning and shopping located around the Tivoli square.”

    • Although the “Exclusive, off-street car auto airport vehicle offered by storage area around the corner” bit in the Craigslist post must have come from somewhere else.

  • The reference to Yellowish line is key…

  • Sticky Hands. Bahahahahaha

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