Sticky Rice Launches New Sat./Sun. Brunch Items on H St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

From an email:

Welcome our new addition to the Sticky Rice Brunch DC line-up:

Chicken and waffles, sushi style!

Tempura battered and all-natural chicken breast, rolled in soy paper with jalapeño infused blue agave nectar, accompanied by fresh waffle pieces and bacon bits.

Drink too much the night before and “never want to drink again”?

Sticky Rice DC is now offering Pedialyte in assorted flavors to help you battle that hangover.

Other popular Sticky brunch favorites include shrimp and gouda grits, blueberry waffles, curry or coconut fried rice, and french toast with mixed berries and honey-cream.

With our popular brunch drinks, Asian pear sangria, bloody Sunday bloody Marys, and Sakimosas!

Two questions – anyone try the brunch at Sticky Rice (1224 H St NE)? And more importantly – does Pedialyte help cure hangovers?

Photo courtesy of Sticky Rice

  • Anonymous

    I always feel a little weird walking into CVS, hungover, and buying Pedialyte. But, friends, I’m here to tell you it works.

  • Alkaseltzer. I don’t know why or how I failed to realize its power throughout my college years, but it is absolutely amazing stuff!

  • indc

    Strangely, I always find processed tomato products very helpful (things like spagetti sauce, salsa, V8, and bloody mary’s — not raw tomatos oddly).

  • Monster energy and some advil usually works for me.

  • anon

    I pound a large glass of water and two ibueprofen before bed. Never get hung over that way.

  • Pedialyte is magical for hangovers. It works as a preventative measure too. Plus, you can also buy it in ice pop form, which is awesome.

  • EB

    As to the Sticky Rice q

    • EB

      stupid computer. I go to Sticky Rice frequently for brunch. I recently had a new menu item called the “Sticky Skillet” which had tater tots, scrambled eggs, bacon, and some other stuff in a huge bowl. It was magical, and exactly what I was looking for after a hard night of drinking. Enough for a second meal, too!

  • Anonymous

    that chicken and waffle roll scares me…. honestly. I’m terrified.

  • Anonymous

    Pedialyte. Is. Lifechanging. Seriously, go get some before the weekend, kids.

  • Anonymous

    Hangovers are for noobs.

  • Anonymous

    Then I hope they have a Pepto schnapps for the diarrhea that place gives you and a BC powder for the headache you get from the hostess whe you walk in.


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