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  • binntp

    Please bring a froyo or gelato place to Petworth! Pretty please?!

    • I would love to have a gelato place near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro, but I suspect we’ll have to wait a while.

      I’m glad to hear that FroZenYo and Fuel are coming to the Pleasant Plains/Howard area; it’s been nice to see that area coming along. Georgia Avenue seems to have a lot of untapped potential; I’m hoping developments like these will help spur some activity further north as well.

    • I hate to anticipate it but I feel there will be an announcement 6 months later that FrozenYo will be closing after it’s launch. That strip has always had a hard time with supporting new business. Howard University may not be ther best place to launch a suburban, and very niche business like FroYo. How’s the FroYo store doing in Columbia Hts? I think in Wonder plaza there, and as a former HU student, that a 7-11 would serve the area much better. Also, putting a gas station back next to the Starbucks would be a good move. There’s very little in that radius for gas stations around HU’s campus, except for the budget gas spot by 9:30 Club. Howard University needs some life inserted into it’s campus, FroYo is not really the outlook I was thinking of.

  • dceric approved?

  • i have to disagree with jack5 but i think a froyo would be perfect for that location. also don’t think a gas station, in an area that is increasingly walkable and many don’t use cars at all, would be a good idea!

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