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  • An acquaintance of mine is the maker of Capital Kombucha and they’re having a tasting tomorrow (Friday) at Smucker Farms on 14th St. from 6-8pm. Go try it out! Yayy local businesses and entrepreneurship!

    • I have tried Capitol Kombucha that I bought from Smucker Farms. I had the mango chile. While I thought it was refreshing, I was really hoping for something with a bit more- bite! It seemed more “watered down” than other kombucha drinks I’ve had in the past. I’ll definitely have to give it another chance, as I love the idea of supporting a local drink business.

  • claire

    Kombucha has live cultures in it which means that, in addition to being really good for you, it can occasionally have a little “texture” to it (I’m very particular about textures in my food, and it’s never bugged me though). A lot of people don’t like it because of the tart taste – similar to vinegar or yogurt (both fermented products, as well). The first time I had kombucha, I thought it was kind of gross (but someone called it tea so I was expecting, you know, sweet iced tea). It’s since grown on me, and I now love it! Worth trying if you haven’t – and I’ve had some especially tasty kombucha from Capital Kombucha!

  • As the guy below me said, it has live cultures in it, which give it a texture. Most companies that make it make sure there is relatively little “matter” in the bottle, but when I first saw kombucha in Vermont, it was a bit more hardcore, with a tower of organisms growing from the bottom of the bottle all the way to the top.

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