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  • Wow, that’s pretty classy… especially the wet bar in the sitting area… But $1mil for the penthouse with no elevator? That’s too many steps for that price.

    • I also don’t think there’s any parking.

      • There isn’t any parking. I went to the open house this weekend. The renovation was well done and the units have great light. The $1 million unit also has a very spacious roof terrace (although the view is mainly of adjacent rooftops, such as mine). How the owner is going to get big patio furniture up three stories using the fairly narrow staircase from 13th St. is an interesting question. Given the size of the units, the lack of parking on an increasingly congested block, and the fact that one of the bedrooms in each of the units is tiny, the pricing seems quite aggressive.

  • For a million dollars I would expect a much bigger kitchen.

  • that’s some serious coin. $742 psf. omg. i think there should be a workout room or something additional for that price. its a nice reno but nothing special. i don’t know why they put a fan in the bedroom, that seems unnecessary and inappropriate for something that clearly thinks it is at the high end, top dollar range. and why does the listing say three full baths. i only see two. and don’t know the purpose of a third full bath. is that for the dude who passes out in the den after raiding the wet bar?

  • Holly condo!

  • I loved the old man who used to sit out in front of that house before it was sold last year. He was retired and would say hi to the folks walking by all day. Anyone know what happened to him? Did he pass away or did he just sell the place?

  • I heard at the open house that the developer is taking one of the units himself. Empty nester couple giving up the too-big house in the suburbs for a downtown location.

  • Does anyone know who the developer is? Beautiful. Wonder if there’s any other projects.

  • I think it’s beautiful – love the wood, and for once, taupe/white paint looks great. As a cook, I’ve learned that I definitely DON’T need the trophy kitchens everybody seems to require these days – smaller, functional is the draw for me.

  • glad to see places like this returning to the tax rolls.

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