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  • Nice folks. Good food. Thin menu options.

  • I like it and support it- but I wish they served meat on the sandwiches/salads!

    I wonder how it does in that location?

  • I’ve only been a couple times, but have liked everything I’ve gotten there, and it’s a cute neighborhood-y space.

    Not sure how it does, but I walk by almost every day when I’m walking my dog and it usually seems to be pretty full.

  • Delicious, fresh food and it’s always packed when I go. Sometimes difficult to grab a seat so would be cool if they could somehow expand in the future.

  • Really good coffee and pastries. The fresh market grocery type items seem very nice too, if a bit expensive. They did a good job with a pretty weird space, they’ve managed to fit quite a lot of seats in there.

  • Love that I can stop in to pick up milk and eggs in between trips to the grocery. The coffee is good, their yogurt parfait is the best I’ve ever had, and the staff is friendly. Wish they had more breakfast items to choose from though!

  • I really have to get over there. These guys are business owners who need to be supported.

  • As a lower Adams Morgan resident, I’m thrilled to have an alternative to Tryst for morning coffee. Tasty sandwiches, good coffee, and the maple syrup they sell is seriously addictive. Bonus for a water bowl for my pup out front.

  • These guys make a great cappucino, and the wrap-around seating in the corner is a great place to take in the neighborhood on sunny mornings.

  • I keep forgetting this is a viable lunch option from my northern Dupont office. Thanks for the reminder, looking forward to checking them out!

  • greenroofgoddess

    Love the coffee and the pops, and great to see that everyone else loves them. And serious bonus points for their sustainable efforts during construction–the wood used for the table tops and wrap-around counter are the old joists from our Columbia Heights row house!

  • I love, love, love Pleasant Pops! They have delicious vegetarian and vegan options! And I love their Hot Pops in the winter! 🙂

  • Love their sandwiches, but unfortunately they’re a little on the small side for the price. Also (and I realize this is completely subjective) I would love if they used dill pickles with their sandwiches rather than bread & butter.

    Otherwise, it’s a cute space with good food and they’re very friendly – thumbs up!

  • Some of their sandwiches seems like something you’d make at home, which can be good sometimes, but the prices reminds otherwise. Decent sandwiches, but not worth the prices. The soups have been good though, I like the kale and chickpea soup they have now.

    Wish it was warm to properly enjoy their pops again.

  • The savory pies are DELICIOUS. And yes, I concur with others that it is a bit on the pricy side, but it is unique enough to me that I will pay the extra.

  • Nice people, good sandwiches and salads. Like the selection of groceries. Stopped by for an early lunch the other day and saw that most of the seating was taken up by people working on their laptops. Glad they’re there, and wish them well.

  • I love Pleasant Pops! I’m amazed no one has mentioned them yet, but the croissants are out of this world. For real, the best I’ve ever had. The coffee is really good, and the staff is really friendly. The smaller grocery items haven’t disappointed. I hope that they are doing well and stick around.

  • I love pleasant pops…definitely the coffee around! But like someone else said, I really wish it opened earlier on the weekend. 830 is a little late for me 🙂

  • I really like this place. Great coffee, great pops, nice people.

  • love this place! definitely the best coffee around. although i agree with the above post that it’d be nice it if opended a bit earlier on weekends for us early risers. that is my only suggestion. other than that, it’s a great spot with excellent food and customer service.

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