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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • The Canal Park Ice Rink was gorgeous and a blast. Kruba Thai was also delicious, but their service was not great that night because they were understaffed and apparently weren’t aware of the new rink opening a few blocks away.

    It was nice seeing a lot of families around the Navy Yard area.

    • I went skating this afternoon and the rink was PACKED but it was still lots of fun. When my girlfriend gets back in town I plan on doing an ice skating/Kruba date (hopefully the service issues won’t be a problem by then) so I’m glad to hear the food’s good.

  • Stolen bike recovered!

  • My friend’s dog is missing (ran off during a walk). She’s a very friendly 9 mo pom-poo toy mix, brown/tan with a lighter/blonde tuff on her head. No collar, no chip. They live in the Kalorama/Adams Morgan area near the 7-Eleven.

    They should be putting up flyers soon 🙁

  • Allison

    Rave: remember how a few weeks ago I got a rejection from the Department of Justice? Well with a sudden influx of work they decided to take me on as an intern for the spring semester. It’s not a job, but since it’s my last semester of law school I’m hoping I can creatively finagle my way into never leaving… or at least just keep showing up with a briefcase full of crackers.

  • Rant: I had to fire ANOTHER cleaning company. The last people were crazy, these people were just bad (left bags of trash in kitchen first time, didn’t show up second time, make-up for second time they were over an hour late – on a Saturday when I had arranged to be gone so they could clean). Normally the third is not a big deal to me, stuff happens, but given the other two and the 100% of times that they’ve provided subpar or no service, they’re fired.

    rave: at least i was home to just get my keys

    rant: my keys had my name on them – they are supposed to be IDed by number so that the house can’t be found if the keys are lost

    rant: I have to find a new cleaning service (I have some health issues, so I can’t do a lot of the heavy cleaning)

    rave: at least someone else asked on the forum, so I can just look at that post.

    rave: I LOVE the cool weather.

    Question: anyone have a convertible in the city? is there a problem with top slashing here?

  • Can you fix the site’s neighborhood filters already? If you select “Adams Morgan” from “Neighborhoods” picklist, you get “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” when clearly there are postings about AdMo. It has been this way since you switched the site’s interface a year or so ago.

    • Allison

      Can I get a please? Dan writes this blog for your free enjoyment and the city’s benefit. Sincerely hope you don’t treat everyone in this entitled tone.

      • I don’t usually question your comments but how is this request filled with entitlement? I agree that a “please” sure would have been the nice and proper way to go. The request sounds direct, which is (generally speaking) more typical to men. I am not sure where the sense of entitlement comes in here? FTR, I’ve also had this problem of looking up by neighborhood and getting the same message.

        • Allison

          The “already” in the first sentence sounded super whiny and demanding. Like: “can you fix it already!?” People have been super rude to a lot of my favorite bloggers in various comments sections lately, and it’s rather uncivil.

          • I was confused because your original comment focused on “please” or the lack thereof. Absent a please tells me short on manners but not entitled. I only made the reference to a direct style, which tends to be associated with males generally, will lack or drop the so-called added niceties (please, thank you, excuse me). I didn’t offer that as an excuse for the poster’s phrasing of request. By the way, to me “whiny” and “demanding” still don’t speak to me as entitled, just “whiny” and “demanding.” I think it’s a sorry note that people in the online world think they can post nasty comments because they think they are anonymous. It happens all over in the online world. It also happens in the real world.

        • Allison

          And as a side note, I have never excepted “maleness” as a valid excuse for rudeness.

    • But please, don’t fix it to work for “AdMo”

  • “Dan writes this blog for your free enjoyment and the city’s benefit.”

    Yep, it’s free. It’s also loaded with ads, so I guess in some sense it has become somewhat of a business for him. And the ads are here because he has users the advertisers want to reach. A user asked for a feature to be fixed. Doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    • I think the request would’ve been fine without the “already,” which conveyed impatience/annoyance.

      • It has been a long time that this problem seems to have existed and has thus far not been able to be fixed. I would think it’s frustrating to want to try to search for something and not have to either rely on memory to figure out when thread was posted or scroll through page to page to find what you’re looking for. What if you’re just trying to browse by neighborhood. Anyway, I didn’t think including the word “already” was suggestive of anything more than it’s a problem that’s been for a while, which it has. It sure would be a great feature to have on this site. Funny how different people read tones. I am not the OP on this point and have no idea what the intent of the tone was but thought it was alright, absent a *please.* I find that so many people lack that that while it doesn’t make it right, it didn’t make the OP stand out in any discernible way except for not writing please.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I am very sorry about the tech problems, especially the neighborhood links issue. No one is more frustrated by this problem than I am. My IT partners are aware of the issue and are having a much more difficult time fixing it than they originally thought. I’m literally begging them to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed by 2013. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Just know I am trying desperately to get it fixed.

  • My apologies for the rudeness. Not intended. Please and thank you!

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