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Yola Closing in Dupont on Sept. 28th, Will be Replaced by New Concept from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group

by Prince Of Petworth September 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm 17 Comments

1323 Connecticut Ave, NW

Yola opened up in south Dupont back in Dec. 2010. While they had a very loyal following, they’ll be closing on Sept. 28th (h/t EaterDC.) From their Facebook page:

As you may have noticed, we made the difficult decision to close our doors on September 28th. There is not any one cause that influenced our decision to close, but we want to be clear that we remain wholehearted believers in green businesses and feel confident that businesses that stick to their morals can thrive in the right environment. We are confident that you will enjoy the concept that will move into our space and feel deeply grateful to them for making this transition smooth. They share our commitment to high quality and socially conscious food.

We would really like to thank you all, not just as loyal customers (we are deeply humbled by the number of people we saw every day), but also for being kind, generous, and making our days brighter. We met so many amazing people along the way and we feel grateful for your friendship.

Some of you may be wondering where we will go from here. David will return his attention full time to commercial real estate and Laura is not sure what she will do but is ready for a vacation! For the next month, we will be working hard to ensure that we go out with a bang, continue to provide excellent service, and find wonderful jobs for all of our employees. We were extremely lucky to have a staff of bright, committed, and kind individuals who worked extremely hard for us, so now it’s our turn to return the favor. If you would like to get in touch with an employee about employment, feel free to speak to them directly at some point over the next 30 days or to email [email protected]

Thanks for making Yola a special place. We will miss you, so keep in touch!

Laura, David, and the rest of the Yola team

District Bean reports:

“A new concept from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group (Buzz Bakery, Churchkey, Rustico, et al) will take its place.”

More info as it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    “There is not any one cause that influenced our decision to close”

    I can: a glut of expensive, trendy yogurt places in that section of town.

    • This place was fantastic and will be very missed.

      (And, for the record, this was NOT a frozen yogurt place that this city has many of — this place was unique)

      • Agreed. This was a unique space and the owners actually cared about making a special product, unlike the glut of starbucks/caribou/potbelly/etc. breakfast and coffee places around DC.

        I think the location was more of the problem than anything. Several times I walked right past it when I was going there. That mid-block storefront on the Dupont access street is oddly low-profile, at least for me.

  • Yogurt places flooded all of DC… It was like a gold rush at one point… Glad the influx is waning… They should move to Petworth and start a coffee shop/bakery, much more viable. YOLYOAY – You only like yogurt once a year.

  • Anonymous

    their yogurt is really, really good. And not frozen! they also made the best cappuccino in town. But as is often the case, people use it as their living room and buy one thing and then post up all day with their laptops taking up all the seating. I imagine that’s one of the reasons they had a hard time.

  • CHSC

    Sorry to the Yola people, but great news Neighborhood Restaurant Group is opening something here.

  • MarRoHan

    I loved the coffee and energy of this place. It will be sorely missed.

  • otberbur

    I will miss Yola. The coffee and yogurt — which, incidentally didn’t all resemble the frozen yogurt products available from nearby purveyors — were excellent. My husband and I particularly enjoyed going there and sitting for a while with our coffees on winter Saturday afternoons. I’ve also been favorably impressed by the NRG establishments I’ve patronized. While I hope that NRG turns the Dupont location into a Buzz Bakery/Coffeehouse like the one in Ballston, I suspect that something along the line of ChurchKey West will be more profitable.

  • OK, so this is the *fourth* reference *this month* to a new restaurant as a “concept.” What, did Metro lay off Dan Stessel and now he’s freelancing? Sure, there are different styles and even genres of food, but there’s only one “concept” and that is: I give you money, you give me food. What’s next, trotting out “price point” when they mean “price”?

  • The yogurt was tasty but the name is too close to YOLO for comfort.

  • I’ll really miss this place! Their coffee and fresh yogurt were delicious and the space was cozy and inviting. Sad to see them go.

  • AK

    Bummer. I liked this place, but, yeah, it was kind of rare that I wanted to go out for a yogurt parfait.

  • Robby

    Damn. It was a great place. Anyone who’s been there can attest.

  • One of my favorite breakfast places in Dupont. I will really miss its personality and coming in on the weekends for a late breakfast. There were a ton of fun yogurt flavors, the toppings were fresh and they always had tasty baked goods and interesting coffee drinks. RIP Yola. :(

  • Mony


    One of the proprietors writes a very honest essay on the closing. Not a lot of the whinyness you hear from likes of the Back alley waffles guys, but definitely a cautionary tale when you wonder why people don’t open “[insert name of concept here].


    Sad, sad news. I really enjoyed this place and the staff was great. Best of luck to the entire crew. Per comments from many others, this was not a frozen yogurt stop.

  • Topher

    YOLO, Yola.


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