Promise Bridge Not Really Catching On, Yet

I thought the promise bridge on North Capitol St, NW might become a bit like Paris’ love locks. So far that’s not the case. As of Sat. there were only three locks. It’s actually a really beautiful spot if you look south with the Capitol in the background.

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  • I rather hope it doesn’t catch on. The Parisian version is ugly.

  • A beautiful spot to see the Capitol…so don’t mess it up with a rag tag mixture of discarded locks.

  • I honestly agree with the majority so far (the other two who posted). The locks are not all that attractive. Sorry PoP!

  • Sorry, I actually agree with everyone else, it’s not my cup of tea either.

  • Not only is it silly and unattractive, it’s also not original. Also, considering that Washington is a city that is actually famous for broken promises, I find it fitting that this hasn’t caught on.

  • Wow. Really? B/c N. Cap is so gorgeous on its own. It is the symbolism that is lovely and it would add some personality to an area that otherwise has very little – and, as I live a block away, I can assure you that there are not people sitting there and staring at the Capitol on a regular basis. I think I’ll go add one one soon….

  • A for effort, but let’s stop trying to make this happen…. Paris’ version seems whimsical, yet ours has instructions… LAME!

  • It’s a dumb idea here or in Paris.

  • Dear PoP,

    I know you noted this, but the one in Paris is a bridge with locks of love, not promises. Some may say little difference but there is. I appreciate your optimistic side in trying to do something similar here but I think it’s not catching on for a couple of other reasons, which is that it is a novelty and that’s probably why it works in Paris. Additionally, Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world; I think a lot of doe-eyed lovers and romantics try to and chance keeping their love/love stories as one of the ones that last forever. Sometimes, the locks are for loved ones of past (as in passed away) to help keep their memory alive. I just don’t think that the idea translates to something that would take off here, unfortunately. Sometimes things get “lost in translation.”

  • For things like this to be cool, I feel like they can’t be forced. They have to happen organically.

    That said, whatever, people complaining about it being potentially being ugly are boring. 🙂 If it worked, it would be a neat thing to stumble upon. Although I’ve never seen the bridge in Paris. I thought the lock thing was something people did in Buddhist monasteries for luck or good fortune? That’s where I’ve encountered it.

  • Hey guys, you don’t have to apologize for having a different opinion.

  • PoP, as someone who’s left a lock on Pont des Arts, I can tell you that a significant part of the process is that you toss the lock’s key into the Seine. Throwing an abundance of keys onto a heavily trafficked road seems, ummm, not-so-great.

    • I can’t believe no one else picked up on this. The whole point of the tradition is to throw away the key. Throwing it through someone’s windshield kind of takes away some of the romance.

  • I have to agree with the other negative comments that this just doesn’t make sense. Who is going to go out of their way to get to this bridge over a highway to make a promise and “lock it up?” The idea is whimsical and romantic but the setting is anything but. It would be better to erect a portion of a fence in Dupont or Logan Circle and do it where people hang out and make promises to each other.

    On the other hand, it may have worked if they had made it a guerilla art wall where people can hang their homemade art. This would have made it more of a destination.

  • Let’s see a low intimate bridge over a lush canal in the world’s most romantic city or a loud smelly highway overpass in the world’s least romantic city. Wonder why it’s not catching on.

  • Can we get the kids who steal bikes to steal the sign and the locks? I do walk across that bridge and like the view of the Capitol.

  • FYI- On this contrived nuisance.

    The three locks you mention have been there since the sign appeared. I believe they were placed by whoever put up the sign… and at the time the locks looked brand new from the store.

    Participating in this false ‘community art’ would only cloud the legitimacy of whatever promise was made..

  • really bad idea. for all the reasons people have mentioned here. i feel a little embarrassed for the person who put that up there.

  • I don’t care if it’s original. I think it brings character to the city and I think it’s a beautiful idea. Our lock went up yesterday, and I hope it stays.

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