Buildings Rising at 8th and P St, NW

Back in April 2011 we learned of the development coming to the vacant lot at 8th and P St, NW. From the developers website:

751 P Street NW consists of twelve new construction 2 BR / 2-2.5 BA boutique condominiums. This new construction building is designed to look like a row of six townhomes that blend in well to the historic Shaw neighborhood of Northwest Washington DC. The construction of this project coincides with the revitalization plans of the Shaw neighborhood to include the CityMarket at O Street, which includes 87,000 square feet of retail and a colossal new Giant Food Store. Just 4 blocks to both Shaw and Mt. Vernon Square metros.

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  • I like them. They’re going to cost a bizillion each.

    • I hope they only cost 1/2 a bizillion each or they finish the structure with brick. I’ve watched these go up and by what I can tell you’d be buying a house made out of pressed wood….

  • Don’t they make brick buildings anymore? I can’t imagine particle board walls being there for the long run. That’s one thing I never understood about houses in the US, they are so expensive, yet they are made of the cheapest material available. Back in the old country, our foundation and cellar walls were made of rock, with the rest being made of brick. That’s how you can have homes that lasts 500yrs +

    • They are built to last 50 years… stick built apartment buildings know they will be torn down by then, cheaper to build and cheaper to demo.

    • It’s about taxes and the perverse incentives to build cheaply. Look at your tax bill. Land= a certain amount, Improvements= a much higher amount. We should tax the land, not the improvements…in the city at least. Far flung ‘burbs are another matter entirely

    • No, they do not make brick buildings anymore. Any “brick” residential construction you see that was developed after World War II is actually wood stick construction (like this place) with a brick veneer. Shockingly large buildings are built in this fashion – for example, the massive development nearing completion by the FedEx building and XM Sirius along New York Avenue.

      The old method of building a load-bearing masonry shell and hanging joists from it to support the floor is no longer used. I am guessing at this point it is near a completely lost art – i.e. even if you wanted to build that way, no one would have the skills to do it.

  • Particle board can last – what I would be worried about is noise. Architecture looks good and I’m sure it’ll get a brick exterior.

  • Just about everything except office buildings are built in wood frame construction. If you’re looking to buy or even rent, I highly recommend asking your realtor the type of construction. Case in point…Allegro on 14th. Cheap to build and its a great place if you enjoy hearing your neighbors having, ahem, “relations”.

  • For those speculating on the particle board finishes, the renderings of the final facade are on the link in the original post. They are finishing the structure with brick, although brick facades are not structural.

    The vast majority of new construction, 4 stories and under, are going to be wood frame buildings.

  • It would probably make it a pretty heavy Shaw day to update everything happening on that block, but it’s across from the O-Street Market, where construction has risen out of the excavation and is heading skyward, and adjacent to the Jefferson Apts project which started excavation in earnest last week or the week before.

  • Busy intersection with the construction but have to say it makes me appreciate the time and effort going into the clark construction across the street. Walking by almost daily can starkly see the difference in quality. Those condos went up super quickly.

  • Wow! New growth that is not a cinderblock or a glass monstrosity! Marvelous!

  • Yeah Susan Reatig can’t ruin everything new in shaw…

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