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  • I think this is fabulous… I’ll definitely patron… I hope they have a list of all organizations they’ll support… I don’t want any of my good earned drinking cash going to ALEC or something

  • I would definitely go here. Plus, this is a great location (for me, at least)!

  • The website states that there haven’t really been any models of this type of work except in Portland and Australia; however here in DC for a long time Andy Miscuk ran a similar effort named Cocktail Charities.

    The way he worked it was that he had a restaurant/bar donate an evening where all tips would go to a charitable organization — who was usually present and providing information. Sometimes he even got guest bartenders and waitstaff to donate their time. Tryst and Asylum were big supporters of this effort.

    Andy’s work served many small nonprofits in the District for a few years, and his efforts were even written up in the Chronical of Philanthropy. So a big shout out to Andy who is now living in Pittsburgh for he was the 1st person with such a novel idea in DC.

    These guys may want to reach out to Andy and get some ideas.

  • So my golden question that I don’ t think they addressed in their videos is: how are THEY making money? Are they considering themselves part of the paid staff and just taking a portion out that way? Great idea either way, can’t wait to give them my business!

  • So this is a slightly-removed version of The Saloon, right down the street! I wonder if they’ll close for a bit in August to go actually build/volunteer on their projects? I’ll certainly patronize their establishment, but if you want a tried-and-true example of this model, visit The Saloon.

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