Sticky Rice is Raffling Off Their Cop Car at the H Street Festival in Sept.

Photo courtesy of Sticky Rice

From an email:

We are (Sticky Rice DC) giving away our vintage cop car during H Street Festival next month (September 15th) and wanted to let you know. Here are the details:

Every $25 spent is good for 1 (one) raffle ticket.
The winner MUST agree to leave the original paint job and logo untouched for 24 (twenty-four) months.
The winner has the choice to drive the cop car to Sticky Rice DC and get 50% off of all food orders with the choice to have it served in the cop car.
No past or present employees are eligible.
Winner must be over the age of 18.
Winner must be eligible to legally register the cop car in their name.
car is delivered “as is” (Don’t worry… it purrs like a kitten).

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  • msmaryedith

    They finally had their fill of parking tickets?

    • Funny, I never saw parking tickets on there and it made me wonder. Kinda pissed me off actually because I was thinking they were getting away with leaving that car there, taking up space and not getting ticketed like other cars would.

      • msmaryedith

        I don’t think I have ever seen it without a ticket! Which is deserved. Taking up parking spaces AND serving lousy sushi…

        • Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. All I know is that it was in the same place all the time which means it should have all kinds of tickets, been booted and then towed…

  • Second prize is a large pachyderm with light pigmentation.

  • I’m not familiar with the legality of being able to register this copy car in your name. Can anyone do it assuming they have a valid licence in DC?

    I just can’t imagine it’s legal for a citizen to drive around in something that looks like it’s a copy car, fake or not.

    • As much as I really hate sticky rice (terrible overhyped sushi and the worst service of any sushi place in DC), I really want that car!

      So I’m forced to give them now a 5th shot at winning me over. Expectations shall be low.

      • DON’T go for the sushi. At least not traditional sushi that relies on very fresh fish and delicate flavors. They’re good for their more creative rolls, noodle dishes, and sticky balls (LOVE the sticky balls). I’ve never had a bad dish, but the traditional sushi is mediocre. As long as you don’t go expecting a typical sushi bar, it’s definitely got its strong points.

    • The only problem that I could see is the word POLICE on the side. You can have a black and white car with a star on the side and a red light on the top (not blue, those are for sworn officers only). You cannot have an audible siren. The main thing is that you not turn on that flashing light in any public space, I’m pretty sure that would be impersonating a police officer. Anyway, maybe someone knows the law about the POLICE painted on the side.

      • 1) DC law says emergency vehicles must have a red light, no mention of blue. 2) DC law does not restrict or prohibit red/blue lights on vehicles

  • halfsmoke

    It’s got a 440 cubic inch motor. It’s got cop shocks, cop tires and it’s the model made before catalytic converters so it runs good on regular gas. Is is the new bluesmobile or what?
    …….fix the cigarette lighter.

  • “The winner has the choice to drive the cop car to Sticky Rice DC and get 50% off of all food orders with the choice to have it served in the cop car.”

    Choices usually imply multiple options – besides driving the cop car to Sticky Rice – what is the other option(s) as part of my choice?

  • I can’t imagine anyone mistaking this car for a real police car. So registering it can’t be any worse than all the modern used police cars with the spot lights on the sides that the kids are love drivng these days.

    Yes Please, I hope I am the only one to buy a ticket

  • but now who will stop the famous sticky rice stabbings? fyi, i hate this place

  • clevelanddave

    Can anyone just run a raffle? Don’t they need to publish the rules (ie how many tickets are they selling, when are they doing the raffle, who it benefits, odds of winning etc)?

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