Lots of Progress at BoardRoom Coming to Former Anna Maria Restaurant in Dupont

1737 Connecticut Ave, NW

I was amazed at all the progress made at 1737 Connecticut Ave, NW where the BoardRoom is coming to the former Anna Maria restaurant (which closed in June 2009.) In Oct. 2011 we learned it will become a:

“New Tavern. Vintage game room with jukebox. Occupancy load is 251, seating is 90.”

You can see what the building looked like in June 2011 here.

Walking by earlier in the week you can get a peek of the inside:

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  • Pinball please. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Good luck to them and all, but it will be a long long time until Boardroom is anywhere as cool as the old photo-sign of Anna Maria, bless her heart.

  • Yes! We will have a vintage 1960’s pinball machine. Also look for many other vintage coin-op machines like Super Mario Bros, Defender, Donkey Kong and others!

  • figby

    What’s the intended constituency for this place? Really young adults? Seems a little far north (of Madhatter and Lucky Bar) for that crowd.

    • figby

      I know I sound like a mega-grumpus senior citizen, but I lament the continued infantilization of urban culture. Cupcakes! Kickball! Board games! Wheeee!

  • Very excited about the BoardRoom. It will be nice to have a new option in North Dupont. Love the vintage coin-op game idea. What about the beer selection?

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