Only Six Years Ago It Looked Like This


Kinda like our now and then series, “Only ____ Years Ago” will feature photos from my archives that have changed drastically from a particular year. We will start with a bunch of changes from 2007. Let’s kick it off with 14th and T St, NW.  Anyone remember McKey’s Antiques?


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  • I remember going to the corner shop there once, It had the thickest bulletproof glass I’ve ever seen. The store owner over charged me for something I bought and wouldn’t give me back correct change. The bullet proof glass was not just there for bullets, it was there to protect the thieving store owner from giving correct change to customers. Good riddens to that old place.

  • Of course, they STILL don’t have anything in the corner. Make it a corner store? We could really use a corner store.

  • I preferred the 6 years ago photo. I heart abandoned buildings and trash.


  • Moved in back in 2007 and it has been amazing to watch this corner and the corner across the street (Matchbox) change. Very excited for Stubs Kitchen. Hopefully they will remove that god awful mural that some call art from the building. It looks atrocious and can’t believe it was ever allowed! I know we are in an arts overlay district…but seriously?

  • I like Taylor, but I’d take the abandoned shell over Policy any day.

    • figby

      What’s the deal with Policy? I tried to go a few times when they first opened and was haughtily told no seats available. Now whenever I walk by, the place looks totally empty.

  • Ruff N Ready was so much better when it was at this location. It was fun to go there and dig through layers of stuff that had been sitting there for years. The more heavily curated version at the new location is just not the same.

  • I kinda miss the antique place — really was a neat spot you could loose hours finding interesting treasures.

  • I use to buy cigarettes (back when I smoked) at the liquor store there on the corner. They had good prices on Dunhills. Also bought lotto tickets there too.

  • I remember McKey’s Antiques had the most unstable floor ever. It felt like you were going to fall through to the basement. As a poor grad student in the ’90s I found great pieces I still have today.

  • McKey’s antiques was more of a refinishing shop than a second hand store. I’m typing on a desk he refinished for me! The guys next door who had the eclectic Rough and Ready are up on 14th St. McKey moved back to CA, I think, and may have decided to pursue a music career.

  • The corner building aka the liquor store was sold back in 2003 fr $975,000.00; I remember because that was the same year we bought our place, Shocking that a decade later it is still vacant and only in marginally better shape/appearance then it was in 2003.

  • kind of miss the antique/fleamarket stores… but i guess overpriced, mediocre brunch at policy will do?

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