Dear PoPville – Killer Bees Ahead or Effective Clip Art?

Photo by Wayan

Dear PoPville,

What does this Park Police line on the Beach Road hiking trail in Rock Creek Park mean? Was there a killer bee attack? A hive down on the trail? Is the National Park Service spraying for bee parasites? Or was this just the most convenient clip art to stop people from walking along the ridge line path?

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  • Most likely a yellow jacket nest in a downed log or something similar near the trail

  • talula

    I’m not sure what’s going on in this situation, but last month I was walking around the Tidal Basin and part of the path was roped off because of “dangerous bees.” I asked one of the park police rangers what was going on, and she said a colony of yellow jackets made their hive in one of the low lying branches of a cherry tree, right over the pedestrian path. Every time someone would walk by the hive, the wasps would go crazy and sting people, so they decided to rope it off and remove the hive.

    Maybe something similar happened along this trail?

  • I just had to take out a nasty bald faced hornet’s hive in my front yard light pole in Petworth. To may amazement, I saw a “new” hornet yesterday out back, wondering if there is a mother hive in a nearby tree?

  • having been stung by many yellow jackets at once I will say its worth avoiding the area. unlike honey bees they are easily disturbed.

    • Agreed. Getting stung by a swarm of yellow jackets was not one of my best moments. It had happened from simply stepping near a number of their hives (which were on the underside of rocks near a mini-waterfall – we didn’t see them until we got down those rocks and realized we had to go back up to get to the trail).

  • If you see Nicolas Cage further down the trail, immediately turn around and run the other way.

  • Let’s be friends…. it says “be” and there’s a picture of a bee on it!

  • The sign means “No bees allowed”.

  • About this time list year my kids and I were stung by yellow jackets on the right bank of Rock Creek downstream from the footbridge south of the police station. Like J above, my kids were down to the water and I had to instruct them to run/climb back up to the trail – over the nest – in order to escape. We ran like hell for a half-mile with me doing a crazy running check of all three kids in turn, swatting the wasps away. They are tenacious and it hurts like hell! The kids still love to talk about it.

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