Dear PoPville – Man Exposing Himself is Still Out There and Getting Worse

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Dear PoPville,

I wanted to update the story you published a couple weeks ago about the man exposing himself on Irving Street between Sherman and Georgia Ave. I have seen a man matching the original story’s description the past two days. Yesterday he was masturbating, and today he was exposing himself. Both times he has been on the north side of Irivng walking east towards Georgia Ave. He didn’t say anything to me as I passed by. I called MPD both times to note the incident. While it is disturbing for an adult to see something like that, I’m even more concerned now that there are lots of kids walking on that block on their way to school. The incidents happened around 7:45 and 7:30am.

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  • So call the police and wait until they get there! It may take 10 minutes, but problem solved!

    • yea, i was thinking the same thing. what gives? call the police while keeping an eye on him at safe distance, and wait.

      • Am I missing something? She did call the police. Both times.

        • Right — to “note the incident.” Apparently she didn’t hang around to help the police find him. Or am I the one missing something?

          • Idk if I would wait around some homeless man’s penis either. Girl’s gotta get to work in am. On the other hand, maybe she did wait, she didn’t say either way. Maybe we’re all missing something.

          • If a guy’s ambling around stroking his junk and the police need help picking him out of the workaday crowd…MPD’s got more problems than I thought.

          • Anonymous, really. You’re gonna hang around for the show for 10 minutes to help MPD catch him? When you have to get to work? What planet are you on? I would have moved right along too.

    • I called the police, the man ran away when i picked up my phone. The police didn’t even offer to come find him. They took down what I could remember, where I was, what he looked like etc. That’s it.

  • “While it is disturbing for an adult to see something like that, I’m even more concerned now that there are lots of kids walking on that block on their way to school.”

    Kind of ironic that this appears right after the Michael Jackson party post.

  • I get that there are lots of competing crime priorities out there…but would it really be so hard or take so much time for a plainclothes MPD officer to make a few rounds of the area and catch the guy in the act? Especially since he seems to be doing it repeatedly, and in the same general spot.

    • yes, it probably would be hard.

      • Do you mean that in the “that would take some effort and MPD finds it hard to show effort” sense? Or in the sense that there are bureaucratic/administrative barriers that prevent the police from doing something like this? Not trying to be snarky, I’m sincerely curious about these kinds of questions. Are there solutions that seem so “easy” and common sense to us civilians–most of whom, including myself, probably know nothing about the inner workings of law enforcement–that are really quite difficult to implement within the structure that MPD’s compelled to work with?

  • I am sure they have caught him before, the police probably know his name, his gramma’s name, and what house he lives in. They catch him, keep him for a few hours, and let him out again. We had a masturbating peeping tom on 15th Street, the cops were like, “Oh, it’s Anthony. Yeah…”
    Hello family members, time to talk about involuntary commitment…

  • Baters gonna bate.

  • the police station is at Sherman and park it shouldn’t take too long

  • considering all the beatings, drug dealing, etc. still going on around there I wouldn’t pin too much hope on those guys at the local station, wasn’t there a shooting homicide right at that corner on August 5?

    • Yeah, with all the crime on that block, the guy needs a safer place to get naked and jack it. It’s hard to conceal a weapon when you’re not concealing anything else.

  • Take a photo of the guy and post it all over the neighborhood asking for folks to call the cops if they see him doing it.

    Or perhaps he is undercover officer trying to catch bad guys? Or a member of the NWC crew.

  • How come no one complains when women pleasure themselves in public? This is totally sexist.

  • I’m betting $100 it’s my former neighbor with mental illness who moved to Sherman & Hobart.

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